Top 6 Best Waste Oil Heater | Reviews and Guide

Considering fuel oil costs nowadays, very few people enjoy breaking their bank accounts to buy fuel for their heaters.

And looking at the oil that is just sitting there, waiting to be tossed out, it almost feels like a shame. However, this is where people should rejoice because the best waste oil heater can significantly reduce this problem.

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Eliminator Waste Oil Heater
The Waste Oil Heater has the ability to burn through new oil, waste oil, vegetable oil, but also transmission fluid, this device should allow you to heat your garage without causing you to waste too much money in the process. Additionally, the unit has an integrated circuit board that makes it easy to use.

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However, a good clean burn waste oil heater is rather difficult to come across. This is why we decided to put together a buying guide and some suggestions to make a calculated choice.


What Is a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater?

A clean burn waste oil heater is a kind of furnace used to heat a chamber, often referred to as “free heat.”

These kinds of waste oil furnaces uses waste oil filtered and cleared of contaminants, allowing you to recycle the previously used oil.

These waste oil furnaces may be used for waste oil heating, as well as for industrial purposes.

How Do Waste Oil Heaters Work?

How does a waste oil heater work? The heat exchangers technology behind a clean burn waste oil heater is actually simple. First things first, you fill the outdoor tank of the burner with waste oil, which is eventually drawn and filtered through a washable filter.

The filtered oil is then pumped into the burner, then heated to the optimal temperature. The combustion technology of the unit leads towards a clean and efficient flame, and the internal fan forces out the air through the free heat exchangers.

The exhaust gas is, in the end, vented through the chimney.

Pros and Cons of Waste Oil Burning Heaters

A clean burn waste oil heater is a good addition to every house, as they bring quite a lot of advantages. But, at the same time, there are a few disadvantages – all of which you need to be aware of.

First things first, waste oil burners take away the need to haul away the used oil. As a result, they generally produce less used oil than a standard furnace, and there isn’t any odor or visible smoke.

It is also an environmentally friendly choice, as there will be less oil to be tossed out. Still, waste oil furnaces do have a hefty initial cost.

They also need more maintenance because they use waste oil, and they all require compressed air to operate. You also need to strain and store the valuable fuel oil properly. Otherwise, it might pollute the air.

Education: Things to Consider When Buying the Waste Oil Heating Units

When buying a clean burn waste oil furnace, there are several things that you might want to consider. However, if you are not exactly certain where to look, here are a few aspects that can make your choice easier.

  •  Available Space

A waste furnace can come in various shapes and sizes, at which point you need to consider exactly how much space you have available.

If you have a small house or establishment, you might want to consider using something with a self-contained waste oil tank.

You might also want to go for outdoor tank that are positioned “up” rather than “down” so that you do not waste floor space.

  • Amount of Waste Oil

Depending on the amount of waste oil usually generated, you may want to get a clean burn waste oil heater that can withstand the volume.

If you only generate a small amount of oil, then it is clear that you can’t go for a bigger waste oil heating systems. Instead, in the worst-case scenario, go for a clean burn waste oil heater that can supplement your load with any other waste oil heater.

You may also want to check exactly what type (or types) of waste oil it can burn. For example, does it run on motor oil, transmission fluid oil, or can it work with pretty much anything?

Think about these things before you make your decision.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Obviously, like any other piece of equipment, waste oil furnaces will also need maintenance to some extent. However, this will keep them running at their peak performance.

The last thing you want is a clean burn waste oil furnace whose maintenance will only give you headaches, so look for something easy to maintain and keep clean.

Ideally, you should read a couple of reviews, as they will tell you precisely how easy a clean burn waste oil furnace is to clean.

10 Tips to Ensure You’re Burning Clean Waste Oil

Clean waste oil determines the sustainability of a particular kind of fuel oil. With this kind of oil, the number of released contaminants will determine the oil’s cleanliness during the burning process.

The fewer the contaminants, the higher the sustainability rating, and the cleaner the waste oil will be. You don’t want to breathe contaminated air, which is why you should follow these tips to ensure that you are breathing clean waste oil.

1. Use an EPA-Approved Heater

To burn clean waste oil, you first need to make sure that you are using the right equipment. If you use the wrong waste oil heating systems that have not passed all the necessary regulations, it might prove to be a hazard for the environment.

This is why you need to ensure you get an EPA-approved heater.

2. Double Your Heat Rise

It might sound counter-productive, but it’s the opposite. If you double your heat rise, burn oils and fuel at the highest temperature possible, you ensure the lowest amount of accumulated ash.

In this case, the risk of the pollutants surviving will be quite slim – ensuring the cleanliness of the waste oil.

3. Use Versatile Heaters

When choosing the clean burn waste oil heater, if you want to burn clean oil, make sure that it’s able to burn a variety of them. The more oils it can handle, the more thorough the material combustion will be.

4. Get a Low-Maintenance Heater

A low-maintenance heater generally indicates clean waste oil burning. However, if a heater manages to remain clean for longer, it will also produce cleaner waste oil.

Swing-away burners are your best friends here, and so are easily removable ash ports.

5. Get the Heater in the Right Material

If you want to burn clean oil, get a heater made from light material and smart technology – preferably surrounding stainless steel.

This type of technology will burn cleaner waste oil while maintaining a more efficient temperature. In addition, since stainless steel conducts free heat fast, they are more resilient, but they are also an energy-saving option.

6. Go for Heaters Using Less Oil

Efficient waste oil heaters need to burn less oil, as they will not waste anything. Also, they will not require replenishing as often, and they will pretty much recycle anything they can get.

This type of recycling is pretty sustainable, reducing the chance of creating waste and toxic materials.

7. Secure a Good Heat Source

A clean burn waste oil heater cannot properly burn the waste oil if it cannot secure a good heat source. Therefore, many of these waste oil furnaces will need a connection to an external air source (such as shop air) to run smoothly.

Get a good air compressor, as it will allow your waste oil furnace to run smoothly and burn cleaner oil, taking away the addition of other contaminants.

8. Go for the Right Size

You may want to go for a clean burn waste oil heater with several options in terms of size and installment. This way, you can choose the right size so that you may burn the oil as safely as possible and within the right EPA regulations.

9. Invest in the Right Oil Tanks

Even the cleanest oil might get “dirty” at some point if you do not store it properly. In this regard, you might want to invest in some quality waste oil tanks that actively get rid of the impurities, offering you the lowest level possible for contamination.

10. Get Expert Advice

Perhaps the best tip here would be to listen to the experts, as they have the knowledge base and the correct resources.

Work with a company that can provide good advice and great customer support – and you will be on your way to burning cleaner waste oil.

Product Reviews

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Finding the best oil heater is not an easy task to do. This is why we decided to handpick the most popular products based on reviews and ratings, ensuring that you only get high-quality products.

1. Lanair MXD300 Ductable Waste Oil Heater

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If you want to save some money and cut off from your fuel oil dependency, then this model from Lanair might be exactly what you need.

In most circumstances, this clean burn waste oil furnace can burn W-10-W50 crankcase oil that has been used, but at the same time, it works with transmission and hydraulic oil.

This highly powered heater creates quite a fair amount of heat, featuring a 2.08 GPH fuel oil input.

In addition, its waste oil heating capability is around 10,000 square feet, which means that you should be able to free heat a very large area.

The BTU output of this stainless steel unit is 300,000 – so, it can heat the space quite fast and efficiently. It also includes a thermostat, telling you exactly what temperature you will be achieving.

These waste oil furnaces are also deductible, which means that you can free heat multiple rooms with them.


  • Can free heat a very large space
  • It uses multiple types of oil
  • It comes with a thermostat that shows the exact temperature


  • Not sold in California
  • Quite difficult to install

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2. Eliminator AENH-001 Shop and Garage Waste Oil Heater

Eliminator Shop and Garage Waste Oil Heater, Model...
  • Burns waste oil, new oil, vegetable oil and transmission fluid
  • Generates clean, affordable heat
  • Control box has integrated circuit board and indicator lights for easy operation
  • Remote thermostat
  • Dependable stainless steel fuel pump

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If you are searching for a high-quality waste oil heater that can generate clean yet affordable heat for your garage, then you might want to take a look at these waste oil heating systems.

With the ability to burn through new oil, waste oil, vegetable oil, but also transmission fluid, this device should allow you to heat your garage without causing you to waste too much money in the process.

This waste oil furnace is quite easy to use, thanks to the integrated circuit board that provides you full control. Featuring indicator lights, it should be easy for you to find the settings, even if you are fumbling inside a dark garage.

The clean burn waste oil furnace was also given a remote thermostat. This way, even if you are in a different room yet you want to warm up your garage before you step in, you may easily do it with this unit.


  • Easy access remotely
  • The free heat it provides is very clean
  • May burn multiple types of fuel
  • Stainless steel


  • It’s not very efficient if you plan on burning synthetic oil mostly.

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3. ACE Furnace Company 150,000 BTU Waste Oil Furnace

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If you are looking for a hassle-free heat product that is easy to clean, then you might want to try looking into this ACE Furnace Company waste heater.

Featuring quite a simple design with removable parts that can be easily cleaned, this stainless steel unit is perfect for the establishment owner that barely has time for anything – let alone fumble with a lot of maintenance.

This product is quite convenient, as it has many customer-friendly features. In addition, it comes with a five-year heat exchangers warranty, which means that you will obtain support if anything goes wrong with the waste oil heating unit.

It also has a 90-day guarantee if you are not entirely pleased with the product. The waste oil furnace comes with a 125-gallon storage tank – so, you can heat quite a bit of oil.

In addition, you won’t have to do many refills, as it will keep filtering the oil. Aesthetically speaking, there are various storage waste oil tank colors to choose from, so you may pick whatever suits you.


  • It is very easy to clean
  • Quite dependable
  • The guarantee brings some peace of mind
  • It comes in a variety of colors


  • It May take a few heaps to install

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4. Crown Boiler 4-Section Heat Exchangers Waste Oil Burner

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Those of you looking to free heat a garage quickly using waste oil might want to take a glance at this unit. Featuring a BTU of 179,000, this device allows you to heat a decently large garage.

This waste oil burner has a tank-less coil with an efficiency of 84%. It also operates at a maximum of 50 PSI, which means it works with pretty much any air compressor for DIY work.

This waste oil burner works just like any other waste oil heater, from transmission fluid to any other new or used oil type.

So if you run a company that goes through quite a bit of oil, this waste oil heating unit should help you make the most of it.


  • It features quite a strong burning power
  • Lesser coil than most clean burn waste oil furnaces
  • It goes through a variety of fluids


  • The burner has to be ordered separately

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5. Streamline Industrial Waste Oil Heater Multi-Fuel

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Are you looking for a clean burn waste oil furnace that is easy to clean and doesn’t cause you too much trouble? In that case, this unit provided by Streamline Industrial is a good choice for you.

Featuring a chamber door that offers easy access to the vaporizer pan, you should not waste too much time cleaning the product.

This waste oil heating unit is also quite reliable. Featuring a control box with indicator lights and an integrated circuit board, it is very easy and intuitive to use even at night.

It also burns efficiently through the oil, allowing it to be clean and warm up your entire space.

Featuring compatibility with multiple types of fluid, this heater allows you to burn anything from transmission oil to any other type of waste fluid. As a result, it is a very convenient waste oil furnace to have around the house.


  • It works with a variety of oils
  • It is very easy to use
  • Easy unit to maintain


  • Might need some extra help to install

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6. Burnham MST MegaSteam 3-Stage Heat Exchanger Waste Oil Burner

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If you are looking for an oil-fired burner for steam application, you might consider this unit.

Featuring a 3-stage heat exchangers technology that is usually not used on many waste oil burners, this unit can provide clean free heat throughout the day.

This unit is chimney-vented, which means that all the waste and toxins will be sent outside your house.

However, due to the variety of filters, most toxins are pulled out from the oil and captured in the unit’s filters – meaning that this oil burner is friendly with the environment.

These waste oil heaters offer a strong warranty policy, depending on the issue. You have a 10-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 years for waterside corrosion. So you’re covered in most circumstances.


  • Strong warranty policy
  • Efficient in delivering heat
  • Free heat exchangers technology
  • It is very easy to maintain


  • Only applicable for steam heat

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1. What can you burn in a waste oil heater?

Waste oil heaters can burn multiple types of used petroleum products – the most common being. For example, no. 2 fuel oil used hydraulic oil, used crankcase oil, and used automatic transmission fluid.

These types of oils are likely not going to cause any issues with your clean burn waste oil heater.

That being said, when thinking about what you can burn in such a waste oil heating unit, you also need to consider what you can’t burn.

For example, so that you don’t void your unit’s warranty and damage it, you might want to avoid using anti-freeze products, paint thinners, carburetor cleaners, gasoline, chlorinated solvents, and any other inappropriate materials that haven’t been given the official green light.

Read also: Basement heater options.

2. How much oil does a waste oil heater use?

There’s no actual right or wrong answer to this question, as several factors can change it. For one, it will depend on the capacity of the furnace.

At the same time, it will depend on the size of the building and its insulation. Finally, the winter long climate might also have a say in this.

Based on the size of the furnace and the size of the room, you will need different quantities. You may need anything from 160 gallons per month to 370 gallons per month.

Bear in mind that smaller clean burn waste oil furnaces don’t decrease the need for fuel oil. Instead, you will end up burning more to make up for the needed heat. Buy a furnace that can withstand the capacity of the room.

3. Will waste oil heaters burn synthetic oil?

Yes, you may burn synthetic used oil in a clean burn waste oil furnace – but you also need to remember that it might lead to a slightly higher flashpoint.

At the same time, it will depend on the furnace brand that you are using. While most clean burn waste oil heaters should burn synthetic oil, you need to check with the other brands as well.

4. Are waste oil heaters safe?

Yes, waste oil heaters are not only safe, but they are practical as well. As long as you buy the right EPA-approved waste oil furnace and follow the necessary steps to burn clean waste oil, everything should work safely.

5. Can you burn diesel in a waste oil heater?

Some clean burn waste oil furnaces can burn No. 2 diesel fuels, but that will depend on the model that you are buying. Check the list for approved waste products and see whether you may use diesel or not.

6. How do you make a DIY oil waste heater?

You can turn an old furnace into a clean burn waste oil heater using spare parts. There are several online tutorials, each of them having different techniques.

You will need an air compressor storage tank, a burnt pan, a chimney pipe, a flamer, and the oil.

The technique depends on the scraps you have, but if you do enough research and have the skill, you should make a DIY clean burn waste oil heater.

Final Thoughts

Waste oil heaters are very convenient to have around the house, particularly when you go through a lot of new oil daily.

In addition, it gives you clean low-priced heat that will keep your garage and other spaces warm. Hopefully, our article helped you find the best waste oil heater.

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