11 Tips To Keeping A Healthy And Happy Home Throughout The Year

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Home is where one finds peace and solace after spending a long hectic day outside. It is essential to keep the house clean and hygienic throughout the year. As the seasons change, the house requires changes as well. You will need a heater or humidifier in winters and splits in summers. 

To keep your house warm as well as healthy, you need not only to adjust splits and heaters in your home but also to make your family members physically strong. Therefore, we gathered some useful tips to keep you safe from the outside environment as well as added a few essentials to keep your body healthy.  

These tips will help you look into the parts of your house that you usually don’t pay heed towards, but these places like basements can be a great help. Let’s start :   

11 Tips To Keeping A Healthy Home

1. Maintain your Home Cleanliness

It is essential to keep the environment of your house clean. The dust particles and the side walls where the spiders stay are necessary to clean regularly; otherwise, the unclean environment can cause health issues. Therefore, mop the floors and use a vacuum to clean the carpets and accumulate any debris or pet hair on the floor. 

2. Keep your Kitchen Well-Maintained

Like the heart is the center of a body; Similarly, the kitchen is the heart of the house. You cannot avoid using the kitchen daily; therefore, you need to keep it tidy. Wash the dishes from time to time and the shelves as well. We often ignore the air-vents; they are the places where most of the grease sticks too. Therefore, you need to scrub it from time to time so that the oil does not block it. 

3. Control Humidity Level in your Home

Humidity is not only a vital ingredient to maintain your skin, hair, and overall body health, but also the health of your house. You need to preserve the indoor humidity level. Otherwise, the furniture will deteriorate, and bacteria will start growing in the house. Especially in winters, you need to control the humidity level of your home with a humidifier. 

4. Tidy up your Room

You are known by the way you keep your room; hence, it is necessary to keep your room clean. Don’t pile up books on the study table or clothes outside the cupboard. Place everything in order so that you get a night of sound sleep when you come back to your room after a hectic day. 

5. Change your Basement into a Gym

The plan is to convert your basement into a gym. Buy a gymnastics bar for home, treadmill and exercise mat along with few weights. Place this equipment in your basement and viola! Your home gym is ready. You won’t have to pay gym fees anymore, and the chances are that you will be able to exercise more often. Also, the kids will learn some gymnastic tricks in front of your eyes. You will be able to help them grow and improve their skills.

6. Curtains and Lighting 

If you live on a busy street, then it’s better to use noise reduction curtains. They are undoubtedly a good investment in your productivity and health. However, natural lighting is also essential for a healthy lifestyle. You can also use light bulbs and fairy lights to lighten up the rooms. It is better to buy the light bulbs in cooler tones as they refresh the mind. 

7. Set your Living Room for Family Time

Family time is a must for maintaining healthy relationships; however, we don’t usually get much time due to busy schedules to sit together. A living room is a space where the whole family can sit together and talk about life. Organize some small talk sessions for your family to strengthen the bond and avoid misunderstandings. 

8. Gardening

Gardening has always been a fresh breeze of air on a busy schedule. The greenery is still helpful in keeping the mind clean and increasing productivity. You can grow your organic fruits and vegetables in your backyard as well. Gardening is best for mental health, as well. Also, a well-maintained garden gives an excellent impression of the house owners to others. 

9. Ensure Comfortable Home Temperature

In winter, the cold air entering your home can be baffling the same as the hot breeze in summers. Many people believe that they have to live in such situations, but we have good news for them. Some companies manufacture appliances that will help you maintain the temperature of the house. You can get these appliances at reasonable prices, and you can use them without hiking up the bills because a split in summers and a heater in winters is essential for a healthy living. 

10. Empty you Dustbins Everyday

Make sure you empty your dustbins regularly; otherwise, the garbage attracts pests like cockroaches and lizards that are hazardous for your health. Try to wash them once in a week so that they won’t stink. Also, in the kitchen trying to keep different bins for wet and dry garbage. Dispose off the garbage daily to promote cleanliness at home. 

11.  Keep Ducts and Air Vents Dust-Free

For the proper functioning of ACs and some heaters, it is essential to clean the ducts and air vents clean and dust-free. They can become the source of air pollution in the house and cause serious health issues. Therefore, it is better to clean them from time to time. They can also contribute to mould growth. 


We are hopeful that these tips will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and close ties with your family. The whole process of caring for your house can be time-consuming but is essential for the health of all. Always try to take some time out for your home, because it is a peaceful environment that promotes healthy activity. While health is all about physical fitness, don’t forget to focus on it also because A Healthy Home is a Happy Home!