10 Best Pedestal Fans With Remote (Review and Guide)

If you want to cool your home conveniently and economically, try the best pedestal fan with remote.

Pedestal fans are a popular option for many homeowners since they are easy to operate, can be started up right away without the hassle and expense of professional installation, and are much more lightweight and easy to move around than any other form of air cooling system.

Moreover, the purchase price of a standing fan is very reasonable. Thus, it’s easy to see why standing fans are a competitive product on the market today.

This article looks at some excellent models and also provides a guide for prospective buyers. First, let’s consider some of the best pedestal fans currently available:

10 Best Pedestal Fan With Remote Reviews 2021

1. Rowenta Oscillating Fan – Best Pedestal Fan for Bedroom

The Rowenta Oscillating Fan provides powerful airflow of up to 2436 cubic feet per min and one of the best fans that blow cold air. This allows you to enjoy the immediate relief of cold air without having to wait for the machine to get going. The sheer power of this unit gives the consumer extra peace of mind regarding the quality of the product. When purchasing any appliance, it’s reassuring to know that it is powerful and effective at carrying out its primary function.

There are four different speeds of airflow which do not interfere with your daily routine due to this unit’s ultra quiet operation. All of the different speeds create a noise level of between 40 and 57 decibels, which is no louder than the sound of rainfall outside a window or the noise in a quiet library setting.

It has an oscillating head which is 16 inches in diameter. This head includes five powerful blades which have been uniquely engineered to deliver a powerful blast of air throughout the room. You can choose between the oscillating motion for overall consistency, or set it to stationery if you wish to target a particular area.

The stationery setting is perfect for occasions when there is only one person in the room carrying out a task which requires them to stay in one spot for an extended period of time. This could be anything from cooking in the kitchen to watching TV in the living room.


  • Five blades
  • Ultra quiet operation


  • Adjustable height only allows for up to 30 cm of difference


2. Pelonis Standing Pedestal Fan – Best Pedestal Fan with Remote

The Pelonis Standing Pedestal Fan has a specially designed DC motor that reduces the noise level of the machine. There are five aviation blades on this pedestal fan to provide more power. The manufacturer has provided the user with an impressive 26 speeds to cater to the health of the entire family.

People of different ages benefit from different speeds and settings, and the functionality of this unit has been designed to be tailored for different age groups.

The baby speed is 1-10, children 4-14, older 10-20, and adult 20-26. This interesting feature allows you to ensure every family member can have a truly customized cooling experience without being overwhelmed by fan settings that are too high and powerful for their specific needs.

As well as this, this best cooling fan for rooms has several different modes, including normal, natural, slumberous, silent, and comfort. This changes the air settings according to your specific needs. The comfort mode, for example, changes the speed of the fan depending on the fluctuation in the room temperature, allowing you to relax on the sofa without having to get up and change the speed as things warm up and cool down.


  • Includes a specially designed DC motor
  • Unique intelligent mode


  • The display and remote control may be difficult to use for someone with poor eyesight as the buttons are very small


3. Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Floor Fan – Best Oscillating Pedestal Fan

The Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Floor Fan is an adjustable and flexible fan that has a telescoping neck. This feature allows you to adjust the fan height from 40 to 51 inches high. This allows you to direct and control the airflow to a greater degree, ensuring the space achieves a comfortable temperature throughout.

The head of this oscillating fan is 18 inches wide, allowing you to provide powerful airflow for maximum cooling power and effectiveness. Moreover, this machine certainly packs a punch. It has three adjustable speeds and a powerful, high quality 45-watt motor. This means you can cool an area fast and effectively, and choose the appropriate speed for your specific needs. The low setting operates at 900 rpm, medium at 1100 rpm, and the high speed at 1280 rpm.

This fan is coated with a UV resistant, all-weather paint that means it is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. This is perfect for those hot summer days where you want to spend time outside and enjoy the sun without being uncomfortable in the sweltering heat.

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The paint may need to be maintained every few years, as it will inevitably fade or chip over time, so this is something you need to consider carefully before purchasing.


  • Adjustable telescoping neck
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • The UV resistant, all-weather paint will likely need to be maintained


4. Hunter Retro Stand Fan 90439

The Hunter Retro Stand Fan 90439 is made entirely of metal, so you can rest assured that all of the collective parts are of high quality and will be highly durable.

The onyx copper designer finish of this particular unit ensures that it looks quite aesthetically pleasing, and will match most contemporary decor. It is certainly less of an eyesore than some other models, and if you’re concerned about how a fan will look in your indoor space, this might be a competitive choice for you.

There are three fan speeds available with this unit, allowing you to choose the power you need for the environment you desire. If you just need a little boost of air to complement your air conditioning system, you can select the low setting and enjoy ultimate comfort without adding any significant amount to your utility bills. However, it’s one of the fans that cool like air conditioners.

Alternatively, if this standing fan is the primary source of cooling in your chosen room, you can select the high setting and still save money as standing fans, in general, do not use a lot of electricity. As such, no matter what setting you choose, you don’t have to worry about a significant difference to your utility bill during the warmer season.


  • Onyx copper designer finish
  • Three speeds


  • Lacks some of the special features that other standing fan models have


5. Hunter Retro Tripod Stand Fan 90440

The Hunter Retro Tripod Stand Fan 90440 is a slightly different version of the Hunter 90439 mentioned earlier and has some different features. For example, it has a retro tripod stand appearance. This can be both an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your particular tastes. If you’re a fan of vintage decor and love things that fit in with this period, you will find this model to be a complementary addition to your indoors. Alternatively, if you prefer the more modern or minimalist design, you might find the tripod style a bit old-fashioned or dated.

Still, appearances aside, this standing fan is a high-quality product made entirely of high-quality metal. It has a sleek onyx copper finish that is long-lasting and aesthetically appealing, and the fan itself has three speeds to choose from.

The oscillating head of the fan allows you to cool a room more evenly and effectively, as it constantly changes direction. This oscillating motion allows for 86 degrees of smooth and consistent airflow.

Moreover, the tripod stand is adjustable, allowing you to change the height of the oscillating head to suit your particular needs. If your home has low ceilings, for example, you might find that you can use the lowest height and still cool the entire room powerfully.


  • Adjustable height
  • All metal construction


  • The tripod appearance looks a bit old-fashioned


6. AmazonBasics Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan – Best Desk and Pedestal Fan

The AmazonBasics Oscillating Standing Pedestal Fan has a unique dual blade design that promotes better airflow circulation. It doesn’t simply have two blades in the way that some others have five: it actually has two different layers of blades, working in a complementary fashion to achieve maximum comfort.

This oscillating fan changes direction, ensuring air is directed evenly throughout the chosen space. It is also designed with a quiet DC motor, so you don’t have to worry about a high noise level. This quietly running machine means that you can carry out your chosen activity in relative peace and quiet.

This fan also includes an impressive 24 speeds, allowing you to adjust the airflow to a high degree of accuracy. This will ultimately provide a more customizable cooling experience for both you and your family.

There are three different modes to choose from, as well as all of the different speeds. The nature mode emulates a natural breeze, the sleep mode utilizes a soft airflow for restful sleep, and the normal mode allows you to choose whichever speed you like for constant circulation.


  • Unique dual blade design
  • Features 24 speeds


  • The display and remote control could have better legibility


7. Designer Aire Indoor/Outdoor Standing Floor Fan – Best Outdoor Pedestal Fan

The Designer Air Indoor/Outdoor Standing Floor Fan features a telescoping neck that allows you to adjust the fan height from between 40 and 51 inches high. Like the other Designer Aire model featured in these reviews, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is coated in the same all-weather, UV paint, making it perfectly safe to use outdoors without being damaged.

The oscillating fan of this model is 18 inches wide, allowing you to cool a large area with ease. With its three adjustable speeds and well-designed motor, there is a lot of power in this unit. You can rest assured that this machine is powerful enough to provide an airflow that will significantly improve the temperature and comfort of your indoor or outdoor space.

Whether you have a barbecue in the middle of summer, or just struggling to cool off indoors, this standing fan will ensure you and your family can enjoy the warmer weather without sacrificing comfort.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this is a long-lasting product that will resist all sorts of wear and tear, including rust, weather, mold, and general damage. As such, this purchase will last you for years to come so that you can bring it out whenever necessary and store it away during the colder seasons.


  • Constructed with high-quality stainless steel
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


  • The old-fashioned design may not suit some more contemporary home decor


8. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo silence Stand Fan – Best Quiet Pedestal Fan

The Rowenta Oscillating Fan VU5670 runs at only 35 decibels, meaning that it is one of the quietest standing fans currently available on the market. Thirty-five decibels is quieter than the sound of rainfall outside your window, so you can rest assured this machine won’t prevent you from getting a well needed night’s sleep.

This unit delivers powerful airflow of up to 2436 cubic feet per minute, so it has enough power to cool even larger spaces in your home effectively and will do so quickly and effectively.

It includes an electronic control panel, so it is evidently a unit that has been designed with the modern consumer in mind. If you want something simple and easy to use and aren’t confident in your technological gadget skills, this might not be the perfect choice for you.

It has an array of interesting features including an eight-hour timer and energy-saving mode. These both help you to save money on your utility bills and ensure you’re not running the unit when it’s not necessary. The timer also means you can switch it on right before you sleep and enjoy a cool environment all night long.


  • Ultra quiet performance
  • Powerful oscillating airflow


  • The electronic control panel is a definite plus but also might be difficult to operate for some users


9. UFO Oscillating Stand Fan ATSFI-121

The UFO Oscillating Stand Fan ATSFI-121 has a unique element to its design as it includes negative ions in its airflow mechanism. This means that when it circulates air throughout the room, it also purifies it. Thus, your environment is not only comfortable; it’s also healthy. The air you breathe will contain fewer contaminants, which will ultimately lead to better health for both you and your family.

This includes an infrared remote control and on-board panel control. Thus, you can change the settings up close or from a distance; whichever you prefer.

It has an oscillating head which constantly changes direction, ensuring an evenly cooled space that doesn’t have patches of warm air throughout.

Finally, this machine can be easily moved around, as it has casters for smooth movement. Thus, you can move it around to whatever room you’re using instead of having to buy a separate unit for every single room in your house.


  • Includes negative ions to purify the air
  • Oscillating head for full room coverage


  • Fewer speed settings than some other models


10. Vornado VFAN Sr. Pedestal Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Vornado is a well-known brand, and there’s no doubt about any appliance that they introduce into the market – it will always perform well, at least most of the times.

This fan, in particular, is a product of several decades of technological advancement. Many companies usually change the design of their appliances as technology changes, but Vornado has stuck with their design that is intended to improve air quality and circulation across your room.

There are two colors you can choose from – green and vintage white. They both blend well in any interior decor and gives your home a stylish modern look. Additionally, the fan has a metal construction that guarantees its durability in the long run.

This fan is user-friendly, safe, and quiet. While it’s ideal for small rooms, the Signature Vortex technology provides complete circulation of all the air throughout the room. The Full-action pivot head works alongside the three-speed settings to provide multi-directional airflow, blowing cool air where you most need it.

Most standing fans come with a fixed height. However, this fan’s height is adjustable from 42 to 55 inches, giving you the option to set the height depending on your needs. The company has backed this product with a 5-year satisfaction guarantee.


  • Powerful design
  • Quiet running
  • Adjustable height
  • Pivoting head
  • Stable base


  • Expensive


Pedestal Fan With Remote Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying

After considering some of the products reviewed above, you may still need more information before making a final decision about which standing fan to buy. As such, this buyer’s guide will help you figure out what you should look for when shopping around for the best pedestal fan with remote.


How strong is the airflow on the product you’re looking at? This is a very important consideration because you will want a standing floor fan that has the power to cool down your desired space effectively. There is no sense in purchasing a fan that has a lot of nifty features if it doesn’t carry out its number one task to your satisfaction.

Thus, when deciding which fan to buy, any features to do with power or strength of the unit are the primary ones you should consider before anything else. Remember where you put the fan also impact the airflow.

Noise Level

The addition of a fan to your household will make the environment a lot cooler and more pleasant during the warmer seasons. Next to airflow, the noise level is the most important factor to consider when deciding between different standing fan models.

This is because a noisy fan will ultimately detract from the comfort levels you experience when using it. There are many reasons for wanting a quiet fan.

For example, you might want to place a fan in your study area while doing some work from home. If the fan is noisy, it will inevitably distract you from your work.

Quietness is even more important if you’re going to run the fan in your bedroom. As such, make sure your preferred model has a reasonable decibel rating.

Keep in mind, 20 decibels equates to whispering 5 feet away, 50 decibels equates to the sound of rainfall outside your home, and 60 decibels equates to normal conversation levels.

Thus, you should figure out how light of a sleeper you are, and then figure out the appropriate decibel level you can tolerate in your standing fan.


A timer isn’t really an essential addition to a pedestal stand fan, but it will certainly make things more convenient. This is especially true if you intend to turn the fan on just before going to bed.

You might feel uneasy about leaving it running all night while you sleep, so knowing that it will turn itself off after a set period of time will give you extra peace of mind.

General Settings and Modes

As a general rule, the more features any appliance has, the more expensive it will be. If you want to focus on economic value, you might be fine with skipping some features that you don’t feel are necessary for your home.

However, you can still make sure you get the best value for your money by considering price versus features for every model you want to buy. Some of the best features that will be highly useful for most consumers include fan settings and particular modes that allow you to have more control over the fan output.

Different speeds are an essential feature to include in a pedestal fan, as there are inevitably going to be times when you want higher or lower levels of coolness circulated across the room. Lower settings are great for simply maintaining a temperature you like.

If there is only one speed, you will soon find that there are times the fan is making the room too cold, and this will become a nuisance. Think about what features, settings, and modes are most important to you, and refine your choices accordingly.

Size and Shape

The actual appearance of the standing fan is another important element to consider before buying. Most standing fans are known as pedestal fans. This is the simple design of a long, cylindrical base adorned with a circular fan at the top.

Before purchasing a standing fan with remote, make sure the dimensions can fit into your chosen space comfortably without having to be placed in an awkward place.

Standing fans are always going to be a little bit of an eyesore, but some modern designs come with an attractive metal finish, so if aesthetic impact is a concern for you, you should consider this factor before buying.

The overall size and shape of whatever standing fan you’re interested in should not detract from your convenience. You should also take a look at the weight of the fan, especially if you intend to use it in different rooms.

Ideally, you want a relatively lightweight fan that isn’t too large and overbearing so you can move it around easily and enjoy its cool breeze with the utmost convenience.


Now that you’ve seen some of the best pedestal fan with remote currently available and considered some of the most important factors to consider when selecting a fan for your home, you have much more information at your disposal before making a purchase.

Standing fans can help to see you through the unbearable heat during the warm season, and are best used to supplement air conditioning system. However, many modern units are powerful enough to be used as the primary source of cooling; for at least the short term.

Always remember to carry out as much research as you can before buying any appliance for the home to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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