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10 Best Humidifier For Bedroom

best humidiifier for bedroomIf you struggle to fall and stay asleep, the level of humidity in your bedroom might be the problem. The solution would be to consider quiet humidifiers for bedroom.

While adjusting the temperature in your bedroom to the cooler side is a sure way to have a long snooze, it isn’t always the only variable that matters. The level of water vapor in your bedroom air also plays a big part when it comes to maximizing your room for sleep.

If humidity levels dip too low, the surrounding air becomes very dry which makes sleep tough. On the flip slide, excessive levels of humidity hinder your body’s ability to drop its temperature naturally, making you hot and uncomfortable to have a sound sleep.

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Fans That Cool Like Air Conditioners Reviews

What are the best fans that cool like air conditioners? Do air conditioning fans work?

Air conditioners are a common purchase in many households when the heat gets oppressive. However, one of the obvious and often overlooked appliances that can be used to avoid the summer heat are fans.

You see, there is no doubt about air conditioners getting their job done. They are remarkably effective at cooling any room. With fans that work like ac, you’ll get a quick lift when it’s time to combat the cold winters or hot summers.

The problem is, running these units throughout the year isn’t economical. Sooner or later, you’ll realize how much they burn through your power bills. Moreover, you need to schedule regular maintenance to continue enjoying an all-around fix for the harsh climates without getting harmful contaminants recirculated throughout your home.

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10 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans 2021

best ceiling fans for bedroomThe secret to getting a good night’s sleep is maintaining an optimal temperature in your bedroom.

Studies have shown that an optimal temperature at night depends on two things; a slightly cool room and a lower core temperature.

But during hot summer months or heatwave, it is near impossible to achieve these conditions. Unless you use an air conditioning system, we recommend you try out the best bedroom ceiling fans we have reviewed in this post.

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10 Best Humidifier For Sinus Problems Reviews 2020

what type of humidifier is best for sinus problemsIf you feel like you have a cold, fatigue, and unbearable pain behind your eyes and nose, cheeks, and forehead, chances are that you have sinusitis.

Sinus infection is a common problem in the US., and it affects around 1 in 8 adults per year.

Several indoor air pollutants have been linked to acute sinusitis, but the most common culprits are viruses, bacteria, and allergies.

If your sinus problem is associated with allergies or lack of sufficient humidity, then all you need is to add moisture into the air inside your home by using the best humidifier for sinus problems reviewed in this post.

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100 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

ways to improve indoor air quality

When a new year begins, I always muse on ways to improve indoor air quality in my home. I look back and reflect on the things I didn’t accomplish the previous year or what insights I might have gleaned from all my time as an HVAC technician. I also research new approaches that I can use to make my home and those of my clients as comfortable and cozy as possible.

While conducting my research, I realized that there are a few and common tips that seem to be rehashed by various websites and media outlets out there. And since there’s no better time talk about this topic than now, I decided to run with it and create an exhaustive list.

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