8 Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters Reviews

One of the effective ways to stay warm when the winter temperatures dip low is to use a space heater. However, there are different types of space heaters, and even though they are portable, they can take up space that can be used for other things. That means using a space heater can be challenging if you want to preserve your space, use it for other items or your room is just small.

However, we have a more convenient way to heat your room without compromising your space – wall mounted electric heaters. These types of heaters are safe, easy to install and save time and money.

In our comprehensive electric wall heaters reviews, we have included some of the best wall mounted electric heaters on the market. If you want to check our criteria for picking the best wall heaters, then our buying guide section is a great resource.

Best Electric Wall Heaters Comparison Table

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8 Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters Reviews (Updated 2020)

1. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

DeLonghi Mica Panel Space Heater, 1500W quiet...
  • QUIET HEATER - Best for medium and large rooms, the 1500-watt Mica Panel Heater quickly delivers gentle heat that won’t stir up dust, pollen, or dander. Customize it to your needs with easy-to-use controls, an adjustable thermostat & two settings.
  • MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY - This De’Longhi heater converts 100% of the electricity used into heat when it's switched on, with no wasted energy. That means it delivers continuous heat while raising the room temperature to your desired setting.
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY - Features include a thermal shutoff to prevent overheating, an internal tip-over switch that automatically turns the unit off & a standby setting that turns on the heater when temperatures drop below 41 to help prevent frozen pipes.
  • SLIM DESIGN - Take advantage of the slim design by positioning the freestanding heater on the floor, or mount it on the wall with the included kit. The light weight and carry handle make it easy to move to another room as needed.
  • BETTER EVERY DAY - A De’Longhi product always turns everyday activities & moments into something special. Born in 1974 as a brand of electric radiators, we now offer innovative appliances for every area of the home.

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The DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater HMP1500 can heat a full room thanks to its 1500 watts of heating power. This allows for full room comfort as opposed to being reserved for smaller spaces like narrow entryways or bathrooms. 

Generally speaking, it has a sleek look, and it does not jut out too far from the wall. The grill on the front of the unit detracts slightly from the overall aesthetic appeal, but it is still a relatively stylish wall mounted heater. It complements contemporary decor more than traditional, so bear this in mind when thinking about placement in your own home or office.

This unit includes an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings so you can monitor and change the output according to your particular taste. If you’re using it as a supplemental heat source in a larger home with the main heating system, for example, you can save even more money by only using it when necessary. 

This is also ideal for a single person or professional couple living in a small apartment who wish to use it as a primary heat source. This is because it is powerful enough to heat small spaces, and can be easily transported from room to room due to its convenient handle and wheels.


  • 1500 watts of heating power
  • Includes an easy to use wall mounting kit


  • The grill on the front of the heater detracts from its aesthetic appeal

2. Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater 074057

Stiebel Eltron 074057 240-Volt 2000-Watts Heater
  • Surface mount design
  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Built in thermostat for maximum comfort
  • Reliable performance

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The Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater 074057 is manufactured by a company that prides itself on manufacturing and engineering excellence since 1924. As such, you can rest assured that this model is a quality construction designed with intelligence and thoughtfulness. 

This appliance boasts a reinforced poly-carbonate, radial type blower, which is simultaneously efficient and ensures very quiet operation. This heater emits less than 50 decibels of noise, which equates to the level of noise in a quiet office or library. 50 decibels and under is defined as quiet in terms of standard decibel scales, so this heater won’t interrupt your relaxation while in use.

This design works by pulling in cool room air from the top of the unit and blowing warm air out the bottom. This feature allows for even and consistent heat distribution, so you won’t have to worry about finding cool spaces or pockets within a particular area. 

The built-in thermostat caters to your every whim by allowing you to adjust heat levels easily. Also, it has a very useful on/off switch so you can completely switch off the heater when not in use.


  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation


  • The concave design of this particular unit may not be to everyone’s taste

3. Broan White Grille Wall Heater

Broan-NuTone Wall Heater, White Grille Heater with...
  • WALL HEATER: Wall heater provides an energy-saving heating supplement to your home while operating at 2000W and 240V AC but can easily convert to 1000W at 240V AC
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: White grille has downflow louvers to direct heat gently toward the floor and a one-piece design with baked enamel finish for durability
  • EASY TO USE: Includes an adjustable, front-mounted thermostat that offers a simple way to control the level of heat
  • TRUSTWORTHY: Includes a permanently lubricated motor, high efficiency blower wheel, manual reset thermal overload protector, nickel-chrome heating element, and UL listing to ensure reliable, safe operation every use
  • PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: Read all instructions before installing or using this heater. Professional installation recommended.

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The Broan White Grille Wall Heater is a high-quality product wired at 1500 watts and 120 volts AC to provide powerful heating power. Interestingly, its output can be converted to suit your specific needs – you can change it to 750 watts at 120 volts AC or even 1500 watts at 250 volts AC. Thus, it’s a highly customizable option for many consumers.

It features several design elements that enhance overall reliability including a permanently lubricated motor, a high-efficiency blower wheel, and a manual reset thermal overload protector. This gives you extra peace of mind and provides you with a wall heating unit that is safe, durable, and very capable of meeting your specific heating requirements.

The baked enamel finish of the body is a high-quality material designed to last, and resist general wear or tear. The white grille on the front also has downflow louvers which direct heat gently towards the floor.

This unit is the ideal size for smaller spaces, and it has been designed to look like a wall vent or general fitting. Thus, it won’t be an eyesore or distraction in your space and can be incorporated into even the most elegantly decorated room.


  • Sleek, simple design
  • Won’t take up a lot of wall space


  • The grille style will likely trap dust and require regular maintenance

4. Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater 236304

Stiebel Eltron 236304 CK Trend Wall-Mounted...
  • Sleek European surface-mount design and quiet operation at 49 db(a)
  • Built-in thermostat for maximum comfort
  • Downdraft design heats space evenly
  • Quality German manufacturing and Frost protection setting
  • Ideal anywhere quick heat is needed

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The Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater 236304 is a very quiet unit that emits only 49 decibels of noise. Thus, it can be used in any space without causing a significant disturbance. For example, if you work from home, this heater could be installed in your office, and you can work in peace without being distracted by a noisy appliance.

This unit includes a built-in thermostat for maximum comfort and convenience. It’s always useful to invest in an appliance which has features that allow you to customize its function according to your specific needs. This will ensure a highly efficient delivery system and prevent you from over-spending on utility bills.

This model includes a frost protection setting, so you can rest assured that it is designed to be robust and reliable, even during the coldest seasons.

It heats up fast and is powerful enough to be used as either a stand-alone or supplemental heat source. Both selections will inevitably save you money, as you have more control over the heat output of an individual unit as opposed to your primary heating system. This can be used to top up the existing heat in a room that doesn’t retain heat well or even be the main heat source in an apartment space or small office.


  • Includes a built-in thermostat
  • Downdraft heating mechanism ensures even heat distribution


  • The appearance is a lot boxier than other heaters reviewed here

5. EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel - with...
  • SAVE UP TO 50% OF YOUR HOME HEATING COSTS: Lower your energy bills and still feel cozy and warm with our electric heater. Our flat heaters are ENERGY EFFICIENT, consuming 0.4 KW/HR., which is less than 1/3 of the electricity than conventional space heaters. This method will lower your energy bills with great savings and will keep the room with constant ambient warmth.
  • CONVECTOR HEATER SPECS: Ideal for a 120 sq. ft. room, 400 watts, 120 volts, 3.33 amps. Panel Heater Dimensions: 23.5 x 23.5 x ¼”. cETL approved. UL-2021 & RoHS compliant. HEAT REFLECTOR INCLUDED, temperature ranges between 41-86 °F. This unit may be HARD WIRED! We offer a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: This electric wall heater operates at a constant temperature persistently. It ignites with minimal radiant heat which transmits to convection currents that rise from behind the heating panel and circulates heated air around the room. WE RECOMMEND BUYING THE HEAT GUARD ACCESSORY to go along with this heater because it doubles the efficiency of the convection currents, and its exterior casings stay warm and safe to touch.
  • UPDATED CRACK RESISTANT VERSION: This upgraded durable model is TRIPLE REINFORCED and made with a superior calcium silicate material. TRIPLE INSULATED for electrical safety. EASY TO MOUNT on any wall (Installation hardware Included). Enjoy the beautiful sleek PAINTABLE DESIGN which blends in with any décor.
  • NO FAN THAT DRIES OUT: Asthma and dust allergy sufferers can enjoy warmth without irritation since the air will not dry out, nor will dust circulate around the room. Perfect for all indoor rooms, including bathroom, bedrooms, office, garage, and RV.

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The EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel can help you save up to 50% of your home heating costs. This model uses less than one-third of the electricity required to power conventional space heaters. As a result, you’ll enjoy the comfort this heater provides and save money at the same time.

This model is ideal for a room that is 150 square feet, so it is vital to measure the dimensions of your own space before purchasing. The temperature of this heater ranges from 41 up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives you a lot of leeway with regard to your preferred temperature.

The design of this heater is similar to ceramic heaters in that the exterior casings stay warm and it operates at a safe, even temperature. This ensures an evenly and efficiently heated space. 

Made with a superior calcium silicate material, this model is resistant to cracking and general wear and tear. That is because it has been upgraded from previous models made by the same manufacturer. It is both triple reinforced and triple insulated. Thus, you get quality and safety at the highest levels when using this unit.


  • A highly energy-efficient unit
  • An upgraded model that is triple reinforced and triple insulated


  • Designed for a 150 square feet room, so not ideal for larger spaces

6. Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater

Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater with...
  • This portable 1500 watt infrared heater has the power to heat up a small room or office with its 5200 BTU heat output. Two power modes, one uses the full 1,500 watt power while the other only uses 750 watts.
  • Our patented heat exchanger with HMS Technology combines with humidity in the room to provide soft, safe heat without reducing oxygen or humidity. Safe to touch, even the grill.
  • Small convenient size makes this perfect for any room in the house. Hang it on the wall or set it on the ground thanks to removable feet and wall mounting points on the back of the heater.
  • Built in thermostat with LED display shows you what the ambient temperature is and helps regulate the temperature efficiently. Included remote control allows you to control the temperature with ease.
  • This heater comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty

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The Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater is a highly versatile product that also has some serious heating power. It has a 5,200 BTU rating, so it can effectively heat a small room or office without even using your primary heating system. If you like low utility bills, you could place one of these in the rooms you use the most often and rarely even switch your central heating on.

This has 1500 watts of power and two power modes that allow you to use exactly as much energy as you need. It can be converted to 750 watts, so it’s ideal for catering to the different seasons and allows you to maintain an ideal temperature without over-use.

It has a built-in thermostat with LED display for convenient and legible information so that you can adjust the temperature according to your desired comfort and heat levels. 

It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for extra peace of mind. Regarding actual room size, this heater is best used in rooms that are 300 square feet or less.


  • Safe to touch
  • Can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground


  • This model is bulkier than some other wall mounted electric heaters

Best Wall Mounted Electric Heaters Buyer Guide

The wall-mounted heater, also popular as wall heater, is growing increasingly popular among consumers. The following section discusses, in detail, what you need to know about the heaters, why you should buy the heaters, how to select the best wall heater, and how to properly and safely use one.

Let’s begin by understanding what wall heaters are; 

What is a wall-mounted electric heater?

An electric wall heater is a heating appliance installed in or attached directly to a wall. They are commonly used in studio apartments, smaller offices, and compact living spaces because they generate sufficient heat to warm a small area comfortably without taking up valuable space.

The wall heater originated from the radiator. Radiators used boilers to heat the water flowing through pipes in the home and apartment buildings. The water pipes led to radiator units made from cast iron. These radiators absorbed heat from the water and then released the heat into the room to warm up the area. 

Later, gas heaters replaced the radiator. Gas heaters are installed directly on the walls, allowing for free-flow of air. However, the wall-mounted gas heater posed multiple challenges, including creating a fire hazard. Electric wall heaters followed and have largely replaced the gas heater. 

How electric wall heaters work

The electric wall heater consists of a metal body and an internal heating element. Early models were made of porcelain bricks, but as designs evolved, tubes and heating coils replaced the porcelain. The heating element in this type of heater consists of a resistor that has an electric current passing through it. The resistor is made from high-resistance metal.

When an electric current is passed through the high-resistance wire, it is converted into heat energy. The heat is then radiated into fins inside the heating unit, which in turn dissipate the warm air out of the heater and into your room. Some wall-mounted electric heaters are equipped with a fan to help distribute the warm air evenly throughout your room. In-wall heaters that incorporate a fan, the fan also helps pull air into the unit for heating before again helping with pushing air out of the unit and distributing it throughout the room.

Electric wall heaters that don’t have a fan rely on convection to distribute warm air throughout a room. In these heaters, warm air currents develop inside the heater before being distributed. Since convection dictates that hot air rises while cold air sinks to the bottom of the room, the heaters are typically installed just above the floor to pull up cold air easily. 

Electric wall heaters are controlled using a thermostat either mounted to the wall or built into the heater. 

Advantages of using wall-mounted electric heaters

Wall-mounted electric heaters come with a plethora of benefits. The following are a few reasons you should consider investing in these appliances;


  • Quick and convenient 


Some heaters, even electric models, can take several minutes to start releasing warm air into your room. Gas-powered models, in particular, can take up to 10 minutes to warm the room to the desired level. Wall-mounted electric heaters are almost instant. In most cases, it takes 60 to 120 seconds to achieve the desired indoor heating temperatures. 


  • Excellent supplemental heating


If you’re looking for a way to warm just the small space where you’re residing, rather than the whole house, then wall-mounted heaters are a great option. The main advantage of supplemental heating is energy efficiency. A whole-home heater often means that you end up warming all rooms in the home, even those not currently occupied, leading to wasted energy. Supplemental heaters only warm rooms holding people. If you’re not using the space, you can keep the heater in that room OFF.

For instance, a mall mount space heater for crawl space will help get the moisture out of your crawlspace only.

  • Easy control


Wall-mounted heaters are also very easy to control, especially those with inbuilt thermostats. In these models, temperature control is automatic such that you set the desired temperature, and the thermostat does the rest. If less heating is required, the appliance with automatically adjust the heating process to release less heat. The same applies when more heat is required, the thermostat gives the command, and more heat is produced until the desired level is attained.


  • Take up very little space


Anything that takes up space on the floor often contributes to crowding and tends to make the room seem even smaller. If you’re worried that a freestanding heater may cause these concerns in your home, then a wall mounted electric heater would be the perfect alternative. First off, the units are very slim, with most of them less than five inches thick. Secondly, they are mounted on the wall. Combine these two qualities, and you have an appliance that takes up very little space.


  • Great heat retention


Heat retention is the ability of a heater to continue emitting heat even after the power has been switched OFF, and wall heaters are great in this aspect. Thanks to the material out of which the heaters are made, wall-mounted heaters can continue radiating heat into your room for up to an hour or two after the device is switched off. If you notice an immediate drop in temperatures after switching the appliance off, then there must be a problem with your home’s insulation.

Factors to consider when buying a wall-mounted electric heater

Not all wall-mounted electric heaters are the same. Some are bigger than others, some can produce more heat, and designs also differ, among other things. The following are five main factors to consider when choosing one for your home;


  • Size and weight


Thickness is rarely an issue when talking about wall-mounted electric heaters. That’s because all wall heaters are slim. So, the two most important dimensions to consider are length and width. You don’t want a wall heater that takes up too much space on the wall. Fortunately, most wall-mounted heaters aren’t that large. 

If you’re buying a wall heater that is built into the wall, though, you may want to consider thickness too as the depth will determine how deep into the wall you’ll be required to dig. Don’t pick a model that requires too much work.

When it comes to weight, wall-mounted electric heaters are relatively light. The majority of mounted options weigh less than six pounds. Heavier options are usually marked for installation into, rather than on, the wall. 


  • Power rating


Electric heaters can consume a significant amount of electricity, leaving you with enormous bills at the end of the year. To avoid any surprises down the line, choose a high-performing model that doesn’t consume too much electricity. 

First off, think about your heating requirements? How much heat do you need to warm the room in which the heater is installed sufficiently? If it’s a small room that’s less than 100 square feet, for example, a 2,000watt wall heater would be a poor investment. You’d need a smaller heater rated at around 1,000watts. 

Secondly, consider options that have multiple heating settings. The heater should have at least two settings; high and low (others have more), so you can adjust heat production depending on your needs. If used alongside a good thermostat, power ratings can save a lot of energy/money.

  • Thermostat

That brings us to the thermostat. Not all wall mounted electric heaters have in-built thermostats. So, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the model you’re considering has one. Check the product details to determine if it indeed has this feature. 

Where the thermostat isn’t in-built, you’ll have to install it separately. This is an unnecessary cost and process that you should avoid where possible. Choose a model with an in-built thermostat, so you don’t have to purchase and install the thermostat separately.

Ideally, you want a wall heater with an inbuilt thermostat as well as a front panel dial that allows you to easily input the desired heating levels and shut ON/OFF times. If you can find a model with remote control, then that would be even better.


  • The heater fan


As mentioned earlier, some wall heaters have a fan while others don’t. This is another factor you should take very seriously as the fan has a big say on the working of the heater. The presence or absence of a fan also directly impacts air circulation within the room.

Heaters with fans distribute air better because the blowing of the fan pushes warm air into the distance. It could be the difference between warmth and cold at the opposite wall. Where there’s no fan, the heater has to depend on convection to circulate air throughout the room. While this has proved to work too, it’s not as effective as blowing air with a fan.

Just remember, however, that fans come with one major downside – noise. At the high setting, fans produce substantial noise. If you can’t live with noise from the heater, then choose the lower setting. Alternatively, opt for a fan-less model.  

  • Design 

Finally, it’s also imperative to consider the style and design of the heater. It’s not easy to hide the wall heater from the view of your visitors because the unit is created to be installed on the wall, away from items that can catch fire. Even recessed options are still clearly visible to those in the room.

For this reason, choose a design that complements your décor and, if possible, adds to your interior decoration efforts. Things like color and style should be taken seriously. If your walls are white, for example, a white wall heater that blends into the walls would be a good option. 

Consider the intended installation location also to make the best decision. For heaters that you intend to install in the living room where many people will see it, a beautiful design is imperative. For those intended for a private study room though, you may be forgiven for compromising on design in favor of functionality. 

Freestanding vs. wall-mounted electric heaters

Often, you’ll have to choose between wall-mounted and freestanding models. Here’s what you need to keep in mind;


  • Freestanding heaters are portable


This is perhaps the most significant difference between the two categories of heaters. Freestanding models can be carried around the room or even into different places. This means that the same freestanding heater can serve you in the living room and then be carried to the bedroom for supplemental heating. Wall mounted options are mostly fixed. Recessed options are permanently attached and can’t be moved around. Some mountable models, however, can be detached and carried to other rooms, making them semi-portable. 


  • They serve the same purpose


There isn’t much to pick between freestanding and wall-mounted electric heaters when it comes to performance. They work the same way; an electric current is passed through a heating element, and the resulting heat blown into your rooms. Similar to wall-mounted options, freestanding heaters also may or may not come with a fan. The two heaters also share the same features and heating capacities. 


  • Price


Freestanding and wall-mounted electric heaters also fall in the same price range. The budget range for wall heaters starts at around the $59.99 mark with the Stiebel Eltron model. As for wall-mounted options, the cheapest model at the moment is the Ecostad Lodel electric panel heater priced at around $99.99. One thing you’ll quickly realize about the Ecostad Lodel, though, is that it can also be used as a freestanding model. On the upper end of the scale, both freestanding and wall-mounted heaters can go as high as $2,000. 

How to install a wall-mounted heater

Wall heaters are compact and lightweight, making them easy to handle and install. Moreover, most electric wall heaters come with installation kits and easy-to-understand installation guidelines. Here’s how to proceed;

Thing’s you’ll need;

  • The wall heater
  • Power drill
  • Drywall saw
  • Stud finder
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire connectors
  • Cable stripper

The installation process

  1. Identify a suitable location for the wall heater. The site should be central enough for even distribution of heat throughout the room. Don’t select areas where the heater can be blocked, such as behind a door.
  2. Locate a stud and carefully mark an outline of the wall heater such that one side of the hole lies along the edge of the stud. Installing the heater between studs gives your heater more support. 
  3. Use a drywall saw to cut an outline of the heater on the selected area of the wall. Practice caution so you don’t cut any electrical wiring or plumbing pipes.
  4. After cutting an opening in the wall, install a new circuit breaker at the wall opening and use a fish cable to connect it to the wall heater. This step is best would be best handled by a professional.
  5. Once the cable is set up, using the cable ripper, remove cable sheathing, then strip the wiring leads and pull the cable through the heater mounting box. 
  6. Fold the wires behind the mounting box into the wall cavity and, using a power drill, secure the box between two studs.
  7. Screw the wall heater to the mounting box and clip on the cover plate. Now, you’re ready to start using the wall heater.

How to clean and maintain wall-mounted heaters

We recommend cleaning your electric wall heater at least twice every year to remove excess dirt and dust.

What you’ll need;

  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask
  • Voltage detector
  • Drop cloth
  • Small container
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Bucket of soapy water and cloth
  • Air compressor or vacuum cleaner

The cleaning process

  1. Turn OFF any circuits attached to the heater: Once this is done, use the voltage detector to confirm that current (electric power) isn’t reaching the heater.
  2. Remove the grill/cover: For models with in-built thermostats, you may need to remove the knob first using the flat head screwdriver. 
  3. Blow out the heater:  This can be done using either an air compressor or vacuum cleaner. A good old-fashioned dryer might also work. However, don’t use canned air.
  4. Clean the grill/cover: Place the grill in a bucket of soapy water and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes. Then wipe it clean with the cloth.
  5. Reinstall the grill: Ensure that the grill is completely dry before reinstalling it. Any moisture that gets into the heater creates a safety hazard and can also damage the unit.

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Troubleshooting an electric wall-mounted heater

If your electric heater isn’t functioning normally or not working at all, something could be wrong. The following are troubleshooting tips to consider;


  • If the unit isn’t working at all


It could be a sign of loose or disconnected wiring, a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, incorrect thermostat settings, or obstructed airflow from the unit. Check for and attempt to fix these issues in that order. If the unit still doesn’t work, the heating element is likely defective and needs replacing. 


  • If the unit’s fan isn’t working


It could be a sign of; loose or disconnected wiring to the fan motor, a bad switch, obstructed fan blades, a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or a broken motor. Check for and attempt to fix the issues in that order.


  • The heater fan works, but there’s no heat!


There are two possible problems here – defective heating element or loose/disconnected wiring. Fixing these issues should solve the problem.


  • The heater turns ON and OFF frequently


Two things can cause this; blocked airflow to the unit or faulty thermostat/control switch. Try to unblock the airflow vents, and if that doesn’t help, replace the thermostat/control switch.


  • The unit keeps running nonstop


 In this case, either the unit is undersized for the room, or your room is poorly insulation. Getting the right size heater and ensuring proper insulation will solve the problem.


An electric wall heater can be a useful appliance for your home, particularly if you’re looking for something that warms rooms fast. Sometimes there are rooms in our homes that are cooler than others. So, if you find your primary heating source simply isn’t doing the trick in a particular space, investing in the best wall mounted electric heater will ensure comfort for both you and your family during the cold winter months. 

Always remember to keep the area in front of your wall heater clear and free of obstacles. This is important for two reasons: to circulate the warmth effectively, and to ensure safety. While wall-mounted heaters are generally very safe to use, it’s essential to keep combustible items away from their surface. All in all, electric wall-mounted heaters are a resourceful appliance for any homeowner who is keen to improve the existent heating system in their home.

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