Best Dehumidifier for Large Basement Review 2021

dehumidifier for large basement When it comes to having a large basement, most of us struggle with excess moisture and mold, so we need a dehumidifier for large basements. Without something to dehumidify the air, the moisture will lead to even more mold – all of which may become a health hazard.

Considering that there are various options for you to choose from, you might not always know which one is most suitable for your purpose. Not only will we review some of the best products on the market, but we will also provide a buying guide so that you may make an informed decision.

Top 7 Dehumidifiers for Large Basements Reviews

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Not entirely convinced which dehumidifier for large basements to buy? We handpicked some of the highest-rated options so that you can make your choice much easier. These products had the highest number of reviews, being rated as the most efficient for their purpose.

1. Vacplus 30 Pints Dehumidifier – The Quiet Option

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If you are tired of continuously feeling the moisture in the air, then you might want to choose the Vacplus 30-pint dehumidifier. Perfect for medium to large-sized rooms and basements, it can remove the moisture in the air in a short time.

With a decibel rating of 36 dB, this dehumidifier is very quiet. This way, even if you are doing chores in the basement or you usually hear every noise coming from there, you will not be bothered.

In the event that you are not always nearby to check the water levels in the tank, this model also features a timer. Plus, once the tank is full, the unit will shut off automatically, preventing overflow. This feature also allows you to save energy, as it won’t be functioning unnecessarily.

The water can be easily drained, no matter if you prefer auto drainage or if you want to drain it manually with a hose. This way, you won’t have to deal with forgotten water tanks, making it a very accessible option.


  • Very portable unit
  • Great dehumidifying performance
  • Operates quietly
  • Beautiful aesthetics


  • The app has occasional connectivity issues

If you do not like to hear the constant buzzing of dehumidifiers, this unit should be an appropriate choice. Its beautiful design should also help improve your interior décor.

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2. Midea MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier – The Budget Option

Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified...
  • 4,500 SQ. FT. DEHUMIDIFIER – Removes up to 50 pints of moisture per day with an adjustable humidity setting from 35% to 85%. Perfect for use in basement, bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, cellar, or crawlspace. Maintain a healthy 45%-55% humidity range.Frequency : 60Hz
  • ULTRA QUIET OPERATION – This model has quiet operation as 47 dBA, quieter than a home refrigerator. Enjoy sleep, a good book, or your favorite show without the disturbing noise of a traditional dehumidifier
  • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED- This unit is ENERGY STAR Certified and is recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR 2023
  • SIMPLE DRAINAGE – Simply empty the water tank when it is full or connect a standard hose (not included) to the built-in socket for continuous draining. The dehumidifier automatically stops with a full water tank and restarts after the tank is emptied
  • EASY TO USE – This unit was designed with a clean, sleek look to fit the style of any home, apartment, or office. With 360° rotatable wheels, digital control panel, and handles, easily move this dehumidifier to any room and use it with ease

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If you are looking for an affordable dehumidifier that can suck most of the unwanted moisture from your large basement, then you may want to try this Midea model. While this product falls in the budget category, the fact that it has a 70-pin capacity makes it perfect for large places.

This unit has a long warranty product compared to other similar products, which means there are fewer safety and return concerns. However, you must be very careful when you are installing it – because doing it incorrectly might trigger the growth of mold.

You should also know that at 50 dB, this unit is quieter than most similar options. This also makes it a good choice for those that are easily bothered by noise.


  • Very affordable product
  • Extensive coverage
  • Operates quietly
  • Longer warranty


  • If you install it incorrectly, it can lead to more mold growth
  • The drainage hose is prone to damage

If your budget is quite tight, then the Midea model is a very popular option that can help you out. It has quite a wide coverage, which makes it an excellent investment for your basement.


3. Ivation 50-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier – The Portable Option

Ivation 3,000 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier -...
  • POWERFUL COMPACT HOME DEHUMIDIFIER | High-Capacity Compressor System Monitors Relative Humidity & Removes Excess Moisture from Room, Helping to Increase Overall Air Quality, Eliminate Odors, Promote Breathability & Reduce Growth of Airborne Allergens, Mold Spores, Dust Mites, Mildew & Other Health Hazards | Enjoy Cleaner, Dryer, Healthier Air at Home, Office or Place of Business
  • INTEGRATED 16-WATT PUMP & 16’ HOSE | Allows for Easy Upward Diversion of Water Into Sink or Out Basement Window | Also Includes Auto Safety Shutoff [When Water Reaches Capacity], Auto-Restart [in Event of Power Outage], Auto-Defrost [to Save Energy & Protect Evaporator Coils], Removable Filter & Smooth Caster Wheels
  • EASY LCD DISPLAY WITH NOTIFICATIONS | Simple Operation Requires the Press of a Button to Remove Up to 50 Pints (Formally Rated 70 Pint) of Moisture Per Day [65°F at 60% Relative Humidity] | Users Can Monitor Humidistat on Large Illuminated Screen, Adjust Controls Via Touch Buttons & Receive At-a-Glance Light-Up Alerts When Filter Needs Cleaning or Water Bucket Needs Emptying | Timer & Turbo Mode For A Stronger Fan Speed
  • SPACIOUS 6 LITER WATER RESERVOIR | Two Ways to Control Moisture! | The Unit Features a Built-In Removable 1.58 Gallon Bucket with Water-Level Indicator Window & Built-In Handle for Quick, Easy Emptying | For Continuous Drainage, an Optional Hose Connection Allows You to Route Water to Sink, Drain, or Window | Prevent Moisture from Collecting on Walls, Windows & Cabinetry, Inside Structure & More
  • QUIET, EFFICIENT & PORTABLE DESIGN | Attractive Unit Blends with Existing Décor & Easily Moves from Room to Room Via Carry Handles & Smooth Rolling Caster Wheels | Energy Star Rated with Multiple Eco-Friendly & Cost-Saving Features Including Washable Air Filter, Automatic Safety Shutoff [When at Full Water Capacity], Defrost [Saves Energy & Protects Coils] & Restart [After Power Outage]

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Sometimes, you might need to move the dehumidifier from one room to another. However, considering the capacity of most of these units, they are not easy to move around. Still, the Ivation 50-pint model comes with wheels so that you can easily move it from one place to another.

Aside from having portability accessories, this unit is also compact. Because of this, you may place it wherever you want, in any space that you may have available. However, its large capacity will be enough to remove all the funny smells you have in the basement.

The Ivation also features an indicator level. This way, you may see when the water level is too high up, without actually having to take out the container. The unit is slightly noisier than other units, but if you tend to keep your basement closed and off-limits, the noise won’t even reach you.


  • Very portable and compact
  • Highly efficient in removing the humidity and odors from the room
  • The water indicator tells you when the tank is full
  • It is very simple to operate


  • Quite noisy
  • The cable is very short and limits its positioning.

For those that are looking for portability in a dehumidifier, the Ivation is just the right option. Thanks to its portability accessories, you can easily take it from the basement to the dryer or the living room right away.


4. Tosot 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier – The Compact Option

TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft...
  • 4,500 SQ FT: Our dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of water every 24 hours (same as 70 Pint units under 2012 DOE standard.) A lower humidity level allows your AC system to work more efficiently because it's easier to change the temperature of dry air compared to moist, super-humid air.
  • INTERNAL PUMP: The internal pump automatically removes collected water from the dehumidifier so you never experience downtime due to a full water bucket. Water can be pumped sideways or vertically up to 16 feet away. Water will collect in the bucket until it's almost full, then the internal pump will automatically start up to remove the collected water.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: After choosing a target humidity level the control panel will display the current humidity level. The dehumidifier will power off after reaching the target you set. If you want the dehumidifier to run nonstop regardless of the current humidity level, press the minus button until the control panel displays "NS." The dehumidifier will run until the drain bucket is full, which will never happen if you have the continuous drain set up.
  • SOLID MATERIAL: All plastic components are made from solid ABS for increased durability. We use solid-copper tubing in our internal lines for better heat transfer and received a UL94 flame-retardant classification of V-0, which means even if the unit were to catch on fire, the flame would stop within 10 seconds.
  • 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE: As the largest residential AC producer in the world, we have a pretty good idea about how to make quality products. If you have any problems or concerns, our customer service team is happy to assist you.

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Even if your basement is large, you might not always have the space you need for storage. In this case, the Tosot dehumidifier is a great choice due to its compact and ergonomic design.

Featuring built-in pumps, this unit is very easy to drain, regardless of the height at which you place it. The filter is also easily removable and washable, ensuring that the air remains clean and moisture-free.

The basement dehumidifier also comes with a large water tank. Since it can hold as much as 16 pints of water, it is the perfect choice if there is a lot of humidity in your basement.


  • Very ergonomic and compact design
  • Large capacity of the water tank
  • Built-in drainage pumps


  • Low affordability level
  • The drain plug is delicate

If you do not mind paying a couple of extra bucks, then this product should certainly fit your standards. It’s compact yet efficient, with a tank that makes it perfect for large basements.


5. Aprilaire 1850 Pro 95-Pint Dehumidifier – The Large Capacity Option

Aprilaire - 1850Z 1850 Pro Dehumidifier, 95 Pint...
  • BUILT TO LAST with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, Aprilaire Dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Aprilaire, the leader in indoor air quality solutions
  • MINIMIZE AIRBORNE VIRUS SURVIVAL rates by keeping relative humidity below 60% with a dehumidifier
  • REDUCES & CONTROLS BASEMENT & WHOLE HOME HUMIDITY to help prevent damp carpeting and furnishings, mold, mildew, and odors, and mold, termites, structural wood rot, and odors in a sealed crawl space
  • REMOVES UP TO 12 GALLONS (95 pints) of water per day
  • NO MESSY WATER TRAY TO EMPTY and simple to set up - just place a hose or place dehumidifier over a drain, level it, plug it in, set the target humidity, and you’re done. Features an ergonomically designed stand to offer extensive swivel, tilt and height pivot adjustments

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If you have a very large basement and need a dehumidifier with the ultimate capacity, you might want to go with the Aprilaire model. Since this works in tandem with your HVAC system, it will function continuously, not allowing the moisture to build up in your basement.

There aren’t any fashion elements to this Aprilaire 1850 Dehumidifier, but its 95-pint capacity makes everything worth it. Plus, the dehumidifier barely has you doing anything. This means that it is very low-maintenance.

With a 47-54 dB noise level, this unit might be big, but it’s quieter than most devices of its kind. There is just a bit of noise, but if you are doing chores in the basement, the chances are that you will not even hear it working. Plus, if you spend most of the time outside of your basement, you won’t even know it’s on.


  • Very powerful dehumidifying properties
  • Quiet operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Very efficient dehumidifying properties


  • Wall-mount, so you cannot move it
  • The design is not very attractive

This might not be the most attractive option. Still, if you are looking for a dehumidifier that can pull high amounts of humidity from the air, this unit will do the job.


6. Kesnos 70 Pint 4500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier – The Classy Option

Kesnos 70 Pint Dehumidifiers for Spaces up to 4500...
  • 【Powerful Moisture Removal】Our Dehumidifier for basements removes up to 70 pints (under 95°F, 90%RH condition) of moisture per day (Please note: The max dehumidification capacity is up to 70 pints under 95°F, 90%RH working condition) for spaces up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. Being able to adjust humidity from 30%RH to 80%RH,it is a perfect dehumidifiers for large room or basements, homes, offices,bathrooms,bedrooms,kitchens,stockrooms,living rooms,laundry rooms,dgarage,dorm room,apartment and crawlspaces.
  • 【Intelligent Touch Control】 This basement dehumidifier with digital display offers a convenient and accurate humidity level readout, you can operate it easily. Auto Humidity Control: Simply set the ideal humidity level,Kesnos dehumidifier for bathroom will smartly sense the room humidity and maintain your preset humidity. 24hr Timer: Allow you to preset the time to turn on or off the machine. The smart dehumidifier has an intelligent automatic restart function after power failure recovery.
  • 【Unique Design For Modern Homes】This Kesnos 70 pints home dehumidifier is designed with a sleek and modern look. The castor wheels and ergonomically recessed handles allow you to move this dehumidifier easily. A quiet fan won't disturb you when you sleep or work, and this dehumidifier for bedroom has two speeds for you to adjust. With the dry clothes function, you simply place the dehumidifier in a room where you can hang the wet clothes and let it dry clothes naturally.
  • 【Easy To Use Dehumidifiers】The whole house dehumidifier will run and will automatically shut off when it reaches your preset humidity level. As our basement Dehumidifier with Drain Hose,this portable dehumidifier has two drainage options: Auto Drain: With the included 6.56ft/2m drain hose, you can drain the collected water continuously without emptying the water bucket. Manual Drain: The bucket full indicator alarm system let you know when the water bucket (1.19 Gallons) needs to be emptied.
  • 【Excellent Customer Support】All of Kesnos Dehumidifiers are covered with 30-Days Money Back if you are not satisfied with the product, 1 year warranty, 2nd year warranty extension and lifetime expert tech support. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any question, we will reply to you within 24 hours and help you solve the problems. Kesnos customer support team is always just one-email away.

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If you want a dehumidifier that looks good in your basement, then you might want to give the Kesnos 70-pint model a try. Highly rated for its stylish design, this is the perfect choice if you turned your basement into a room and want a modern and attractive unit.

Featuring 360-degree hidden easy-roll wheels, it should be quite easy for you to move the dehumidifier. For example, you can easily take it from the basement to the dryer so that your clothes may dry naturally.

The Kesnos model also features intelligent touch control. This way, whenever you wish to get a reading of the humidity level, you can do so at the simple touch of a button.


  • Beautiful design
  • It is easy to use and get a reading
  • It can cover an extensive area
  • Very easy to move from one room to another


  • The tank has difficulty keeping up in very humid areas

The tank might not be able to handle very high levels of humidity. Still, if you are looking for something classy, yet efficient, this model should work for you.


7. Honeywell Large SqFt 70-Pint Dehumidifier – The Energy-Efficient Option

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Sometimes, you may have such a high level of humidity in your basement that you will need to keep the dehumidifier on at all times. In this case, this unit can help you out due to its energy-efficient rating. Even if you use it throughout the entire day, the power consumption will remain quite low.

At around 50dB, the Honeywell dehumidifier is also very quiet. While it might get slightly noisier at the highest speed, the fact that you place it in the basement should make sure you do not hear it.

This dehumidifier can remove around 8-9 gallons of water each day. This is 16 times more than the average human drinks in one day, making it the ideal choice for highly humid areas. Plus, even if you do not want it to function at all times, you may set the timer for when you need it.


  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient
  • Very easy to maintain and use
  • Large tank capacity
  • Durable construction


  • It is not very compatible with most garden hoses

If you are looking for the large best basement dehumidifier that can also keep your electricity bills low, this is certainly the product for you.


Features to Look For When Buying a Dehumidifier for Large Basement

When browsing for a dehumidifier for basements, there are a few features that you might want to consider first. The following are included:

  • Coverage:

    A “large” basement may be anything from 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. Make sure the dehumidifier will cover the size of your basement.

  • Energy Rating:

    Large basements may need quite a bit of dehumidifying, which is why you may want to go for an energy-efficient model.

  • Drainage:

    Depending on the capacity of the dehumidifier, you might need to drain it quite often. Look for dehumidifiers with a built-in pump.

  • Portability:

    Do you plan on moving your dehumidifier often? Look for models that have wheels attached to increase its portability.

  • Noise Level:

    The last thing you want is a noisy dehumidifier, so search for a model that works at around 50dB or lower.

  • Warranty:

    The longer the warranty, the higher its quality will be. This way, you will not have to worry about product returns.

Each dehumidifier for large basements is unique, so make sure that you read the technical specifications before making a decision.

Dehumidifiers for Large Basements FAQs

  • How do I know I need a dehumidifier for large basements?

If you live in humid areas and your basement walls tend to collect mold, then you need a dehumidifier. There are humidity kits that will test the quality of the air. If the humidity goes over 50%, then you definitely need a dehumidifier.

  • What dehumidifier size do I need for a large basement?

This depends on the exact size of your basement. In most cases, dehumidifiers that can cover areas from 1,500 to 3,000 sq. ft. are ideal. But we also have dehumidifiers for large spaces.

  • How loud are large basement dehumidifiers?

This will depend on the product that you are using. The average quiet dehumidifier will have a decibel rating around 50 dB, but you may also come across quieter models.

Wrap Up

A large basement dehumidifier is a perfect tool to have around if your basement is constantly musky and growing mold. These dehumidifiers come in various shapes and sizes, so make sure that you read the specifications of each product carefully. Every model presented is efficient – you just need to find the one that meets your needs.

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