6 Best Water Bottle Humidifier Reviews (2020)

Humidifiers are one of the best appliances that improve indoor air quality by combating dry air during the winter. They add moisture to excessively dry air, therefore helping alleviate the effects of dry cold air, cold, congestion, allergies, and certain respiratory conditions.

In this article, we’ll focus on water bottle humidifiers in particular. To begin with, bottle humidifiers are portable and use a water bottle in place of a built-in water tank. This makes them perfect for people on the go or small spaces like offices and hotel rooms.

If you like traveling or camping, you can take a precaution and carry one of the best bottle humidifiers we have reviewed in this guide. The good thing is, they are small and fit very well in handbags or backpacks.

Top 6 Best Water Bottle Humidifiers Reviews

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1. BONECO Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7146

The BONECO 7146 travel humidifier, designed to be placed on the nightstand or your desk, is the perfect unit to provide comfort wherever you go. The compact size allows it to fit into any piece of luggage, with the included lightweight travel bag making it a must-have travel companion.

The 7146 comes with a bottle adapter that allows it to handle numerous bottle types up to 0.5 liters or 17oz. Light indicators are included to help with handling. When running, you’ll see a blue light. This light turns red when water runs out. If you don’t want the lights, invest in the BONECO 7146 white opaque nozzle. The nozzle works without the blue and red LED indicators.

To keep your 7146 running optimally and the moisture clean and fresh, you may also want to invest in the EZCal cleaner and descaler (A7417), and the EZCal Pro Cleaner and Descaler (A100). Use the filters every two weeks for the best outcome.


  • A high output of up to 1 gallon/day
  • Compact, handy travel bag included
  • Adapter for convectional bottles included
  • Automatic LED indicators


  • Analog operation


2. Hunter QLS03-BU Ultrasonic Personal Air Humidifier

Hunter’s personal-use humidifiers are designed to be ultra-portable, allowing you to achieve a healthy humidity level and keep your room comfortable.

The QLS03-RD, in particular, is an ingeniously designed unit that works with most plastic water bottles as a tank, making it the perfect travel partner during the dry cold months.

The QLS03-RD’s features include an ultrasonic operation for quiet, efficient performance. Additionally, the humidifier uses any plastic bottle up to 20oz in size, making it one of the larger (capacity-wise) water bottle humidifiers around. A 20oz water bottle, when full, can run for up to 8 hours. 

Adjustable output with variable speed, wick-free operation, and a one-year warranty are other noteworthy features. The QLS03-RD weighs a paltry 0.55 ounces, comes in multiple colors, and is ETL certified.


  • Compact size
  • Runs up to 8 hours
  • Can use any plastic bottle up to 20oz
  • Adjustable output with variable control


  • You must use distilled water to avoid mineral build-up


3. CLBO Ultrasonic Mini Cool Mist Portable Humidifier

Priced at under $40, the CLBO is a mini compact portable humidifier that offers soothing mist for maximum relaxation. It’s an ultrasonic humidifier that employs advanced concussion and mute technology to produce micron-scale mist at less than 25 decibels. 

The CLBO also diffuses bacteria-free mist into the air with near-zero radiation, making it an excellent choice for babies and pregnant women. Automatic shutoff is available whenever the unit runs out of water. In addition to auto-shutoff, the humidifier’s LED light also turns from blue to red to indicate an empty tank. The unit works with any standard bottle up to 1.5L and can run for the entire night with a full tank.

Other features of the CLBO include low power consumption (11 watts), up to 90ml/hour moisture output, a dreamy night lamp for sleeping, and aroma diffusion.


  • Mini compact design
  • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Near zero radiation
  • Adjustable mist control


  • Can only cover 20 Sq. Ft. space


4. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Travel Humidifier

The least expensive option on this list and, arguably, most gorgeous of all the six, the Fancii features a simple design while delivering powerful performance. The first thing you need to know about the unit is that the bottle is sold separately. Alternatively, you can use your own bottle.  After all, the bottle adapter allows for any standard size water or soda bottle up to 20oz. 

Other highlights of the Fancii include; PureMist moisture technology for healthy moisture, Whisper Quite technology for noise-free operation, and a timer function that allows you to pre-program the humidifier over a six hours. Furthermore, an automatic shutoff (after eight hours), cordless design, and three WX2 filters (changed every one to two months) are other notable and handy features.

The Fancii is powered by three AA batteries which can last up to 18 hours under continuous use. The unit also plugs into most USB devices, with a USB cable included in the package. The AAA batteries, however, aren’t included. 


  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Low cost (less than $24)
  • USB powered (cable included)
  • Uses any standard size water bottle


  • You must use the right bottle type 


5. Perfect Aire PAU1 Personal/Travel Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

A travel-size personal ultrasonic humidifier with adjustable output levels, the Perfect Aire PAU1 fits easily into a carry-on and then sits neatly on a nightstand to reliably pump healthy cool moisture into your rooms.

Thanks to its Micro-Mist technology, the tiny mist particles fill the room faster than regular water bottle humidifiers. 

The PAU1 also boasts whisper-quiet operation and delivers moisture in a 360-degrees fashion. It fits most standard 12-24oz water bottles and, when using a 20oz bottle, can run for up to six hours. In total, the PAU1 delivers 0.95 gallons of moisture every 24 hours or 5oz/hour.

The lightweight (one pound) humidifier comes with a one-year full replacement warranty. This means that if the product fails within the first 12 months of purchase, you get a similar replacement free of charge. Consumers also have the option of an extended warranty. 


  • Micro Mist technology for reliable performance
  • Fits most standard 12-24oz water bottles
  • Runs uninterrupted for up to six hours
  • Delivers 0.95 gallons of moisture per hour


  • Heavy bottles can cause leaking


6. Sense Magic Humidifier with Water Bottle Tank Adapter 

Finally, this Sense Magic is another excellent option when shopping for a humidifier with a water bottle. The Sense Magic uses an adapter that allows it to fit most water bottles.

This way, you don’t have to waste time trying to wash a tank when the debris clearly won’t come out. Simply throw away the bottle and replace it with a new one. A spring pressure cap prevents water from gushing out when the bottle is positioned upside down.

Another notable feature of the Sense Magic is the rotatable mist spout. The spout rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to aim it in the desired direction. The spout is also easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. The Sense Magic doesn’t use filters, however. That’s because you can replace the bottle tank every few days. 

The unit disassembles with ease to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. All the parts slide in or out of their positions – there are no screws or locks to deal with.


  • Uses most standard water bottles
  • Mist spout rotates 360 degrees
  • Model is easy to disassemble
  • No filters needed


  • Most expensive on this list (at close to $80)


Water Bottle Humidifier Buying Guide

Now that you know about some of the top humidifiers that use water bottles, it’s time to discuss how to choose the right one. If you still have other questions about using humidifiers, then you can find answers from frequently asked questions about humidifiers.

What is a Water Bottle Humidifier?

Water bottle humidifiers are designed for different purposes. Some are intended for personal use, especially to help people who travel or camp a lot. Some are ideal for small rooms like offices, where they are placed on desktops. You can find whole house humidifiers  or large room humidifiers if you’re looking to add moisture in a slightly large room or house.

Unlike other portable humidifiers, bottle humidifiers use a standard water bottle as a water tank reservoir.

In essence, different manufacturers design portable humidifier water bottles differently. Some are designed without water tanks to make them extra-lightweight and extremely portable.

If you choose a humidifier without a tank, you’ll probably get a water bottle adapter. So, you’ll have to buy a water bottle separately and connect it to the little humidifying device via the water bottle adapter. That’s when the device will be able to blow moisture into your space.

Interestingly, the most basic water bottle humidifiers can work even with any standards 500ml water bottle. Where this is the case, you can buy a bottle of water from your local store, and then fit it into the humidifying unit.

On the same note, though, some water bottle humidifiers only use bottles designed explicitly for those units. Others, meanwhile, feature unique styles that may not even resemble a bottle. You may, for instance, come across coffee-cup-style water bottle humidifiers that closely resemble a Starbucks. 

How Water Bottle Humidifiers Work

The first thing to remember is that a standard water bottle humidifier comprises two parts. First, we have the primary unit which does the job of turning water into vapor and secondly, the bottle of water.

The main unit typically sits on top of the water bottle, though in some humidifiers it sits on the table and serves as the base. Regardless, these units feature a long wick-like core that extends into the water bottle. 

When the humidifier is powered ON, the humidifying unit draws water through the wick-like core, breaks it into vapor, and dispenses the vapor into the air. 

Most bottle humidifiers are USB-powered. The USB cable is usually included in the package. Once the appliance is set up, hook the use the cable to connect the humidifier to your laptop or any other USB port.

For more convenience, some water bottle humidifiers can even be charged using a phone. In this case, you’ll need a USB-to-mini-USB cable. 

The wick-like core doubles up as a filter and works tirelessly to remove any minerals and other particles from the water. For this reason, the core needs replacing every two to three months. The replacement frequency should also be informed by how often you use the humidifier. Other than the wick-like core, some water bottle humidifiers also rely on ultrasonic sound waves to break down water into mist. 

There are two critical things you need to remember, though.

  • First, water bottle humidifiers are designed for tiny spaces. Even the larger ones may only serve one small room.
  • Secondly, all water bottle humidifiers produce a cool mist. That is to say, warm mist water bottle humidifiers are yet to be developed.

Benefits of Water Bottle Humidifiers

Water bottle humidifiers, though not big enough to add sufficient moisture to an entire home, come with several advantages. These include;

  • They are great for travel: Water bottle humidifiers aren’t just compact; they’re incredibly portable. Many of them fall in the 1.0 to 1.3 pounds range, making them ideal for travel enthusiasts. Since they are also small in size, you can easily fit one in your purse and bring it along on your trips without any problems. 
  • Cost-effective: Another significant advantage of these humidifiers is the cost. As long as you are not looking to humidify an entire house, these small units are worth your investment. They will help hydrate your skin and alleviate many symptoms of cold, dry air without spending over the odds. In most cases, you won’t need more than $30.
  • Energy efficient: Water bottle humidifiers are also extremely energy efficient. The majority are so energy efficient, a laptop, or even a smartphone, can power them. To further preserve energy, most water bottle humidifiers are designed in such a way that they automatically go OFF when the water is used up.
  • Safe for Use: Finally, water bottle humidifiers are pretty much harmless to you and your loved ones. They are cool mist humidifiers so the risk of burns is non-existent because the parts don’t get hot, and the moisture produced is cool. Therefore, these humidifiers safe for use even in your baby’s nursery room. That said, however, it’s still important to take precautions when using humidifiers in your baby’s room or any other place in your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Bottle Humidifier

Water bottle humidifiers are some of the most stylish humidifiers and come in different size and shapes. Some are so beautiful they can even be used for indoor decoration. This wide range of styles, however, can also make the selection process a little challenging. The following are some of the top factors to keep in mind.

  • Tank Size

This is especially important for water bottle humidifiers that come with a fixed tank/bottle and doesn’t allow you to use your own water bottle. Ensure that you’re getting a large enough tank for your needs. 

As a point of reference, remember that the average water bottle humidifier produces about 30ml of vapor every hour. At this rate, a 500ml water bottle/reservoir should run uninterrupted for just over 8 hours.

  • Does it Work with “Other” Bottles?

To avoid leaks, most manufacturers prefer to restrict consumers to a particular type of bottle designed by the manufacturer specifically for that humidifier. If the bottle is damaged or lost, you’ll need to order a matching replacement. 

If you want a model that supports other types of water bottles, check for that information provided on the product details. Usually, the manufacturer will likely offer guidance on what other bottles you can use and which ones to avoid altogether.

  • Portability 

All water bottle humidifiers are portable. But, the level of portability differs. Some of the humidifiers, for instance, are so small they can fit in a purse. Others, however, can be larger and heavier. 

So you have to decide the level of portability you want. If you travel a lot, a humidifier that fits into your purse would be fantastic. If it’s something you’ll keep in the office throughout, though, you may want to prioritize tank capacity oversize.

  • Convenience Features 

Finally, it’s also wise to consider a model packed with useful features. An automatic shutoff feature, for instance, turns OFF the unit when water runs out to prevent energy loss. A low-water indicator, meanwhile, gives you a heads up when the tank is running low. Both of these functions can be useful. 

Another vital feature to consider is digital configuration. Most modern water bottle humidifiers feature digital controls and displays. Some, for example, have digital thermostats that automatically “read” the room to determine when to humidify and at what speed. 


Water bottle humidifiers would be a valuable investment for anyone with low-humidity-related issues such as dry skin, runny nose, and cold symptoms. If you have any of these challenges and frequently find yourself in low-humidity environments, it would be in your best interest to invest in a portable water bottle humidifier. During your shopping, pay particular attention to the size of the tank/bottle, convenience features, and whether the humidifier can work with any standard water bottle.