5 Best Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier for Homes and RVs

High humidity can cause myriad problems in any living space, including discoloration, wall staining, and even peeling.

Thankfully, a good dehumidifier can quickly eliminate the excess moisture and prevent the growth of molds and mildew – which can be detrimental to people with allergies and other sensitivities. Check out What a Dehumidifier Does and Top Dehumidifier For Allergies COPD, and Asthma.

After owning a home in an oceanic climate, I have come face to face with the ugly side of excess moisture. So I’ve sampled the best thermoelectric dehumidifiers in this guide to help anyone facing a similar challenge. 

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Ivation IVADM35 Dehumidifier
The dehumidifier is a 2000 milliliters capacity that can cover a medium space up to 2200 cubic feet. It features an automatic shut-off functionality that prevents it from overflowing when the tank is full. In addition, it operates quietly due to its lack of moving parts.

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Read along to see what might work best for your home or recreational vehicle.

Best Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Best Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier for Homes and RVs – Review

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1. Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric...
  • Thermo-electric Peltier module Technology: Medium in Size, Big on Power with No Moving Parts. Reduces humidity in Closet, Basement, Crawl Space, RV, Boat, Car, Home, Bathroom, Bedroom , Small Areas and Tiny Spaces
  • Squeezes Up to 20 oz. of Water a Day From Humid Air
  • Very Quiet Operation Due to No Moving Parts
  • At Capacity, Indicator Lights Up and Device Shuts Off
  • Compact at 4.45 pounds, 6.8” x 8.5” x 14” - for Closet, Basement, Crawl Space, RV, Boat, Car, Home, Bathroom, Bedroom , Small Areas and Tiny Spaces.

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This is a mid-size model dehumidifier to cover rooms as large spaces as 2,200 cubic feet. The unit is relatively compact, making it easy to move around from one room to another for your convenience.

It features an automatic shut-off functionality that prevents it from overflowing when the tank is full. As such, you can leave it on all day while you go to work without worrying about it overflowing and soaking your favorite, fluffy carpet. 

The Ivation IVADM35 is an energy-efficient thermoelectric dehumidifier. It has no moving parts, so it consumes very little energy to lower the humidity in your space.

This way, it can go a long way in helping keep your electricity bills low. Its whisper-quiet operation is another feature that users tend to marvel about.

This means you can leave it on overnight to keep the indoor air comfortable, and it will not bother your sleep.

In addition, the two-liter water tank in this dehumidifier is large enough to stay up to three days before filling up. Once full, you can quickly empty the tank because it is removable.  


  • Has an indicator light to show when to empty the water tank 
  • High capacity to squeeze up to two liters from humid air  
  • It is durable, which guarantees a long lifespan
  • More reliable than most units in the same price range.


  • Unsuitable for large areas

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2. KEDSUM Electric Small Thermo-electric Dehumidifier

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Though small in size, the KEDSUM Electric dehumidifier is a high-efficiency unit that can remove moisture from a 220 square-foot room. 

It boasts a 2000 ml capacity tank to extract up to 750ml of moisture from the air every day.

You will not have to worry about the tank overflowing with water and messing up your electrical appliances while you are away – it has an auto shut-off feature.

This means the unit will instinctively turn itself off when the tank is filled with water. And, there is an LED light to let you know when it is time to empty the tank. 

This dehumidifier boasts ultra-quiet technology. It operates so quietly that you can have it in your kid’s bedroom and not worry about disturbing her sleep.

Meanwhile, it will be taking care of the excess moisture in the air, leaving it clean and healthier for your baby. 


  • Reliable and works as expected
  • It is compact and portable 
  • It has an auto shut-off feature for safe operation


  • Requires frequent cleaning of the filter

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3. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Whisper-quiet Eva-Dry EDV-1100 16 OZ Dehumidifier...
  • PETITE DEHUMIDIFIER REMOVES MOISTURE: When ambient temperatures are above 50°F(10°C) and the relative humidity is above 55% you will begin to see the collection of moisture in the reservoir. With higher temperatures and relative humidity levels, the unit can absorb up to 8 oz. per day! Unit is not recommended for temperatures below 50°F(10°C) or relative humidity levels below 50%.
  • WHISPER-QUIET: The average noise output of thermo-electric dehumidifiers is 53.2 dB. The EDV-1100 has been measured at 33 dB, 23 dB below average. It generates less noise to help you sleep better at night.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF PROTECTION: When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will auto shut off, and the full light will light up yellow to inform you. It is very safe and convenient to use when you are not at home.
  • PORTABLE DEHUMIDIFIER FOR HOME: With a compact size of 6.5X5X11 inches, it can be easily placed most anywhere, helping you get the excess moisture out of the air in your bedroom, bathroom, RV, closet, and more.
  • AUTO RESTART AFTER A POWER INTERRUPTION: Once the power is restored after a power failure, the appliance will continue to operate normally.

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The EDV-1100 by Eva-Dry is a compact and portable dehumidifier. Its small, lightweight profile makes it easy to move around at a position conveniently out of sight.

The unit has low power consumption, so it will not run up your electricity bills. Its ecofriendly operation also helps contribute to conserving the environment.

Because it is made from superior quality materials, the petite dehumidifier is durable enough to serve you for years to come. 

It is easy to set up and operate, with a simple plug-and-play setup. All it takes is plugging it into a power source and powering it on.

With that, the unit will start working immediately, cleaning the air in your indoor space making it less humid and more comfortable to inhale.  

An automatic shut-off feature ensures this dehumidifier will not overflow and wet your floor while no one is home.

You can leave it on in your bedroom or even basement, and it will shut itself off once the reservoir is full. 


  • Quiet operation 
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Low maintenance 


  • Only covers small spaces 

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4. Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Thermo-electric Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Powerful Electric Mid-Size...
  • Peltier Technology
  • Small enough to be placed out of sight
  • Auto shut off when to capacity
  • Low energy consumption
  • Peltier Technology

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If you are looking for a highly efficient appliance wrapped into a tiny unit, the Eva-Dry Edv-2200 Electric Dehumidifier might be a perfect choice for you.

It comes in a compact size that is sure to help you save on space. The dehumidifier is so subtle that you can easily place it out of sight.

Notice, however, that it works best when placed in a central position, such as in the middle of the room. Thus, it is ideal for a mid-size room, about 2200 cubic feet.

Provided the correct room size, the unit quickly eliminates excess moisture from the air without breaking a sweat. 

This way, it helps prevent the growth of molds and mildew that might trigger allergic reactions to people with particular sensitivities. 

Despite the excellent efficiency, the Edv-2200 works quietly to remove the excess moisture in the air, making it ideal for both home and office use.

With the noise level no more than that of a small fan, the dehumidifier can comfortably run in your office without causing any distraction.

This unit also produces very little heat when operating. Unlike many dehumidifiers that become very hot when running, the Edv-2200 is designed to draw little power and will not heat up to uncomfortable levels. 


  • Low energy consumption, especially the newer versions
  • It can last a long time, offering great value for money 
  • Small enough to be placed out of sight
  • Auto power shut-off ensures safe operation  


  • It makes a lot of noise when the bearings on the fan start to fail.

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5. Pro Breeze Thermo-electric Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 2200 Cubic...
  • Compact & Small Dehumidifier: Lightweight, compact, and portable dehumidifier, the mini dehumidifier removes up to 18 ounces of water per day with a 52-ounce water tank capacity. Can cover up to 3000 cubic feet (250 sq ft), leaving ample space for the dehumidifier to function as dehumidifier for bathroom and moisture absorbers for closet.
  • Safe Dehumidifier with Auto Shut-Off Function: When full the dehumidifier will automatically shut off and the LED light will turn-on indicating the water tank needs draining. Simply empty the water tank and place it back into the dehumidifier. This easy-to-use dehumidifier acts as a humidity absorber capable of removing moisture for office, home and camping purposes making it a great addition to any household.
  • Ultra-Quiet & Efficient Dehumidifiers for Bedroom: Built-in Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology (Peltier) operates without a compressor providing whisper quiet operation in bedroom, bathroom, and office. This means you can read, work, sleep and engage in other activities without any noise disruptions and experience the benefits of fresh high-quality air.
  • Removes 18 Ounces of Water Per Day: Optimal function in room sizes up to 2200 cubic feet (250 sq ft). This moisture absorber functions as a dehumidifier for RV, a closet dehumidifier, and commercial dehumidifiers. The dehumidifier has a running cost of just $0.12 per day! An ideal solution to humidity in your home as energy prices rise.
  • Lowers Humidity: This dehumidifier functions as a moisture eliminator in areas with high humidity like your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, RV, garage or closet. Like all mini dehumidifiers, optimal operating temperature is 59-86°F. It will not work below 41°F.

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The Pro Breeze boasts a compact size and sleek design that should mesh seamlessly with the rest of your interior’s aesthetics.

Because it has an auto shut-off feature, the small size should not be an issue. As a result, you can leave the dehumidifier on all day and not worry about its reservoir overflowing and wetting your floor while you are away. 

As soon as the tank is full, the feature will kick in as a failsafe to prevent any potential mess. With that, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.

The unit consumes less power in its operation, making it kind to your wallet. It will not draw too much electric energy to shoot your energy bills through the roof.

We also think you may like how easy it is to empty the tank. A simple plug can pull out and drain the water into a sink or some other drain when it is full. 


  • The device has a sleek design.
  • It has a large water reservoir for a unit its size
  • It is easy to empty the tank when full
  • Operates quietly
  • It is programmed to shut off automatically when the bucket is full


  • The fan can get pretty loud when the bearings fail. But you can replace the cooling fan and continue to enjoy using the unit.
  • The unit cannot work in low temperatures.

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Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several types of dehumidifiers in the market. So, it helps to know why you should choose one type over the other. 

In this section, we look at the different advantages that make thermoelectric dehumidifiers a good investment, plus the few limitations that you need to keep in mind as you make your choice. Let us begin with the advantages.

  • The units are reliable.

Thermoelectric dehumidifiers have no mobbing parts, save for the fan. This design choice makes them go for many years without breaking down or showing signs of deterioration. 

They can work for years before the bearings start being noisy as a sign of aging. Even then, you can replace the fan with a new one (available on Amazon) and restore your unit’s full operational capacity.

  • The dehumidifiers operate very quietly.

One of the main arguments against compressor-type dehumidifiers is the amount of noise they produce. However, their thermoelectric cousins provide a viable alternative in that regard.

The latter do not use compressors, and this enables them to run quietly. Of course, they have a fan, but this is usually relatively small, producing very minimal sound. 

Given the silent operation, you can conveniently keep one in your office, bedroom, recreational vehicle, and even boat – and it will not be a problem at all.

It will silently do its task and eliminate the excess moisture in your space without distracting you or disturbing your sleep.

  • Thermoelectric dehumidifiers require little maintenance.

Like most simple appliances, electric dehumidifiers require little maintenance. Because they are durable and seldom break down, you will not need to service them from time to time.

Perhaps the only maintenance activity a unit in this category requires is emptying the water tank and cleaning the filters every once in a long while. Still, this might not be substantial enough to qualify as maintenance. 

  • The dehumidifiers are inexpensive.

The compact size also comes with a smaller price tag, so these units will not often break your budget.

They are designed for smaller spaces such as a bedroom or office, which only makes sense that they are low-priced compared to whole-house dehumidifiers.

If you want to use Peltier dehumidifiers for your entire home, you would have to buy multiple of them. A lot of homeowners do this (buy multiple thermoelectric dehumidifiers) to cover larger spaces.

Why would someone buy multiple tiny dehumidifiers instead of just a single large one? The answer lies in the other advantages, such as taking advantage of their quiet operation and low maintenance.

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  • Peltier dehumidifiers are portable.

These dehumidifying machines are tiny, a characteristic that often occurs together with a lightweight.

You can quickly move them around, get them out of the way, or place them where you want them at whichever point in time.

The same unit you place in the bedroom can stay in your bathroom while you leave the house for work, and vice versa.

If this kind of convenience is what you find appealing, you should not hesitate to get yourself a thermoelectric dehumidifier.

Limitations of Peltier-type dehumidifiers

Like anything with benefits, this group of moisture-removing machines is not without shortcomings. Let us take a look. 

  • The fan wears out with time.  

One of the main weaknesses of any thermoelectric dehumidifier is its fan. The mortar on these small fans tends to wear out over time and eventually break down.

When approaching its sunset days, the unit will become much louder, indicating a growing mortar problem. When this happens, you should begin making plans for acquiring a replacement fan. 

Thankfully, these are usually affordable, retailing at about eight dollars or less on Amazon. 

  • They have limited capacity.

Given the small size, a Peltier dehumidifier tends to have a small water tank. This explains why you may have to empty the tank every day if there is a lot of humidity in your place.

For places experiencing moderate humidity, the reservoir can go for about three days before it is full. Most of these appliances usually have a 2-liter tank, which is equivalent to a handful of cups. 

You can also look at the capacity in terms of how much time the units take to bring down the amount of moisture in the air. Again, because of their small size, the rate may often be slower than a compressor-type dehumidifier.

So while they do absorb moisture from the air, they are slow at it. They just won’t bring down humidity as quickly as a refrigerant option would. 

Ideally, the larger the machine, the faster the rate of dehumidification and the higher the capacity. 

  • Limited space coverage

Peltier dehumidifiers will only cover a small area, usually a bathroom, RV, or small bedroom. Therefore, they are not suitable for medium-size to larger rooms because of their limited size and capacity.

Bigger models may cover up to 1000 square-foot spaces, but those are rare. The majority of the thermoelectric dehumidifiers you will find are only limited to 250 square feet and less.

This means they will not extract any airborne moisture and reduce humidity beyond the 250 square around it.

  • They are a lousy choice in environments with high humidity

Too much humidity will mean the small tank fills up much more frequently. The units are just not a good choice in such circumstances.

Also, extreme high humidity tends to overwhelm the units, rendering them ineffective. It is worse if you spend a lot of time away from home.

While most of them have an auto shut-off feature, the unit will stay idle and do nothing to clear the moisture in your space once the tank is full.

  • They are ineffective in extreme temperatures.

These machines simply do not work when the temperatures dip too low or hit extreme highs. These extremes may raise the humidity too high, making the little machine unable to absorb all the moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do thermoelectric dehumidifiers work?

Also called Peltier dehumidifiers, thermo-electric units work by drawing in moist air through the action of their fan. 

The air passes over the front of a cold heat sink, condensing in the process. Water from the condensed air makes its way into the reservoir while the unit releases the remaining dry air back into circulation.

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  1. How long do portable dehumidifiers last?

These dehumidifiers can last between five to 10 years, depending on how well you take care of your unit. 

The recommended care and maintenance, in this case, involves changing the air filters as regularly as possible, emptying and cleaning the water bucket.

  1. What are the different types of dehumidifiers?

There are three main types of dehumidifiers, namely: refrigerant, whole-house, and desiccant dehumidifiers.

So What is the Best Thermoelectric Dehumidifier for Homes and RVs? 

Our best Thermo-electric Dehumidifier for homes and recreational vehicles is the Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier.

It has all the excellent features of a modern electric dehumidifier, including auto shut-off and failsafe indicator light, but with better power efficiency and durable construction.

If you think an item should have made it to this list, we will be delighted to hear about it in the comments section below.

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