7 Best Washable Furnace Filter Reviews 2021

You may have noticed that sometimes the air inside your home turns into a mixture of unpleasant odors, drops of moisture, and is rather stuffy.

You may wonder what the matter is. However, the issue is quite understandable and easy to resolve. It means that it’s high time to replace your old disposable filter with the best washable furnace filter.

Many particles in the air have their roots in the outside and inside environments. You need a filter to block them.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed the best washable air filters and included a buying guide to help you make the most optimal choice.

In each review, you will see the pros and cons of reusable furnace filters to decide whether this thing meets your needs and expectations. All the characteristics are based on real customers’ opinions and feedback.

7 Best Washable Furnace Filter Reviews 2020

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1. Aerostar Home Max 16x16x1 MERV 13 Pleated Air Filter

The well-known and appreciated brand of Aerostar is constantly improving its products and technology. Its goal is to make air filtration sturdy, efficient, and smooth.

This kind of filter made of the electrostatically charged components is one of the best choices for your homes. This air filter is right for you if you want a much healthier home environment free of airborne particles and allergens.

According to the satisfied customers’ reviews, Aerostar air filters are quite cost-effective because it is not just a good value for money. Its effective performance helps keep your HVAC in an excellent working condition, free from dust and dirt that prolongs its life sufficiently.

Installing and using the filter will deprive you of any air pollution issues, and you will feel changes right after the start.


  • Great quality and reliability corresponding to the price
  • Good for the environment – the product is not wrapped in plastic, just a simple cardboard box
  • The indoor air is cleaner, especially during the year when the forest fire smoke covers the whole mainland
  • Very efficient because there is much less dust in the house
  • Can be very efficient in the woodworking shops because it can collect sawdust
  • Fully meets all the expectations and descriptions.


  • Rather noisy;
  • Reduces the airflow to some extent;
  • Does not always fit well or the sizing may not be correct;
  • Inadequate protection against allergens.


2. K&N 24x24x1 HVAC Furnace Air Filter

The creative solutions for air filtration have been searched for by K&N since 1969. That all started with the automotive market and was brought to the home environment. The company’s reusable air filters are very popular among homeowners nowadays.

This efficient technological solution will protect your family and budget. Though very simple, these air filters made of a pleated synthetic filter media can offer you perfect filtration, improve air quality, and increase HVAC efficiency.

Due to the reviews of satisfied customers, the very construction, design, materials, installation, and replacement techniques make life easier, healthier, and free from dust.

Since we have tried installing this air filter, we can argue that it is one of the most simple and cost-effective home appliances that are worth buying.


  • Durability and sturdiness;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Easy to install, no special tools are needed;
  • Provides breathing easily, air conditioner performance-enhancing;
  • Great quality and design;
  • Money-saving and great value for money;
  • Well-built and best-looking.


  • Wrong parameters may be indicated that prevent easy installment;
  • Cleaning it may seem costly and time-consuming;
  • Not as high airflow as advertised;
  • It may cause the malfunction of the furnace.


3. Filtrete MPR 1500 16x24x1 AC Furnace Air Filter

Your home will be your sanctuary with perfectly clean and fresh air if you use this simple air filter from the Filtrete Brand. The brand is known for its exclusive 3M technology.

The filter can capture and block even the smallest airborne particles, for example, smoke, sneeze, and cough debris, microbes and bacteria. It is also effective against pollutants, such as household dust, pollen, or lint. 

The filter will help your HVAC perform sturdier and last for a long time. Durability is the quality that was highly appreciated by the grateful customers.

As seasoned users of these air filters, we can say that you will feel the changes in your home environment from the first minutes of using this air filter. It is cost-effective and contributes much to the ecological safety of your home.


  • Quite easy to install and maintain;
  • The packaging is Eco-friendly;
  • Very effective for people with different types of allergies;
  • Good filtration with the smallest airflow resistance;
  • High quality and value for money.


  • May seem rather expensive;
  • Displays poor quality control for packaging;
  • May cause too high pressure on the appliances.


4. Nordic Pure 16x25x1 MERV 10 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter

The Nordic Pure Company has been manufacturing its air filters effectively since 1960 at its plant in Oklahoma. The electrostatic charge technology is used in this product. That is why such an air filter works as a magnet drawing almost all the harmful airborne particles from the air, making your home healthier and cozier.

The filter will help keep your heating system and air conditioning in good working order for a long time. It is made of synthetic material that does not allow bacteria and mold to grow.

According to the customers’ reviews, the furnace filter for allergy helps reduce allergic reactions and catches more kinds of pollutants than any other filters. 

We can recommend using this air filter due to its efficiency and ease of maintenance. It is a pleasure to cope with its installation, washing, and replacement without any specific tools and skills.


  • Catches more dust and debris than other similar filters;
  • Quite effective against allergies;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Easy to install because of correct sizing;
  • Sturdiness and durability;
  • Reliable and Eco-friendly packaging.


  • The color is not always appropriate;
  • Too dense and fine, may impede the airflow;
  • A poor seal caused by the sloppy fit;
  • The sizes are not always indicated correctly.


5. Trophy Air 20x25x1Pleated Electrostatic Air Filter

The air filter is manufactured by a prominent American company that can guarantee you its durability and quite a long term of service.

If you want the proper air quality at home, opt for this very simple, cost-effective, and efficient appliance. That will help you reduce your heating and conditioning bills, prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system, and improve your family’s health.

Satisfied users always leave the most positive reviews and feedback. The main point of them is filter durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Our experiences of using such filters speak in their favor. You will receive your clean and healthy home environment for a long time without additional worries and rush.


  • High quality and convenient design;
  • Easy to install because of its perfect fit;
  • Great value for all the money spent;
  • Noticeable increase in the airflow;
  • Durable, so it lasts longer without replacement;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Works well against pollen and other allergens;
  • Saves time and effort.


  • Does not filter all the particles;
  • Does not always fit properly;
  • The packaging is not appropriate.


6. WEB Eco Filter Plus Adjustable Air Filter

WEB Product Inc. started in 1989 with air filters of different types and modifications that have gained much popularity since then. Their quality is not doubted, so this air filter is one of the best choices for your home.

Such filters are made with triple-phase protection. They can save money and effort, replacing up to 120 disposable filters. These products can be used for furnaces and air conditioning prolonging the lifespan of these home appliances.

According to the customers’ reviews, the air filters are very convenient for replacing and maintenance. They make a big difference, and you will feel that the air is becoming cleaner and fresher from the first minutes of using them.

As satisfied consumers, we can recommend such an air filter as Number One to your household needs.


  • Durable and lasting for a long time
  • Easy to install and fit
  • Fully adjustable for odd sizes
  • High quality works as described
  • Perfect value for money
  • Plenty of the airflow inside


  • Cheap materials that are difficult to put together
  • Hard to assemble
  • Waste of money if installed in the wrong way
  • Instructions are sometimes difficult to follow.


7. Washable Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter (18x18x1) by Venti Tech

This multifunctional air filters from Venti tech will become a great addition to your home conditioning system extending the lifespan of the HVAC. 

The filters automatically reduce stress and pressure on your equipment, making it more reliable. In its turn, better air circulation will reduce the waste of energy and your bills.

Moreover, this air filter is recommended to improve your family health because it efficiently removes different airborne contaminants, such as pet dander, dust, pollen. Many consumers have reported the reduction of allergic symptoms after installing these filters.

We can confirm the high quality of this product and recommend it to you for more efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.


  • Good value for money;
  • Always exceeds all the expectations;
  • Good quality and quite efficient against different allergens;
  • Good investment into health;
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain;
  • Works exactly as described.


  • Very cheaply made;
  • Sometimes, it can break easily;
  • Can be hard to install.


Buyer Guide: How to Select the Best Washable Air Filter

blue washable furnace filters cleanedYou need to change the air filter in your HVAC every one to three months, depending on the quality of the air in your neighborhood

Before choosing the best cleanable furnace filters replacement, consider these tips:

Read the guidelines from the manufacturer

First of all, you need to look through the guidelines for your HVAC system. The manufacturer is sure to indicate what type of filter you’d better opt for that will fit your HVAC. The most important thing is the size. You will not be able to adjust the item that does not correspond to the indicated parameters. Buy the filter that precisely meets all the measurements to get the proper fit and let it be as efficient as possible.

Be sure to look at the MERV Rating

This includes the description of the qualities and characteristics. You need to know how effective the filter is at removing different particles and what kind of particles it can remove. The higher the rating is, the more harmful substances the filter can block. For example, if you see that the filter rating is between 1 and 4, which means it can stop about 60 to 80 percent of those airborne particles. If the MERV rating is 5 to 8, the efficiency increases to 80-95 percent. The air filters rated 9-12 can block about 90-98 percent of those pollutants.

There is an essential point to consider here. If a filter demonstrates a higher ability to block particles from the air, that decreases the efficiency of your HVAC. That’s because more effective filters are finer and the air conditioner has to use more energy for pulling the air through it. So, it’s always essential to find the necessary balance between the effectiveness of the filter and conditioner. The most appropriate rating recommended by homeowners is 7-8.

Choose between disposable and washable filters

Disposable filters seem to be more convenient in a short-term perspective because you can throw them away after using and replace them with new ones. However, a washable air filter, though more expensive, can last for years, so saving costs is obvious in the long-term perspective.


Are washable furnace filters any good?

Sometimes, they say that only disposable air filters work well trapping the smallest particles, and washable filters can trap only large particles and dust. However, there are washable filters that can trap pet dander, smoke, and bacteria as well. Read the instructions carefully to make the right choice.

Are washable furnace filters expensive?

Washable air filters are not so expensive. You can get them on Amazon for about $30-$100. There may be other extra expenses for shipping. However, some filters can be shipped for free.

How do washable electrostatic filters work?

The best electrostatic air filters rely on multiple filtration media layers. They can clean the air while it goes through them. The particles of dust and debris are captured here with the help of friction between the air and the air filter media made of the woven polypropylene with electrostatic properties. The air filter removes all the airborne particles before your HVAC system conditions the air. It protects the mechanical components of the HVAC and cleans the air inside your house off the dust.

What kinds of washable filters are the best ones?

Among a variety of furnace air filters that can be seen on the market these days, the best ones are those that are easily installed and removed, then washed and reinstalled without wasting much time and effort. Such filters should be washed easily in the shower tub or kitchen sink. Maintaining them should not require any special skills and the effects can be felt immediately after the installation.

How do I clean a washable furnace filter?

Reusable or washable air filters should be checked for dirt just once a month. If you notice some clogs and debris, you will have to clean the filter using very simple steps in the following order:

  • switch off the furnace or conditioner;
  • find the service panel and unscrew the cover using a screwdriver or other tools at hand;
  • locate the filter: most often, it can be found next to the blower;
  • rinse the filter you have just removed with clean water using your kitchen sink or garden hose outside;
  • set the filter to dry;
  • replace the item, the service panel, and the cover to turn on your appliance again.

Wrap Up

Remember that using effective washable furnace filters is much more efficient than disposable ones. Such filters will save your money, effort, and time in the long-term perspective. 

You will always be sure that you can clean your filter and get the quality air again without any rush to buy a new filter for replacement. That will spare you from getting worried all the time, and your air will always be clean.

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