9 Best Outdoor Propane Heaters Reviews 2021

When night falls, but the party has to go on, patio heaters can be a friendly companion. These appliances produce tons of heat to warm up several square feet of your outdoor space. That should be enough for a small party or an evening on the porch. 

Better still, the best outdoor propane heaters are designed to resist weather elements. Whether it’s windy conditions or a light shower, you can rest easy that the heating won’t be affected. 

This guide rounds up some of the best outdoor propane heaters and discusses how to pick the best one for your needs.

As you’ll find out a little later, propane is an excellent choice for patio heating because it’s renewable, packs plenty of firepower, and is eco-friendly. It is also cheaper than many alternative fuel sources, including electricity. 

Best Patio Heaters  – (Propane Heaters Comparison Table)

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What’s an Outdoor Propane Heater? 

Outdoor/patio propane heaters are designed to heat up a large area quickly and keep your toasty at formidably chilly nights. They burn fuel and the heat generated transmitted to the surrounding area. 

These heaters implement radiant heating as opposed to fan-assisted convection heating. The radiant heater heats physical objects directly. It’s not absorbed into the surrounding air. Instead, the heat travels as electromagnetic waves, heating objects on its path. 

How Patio Heaters Work?

Patio propane heaters rely on radiant heat to warm the outdoor area as apposed to indoor heaters that are fan-assisted. A standard propane patio heater will heat the air in all directions. However, a few models come with reflector surfaces that allow you to focus the heat in just one direction. Besides, the reflector also reflects the heat thus reducing the amount of heat that would be lost by conduction. Many of the units transmit heat up to 10 meters away. When you buy the heater, you’ll know how far the heat can be felt.

Positioning is critical in the effective functioning of the heaters. For instance, it makes little sense of placing a freestanding patio heater next to a wall. Such a heater would work best from the center of the space. Placement should also be done in a manner that minimizes obstacles. 

Above all, propane patio heaters are designed to be used in your outdoor spaces. In fact, for some, you’ll be advised never to use it indoors. However, a few models allow for indoor and indoor use.

If you’d like to buy such a model that can be used outside or inside the house, check the product label to confirm that it’s a multi-function indoor-outdoor unit. 

Benefits of Using Propane Heaters Vs Electric Patio Heaters

Many qualities make propane an excellent fuel choice for outdoor patio heating when compared with electric patio heaters. These qualities include;

the best outdoor propane heaters installed in a restaurant

High-Energy Alternative

Propane is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and one of the best sources of high-energy fuels. It has a higher octane rating than gasoline and is a colorless and odorless liquid that quickly vaporizes into a gas.

The smell you get from the fuel is added to it, so it becomes easy to detect leaks. Propane also heats much faster than electricity. 

Reliable Heating

Unlike electric patio heaters, propane heaters will continue working even when there’s a power outage. This is very important since electric power tends to go out when we need it the most.

Propane heaters don’t depend on electricity, thus keep putting out heat even in the worst possible weather. All you need to do is ensure that the fuel tank is filled and well maintained. 


Propane heaters are much safer than natural gas heaters. For one, the heaters are buried well beyond the natural gas main. Additionally, propane tanks are 20x more resistant to puncture than ethanol, gasoline, and methanol tanks.

In case there’s a leak, the added odorant quickly raises the alarm. Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors should be considered for additional safety. 


LPG is listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992. It burns cleaner than any fossil fuel and doesn’t contaminate soil or groundwater. It also has a low carbon content and produces minimal emissions.

A few studies even show that when LPG is extracted as a by-product of natural gas, it reduces the use of petroleum by 99%. For these reasons, if you love the environment, you’ll love it a lot. 


Meanwhile, natural gas heaters for residentials require a connection to a gas line. To safely install your heater, you need to work with a licensed plumber. The unit has limited mobility and can only be moved if you install another gas line.

Types of Outdoor Propane Heaters 

There are at least half a dozen types of patio heaters to consider. The following four are the most common;

  • Floor or free-standing patio heaters

Freestanding patio heaters are the most popular type of propane heaters. They typically comprise the reflector, heat source, pole, and base. They are easy to set up and transmit heat in a 360-degree fashion. Often, the fuel is stored in the base.

  • Tabletop patio heaters

Most tabletop patio heaters are electric-powered. However, there are a few gas models. The propane models are designed almost like free-standing propane heaters but have a lower BTU (British Thermal Unit) range. They are fitted to the center of the table and typically transmit heat in all directions. For a small outdoor area, a tabletop patio heater is the perfect solution to keep you toasty and warm.

  • Wall-mounted models

Wall-mounted propane outdoor heaters are even rarer. But the few that exist are installed on an exterior wall and direct heat at an angle (180 degrees or less) to warm people on the patio. A key advantage of wall-mounted patio heaters is that they don’t take up any floor space. On the downside, they are the least powerful types of patio heaters. 

  • Infrared Outdoor Propane Heater

An infrared heater has a greater ability to deliver heat in breezy conditions, which is why it is the most appropriate choice for patios – something like the infrared space heater. These units feature a reflective cover that will send the heat in its surroundings, making it a great choice if you have a small patio or outdoor area.

  • LP Gas Forced Air Outdoor Heater

As their name suggests, these heaters use fans in order to blow heat into the ar. Due to their forced-air delivery, the surrounding area gets warmer much faster.

  • Propane Convection

This type of heater uses the cold air at the bottom of the base, takes it in, and then pushes it back outside after it has been heated. It doesn’t use fans, as the warm air rises whereas the cold air goes down. It’d the perfect choice if you have an outdoor work area.

Choosing the Right Size

Propane patio heaters come in a range of sizes. You want to select the size that best matches your outdoor space heating needs.

Since the floor space matters, an easy formula to determine the right heater size is as follows

Area to be heated in cubic feet x the desired temperature rise.

However, if that formula isn’t practical for your situation, remember that you need about 5,000 BTU for the smallest spaces (100-150 square feet), approximately 12,000 BTU for medium-sized rooms (around 500 square feet) and at least 34,000 BTU for large areas (above 2,000 square feet.). 

Propane Patio Heater Safety Tips

outdoor propane heater safetyThough propane patio heaters are designed to be safe for use, choosing the right one and using it safely can further reduce safety risks.

The following tips can help;

  • Buy a heater with a safety tilt switch. This way, the heater will automatically cut off the gas supply if the appliance tilts or falls over.
  • For a freestanding patio heater, make sure to install the unit on a flat, stable surface with plenty of clearance.
  • Store the fuel safely. Propane is best stored in a cold, dark room. Alternatively, keep the fuel tank at the base of the heater.
  • Always turn off the heater when you’re not using it to save energy and reduce fire risk. Also, don’t ask one of the kids to turn it off. Do it yourself. 
  • If the heater isn’t rated for indoor use, never attempt to use indoors or even in the garage. If you’d like to use the patio heater indoors occasionally, buy one rated for outdoor-indoor use.
  • Don’t be tempted to dry clothes using the outdoor heater. Clothing can catch fire resulting in costly but preventable consequences.
  • Supervise the kids and pets, and don’t let them get too close to the heater. Many propane outdoor heaters become hot to touch, thus creating the risk of burns. Kids and pets can also tip over the heater. Ensure regular maintenance. The manufacturer will tell you what needs to be done and maintenance frequency. 

8 Best Outdoor Propane Heater Reviews (Top Picks)

1. Amazon Basics Commercial – (Best budget heater)

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio...
  • SOOTHING WARMTH: Outdoor gas heater for cozy warmth when sitting outside; ideal for cafes, restaurants, and home patios
  • EASY TO USE AND MOVE: One-touch ignition button for quick start ups; wheels for maneuvering into place
  • POWERFUL HEAT: 46,000 BTUs for heating up to a 9 foot radius; adjustable temperature knob for controlling the output
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Tilt safety auto-shut off valve; water box for weighing down the base and wheel kit; chain included to secure the tank
  • DURABLE EXTERIOR & REQUIRES: Powder-coated finish in Slate Gray for lasting strength; 20 pound liquid propane gas tank to operate (not included)

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This 46,000 BTU Amazon Basics is a stylish patio heater offering both functionality and contemporary appeal. An excellent alternative to the fire pit delivers quiet, soothing, and consistent heat with no flames or smoke to worry about. This model heats objects located as far as 18 feet away. It’s a 36-degree heater. 

The unit comes with wheels for easy mobility and features a simple piezoelectric ignition system. The base system has space for a 20lb gas tank (sold separately). You can fill the base with water or sand to create a low, heavy, and steady base for additional stability. 

The unit is an 18 x 89 (LxW) standing heater made from a classic stainless steel finish. A durable powder coating protects the unit from extreme weather elements. A variable control heat knob allows you to turn it off completely after use. 


  • Delivers an incredible 46,000 BTU – puts out a great amount of heat.
  • Effortless piezoelectric ignition 
  • Wheel assembly included
  • Auto-shut-off tilt valve present
  • Comes in an attractive slate-gray finish


  • Finding replacement parts is a nightmare
  • Don’t secure to the ground

2. Hiland HLDSO1-WGTHG Pyramid – (Best patio heater)

No products found.

Since the company was founded about two decades ago, AZ Patio Heaters has produced some tremendous outdoor heating solutions. Particular model, the HLDSO1 is a tower-style freestanding quartz glass tube flame heater designed to bring style and ambiance to outdoor heating. 

It’s a unique, beautiful heater that generates a mesmerizing flame for 360-degree heating. The 40,000 BTU rating means it’s ideal for large outdoor situations or extra-large patios. The 20lb propane tank (bought separately) remains easily accessible thanks to an easy-access door, making it easy to switch the heater. 

As with other AZ Heating products, this unit is rigorously tested, and both CSA certified and ETL certified. A reliable igniter and safety auto-shut-off valve are other standout features of the HLDSO1. The 91-inch tall heater comes in a hammered bronze finish with wheels and is backed by a one-year warranty. 


  • Beautiful pyramid design
  • Attractive hammered brown finish
  • Gentle quartz-glass heating
  • CSA certified, ETL approved
  • One-year warranty 


  • Fuel tank sold separately 
  • No remote-control.

3. FDW Garden Outdoor Propane Standing LP Gas Heater – (Best for Hard Winters)

Patio Heater Tall Hammered Finish Garden Outdoor...
  • Ⅰ 【EASY TO ASSEMBLY:】All parts of the patio heater present, unit well packed and undamaged. All the holes lined up well, and the bolts all fit well, the outdoor heater is easy assembly, follow the starting directions and you will finished it less than hour. gas patio heater is sturdy if put together properly and looks great.Patio Heater outdoor heaters gas patio heater lp patio heater
  • Ⅱ 【PUT LOTS OF HEATER:】The patio heater’s high output is 41000BTU, use it out on the patio at night in the late fall/winter time, the outdoor puts out a lot of heat, it’s a suggestion that start out with the gas patio heat on high but usually turn it down after the area heats up, a tank of propane lasts a couple of weeks.outdoor heaters gas patio heater lp patio heater Patio Heater
  • Ⅲ 【MULTIPLE PLACE USAGE:】The patio heater is perfect for the garden, you can use outdoor heater out on the patio at night, or in cold winter, you can see this kind of gas patio heater in the park, coffee table in the street, and you can also use the gas patio when you fishing, drinking with you friends or party.gas patio heater lp patio heater Patio Heater outdoor heaters
  • Ⅳ 【SAFTY:】 The patio heaters use 20 lbs LP Gas tank and which add weight to the Base of the gas patio heater providing much needed stability and safety during windy conditions, also you can fix the outdoor heater base on the deck by screws,The patio heater has Safety auto shut off tilt valve and Safety auto shut off when the gas run out. It is tall enough to be safe from hair lighting. lp patio heater Patio Heater outdoor heaters gas patio heater
  • Ⅴ 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:】 The patio heater use high quality stainless steel of the heating element which isn’t easy to melt/burn off, and the outdoor heater fire can’t come through the grating and melted the rim, the gas patio heater has CSA certification, which can make sure the quality is excellent. Please pay attention that use the heater outside.outdoor heaters Patio Heater gas patio heater lp patio heater

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The FDW is a powerful 47,000 BTU standing patio heater. It lights easily and warms up the area quickly. Usually, you can feel the heat within seconds. The heat is felt up to five feet away.

The 20 lb. gas tank (sold separately) last 8 to 10 hours, more than enough to last a night party. When the gas runs out, the unit automatically shuts off for safety reasons. 

A wheel assembly makes it easy to bring the heater where you need the heat most. However, you can also fix the base to a concrete surface if you won’t be moving a lot.

The screws for fixing the base are included in the package. Something else you should consider is filling the base with sand to add weight for stability. The tank of gas also adds some much-needed weight.

This heater is built from durable stainless steel finish and features a heating element that doesn’t melt. It features a safety auto-shutoff valve and has been certified by the CSA. 


  • Up to 47,000 heating power
  • Easy assembly 
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Multiple safety features
  • CSA Certified 


  • Fuel tank sold separately
  • Fuel hose sold separately

4. Fire Sense Model 62785 Espresso Finish Commercial Patio Heater

Fire Sense 62785 All Seasons Patio Heater With...
  • 🔥 FIRE SENSE ALL SEASONS COMMERCIAL SERIES PATIO HEATER: The Commercial Series Patio Heater is among the most powerful patio heaters on the market, with an output of an impressive 46,000 BTU's perfect way to extend your backyard entertaining season. This outdoor patio heater is made using heavy duty powder coated steel.
  • 🔥 PATIO HEATER: This handsome ETL-approved patio heater includes a tip-over protection safety feature. Additionally, it has a reliable piezo ignition system and sturdy wheels for easy mobility. The stylish platinum color finish perfectly accents and enhances your patio décor.
  • 🔥 TIP-OVER PROTECTION SYSTEM: If the patio heater is lifted or tilted, the safety valve will automatically shut off the heater. This superior patio heater is perfect for the serious outdoor entertainer. You can turn on this patio heater in an instant with the push of a button Electronic ignition system. This outdoor heater is perfect for your porch or any other outdoor venue.
  • 🔥 FEATURES: High Output 46,000 BTU | Durable powder coated finish | Heat Range: up to 18 ft. diameter | Reliable integrated piezo igniter | Chrome plated head with stainless steel burner and heating grid | Uses standard 20 lb. propane tank (not included) | Safety auto shut off tilt valve | Sturdy wheel assembly included | Consumption Rate (Approx.) 10 hrs 20 lb. LPG tank.
  • 🔥 IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR SPACES: This Patio heater is the perfect addition to any outdoor environment. Not only can you have a serious outdoor entertainer in your own backyard, but also enjoy time outside during the winter | ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: 18" Dia. Base, 33" Dia. Reflector, 86"H; Weight: 40 lbs.

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Donning an attractive deep espresso finish, the Model 62785 from Fire Sense is a patio heater you’ll easily fall in love with. It is a heavy-duty unit built with durable steel.

The burner also has a super stylish stainless steel finish for durability. The double-mantle heating grid makes it usable in many outdoor settings in the home. 

Igniting the Model 62785 is easy, thanks to the piezoelectric ignition system. Once ignited, it takes just a few seconds for the entire place to warm up.

It uses a 20 lb. fuel tank (bought separately) that lasts about 1) hours under continuous use. The fuel tank also adds weight to the base for stability. 

The heater comes with a wheel assembly for easy mobility and features tip-over protection in case of accidental tip-over. It’s 89 inches tall, which is about standard for outdoor patio heaters and is finished in the attractive copper coating. 


  • Powerful 46,000 BTU heater – puts out a substantial amount of heat
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Wheel assembly for mobility 
  • Tip-over shutoff guarantees safety
  • Attractive copper finish


  • No overheating protection
  • No oxygen depletion sensor 

5. Fire Sense Model 61322 Hammer Tone Bronze Table Top Patio Heater

Fire Sense 61322 Portable Patio Heater Outdoor...
  • PATIO PORTABLE HEATER: This outdoor patio heater spreads the heat in a 100 square feet area so that you can easily enjoy being outdoors even during chilly weather. It will effortlessly keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty.
  • ONE STEP IGNITION: The heater features a one step Piezo ignition system that will turn on the heater in an instant so that you do not have to wait around for the air around you to be heated. Also, this way you only use the fuel you need.
  • PROPANE HEATER: This propane heater uses a 1lb LP gas cylinder (not included in the purchase) that fits inside the heater. The heater produces an adjustable output of 10, 000 BTU. The consumption rate for the full tank is approximately 3 hours.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This outdoor propane heater for patio has a beautiful hammer tone bronze finish and stainless steel burners and heating grids which make the heater very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR SPACES: This propane patio heater is the perfect solution for any outdoor gatherings you want to have during the winter. With built in safety features and strong, durable construction, this heater will last you for years to come.

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So far, we’ve only looked at standalone models. However, if you’re interested in a table-top model, the Model 61322 from Fire Sense would be an excellent companion.

It’s about 34.65 inches tall and lightweight at just 7.88 pounds. This makes it easy to bring out to the patio when needed and store it when not required. 

The stainless steel construction ensures reliable durability with the powder coating providing a striking beauty. You’ll also love the fact that this heater uses piezoelectric ignition that turns on instantly.

This heater uses a 1-pound LP gas cylinder (purchased separately) and outputs 10,000 BTU at peak operation. A full tank lasts 3-4 hours. 

The Model 61322 features a weighted base but is also protected by tip-over switch-off. Other features of the unit include a safety grill guard and an oxygen depletion sensor. It is CSA approved 


  • Built with commercial-grade steel
  • Outputs 10,000 BTU of heat
  • Dons a beautiful powder coated finish
  • Multiple safety features
  • ODS compliant, CSA Certified


  • Adaptor hose sold separately
  • Gas tank sold separately 

6. XtremePowerUS 96053 Propane Gas Outdoor Patio Heater

No products found.

Back to the freestanding patio heaters, the Model 96053 from XtremePowerUS is an 86-inch tall heater weighing about 37 pounds. It’s one of the most powerful units on this list at 48,000 BTU.

Better still, the heat can be felt up to 15 feet away. Many outdoor heaters max out at around 12 feet. Above all, the heat is gentle and soothing, with no flame or smoke. 

For complete peace of mind, the heater features a shutoff valve that automatically springs into action if the unit is tipped over. It also implements piezoelectric ignition for convenience.

A heat control knob allows you to switch between Low and High heat settings while a wheel assembly makes it possible to bring the heater where you need the warmth most. 

This heater comes with a 31.9-inch dome reflector and is CSA certified for safety. It’s also one of only a few units that come with a certified propane tank.


  • Durable steel build
  • Certified propane tank included
  • Hose and regulator included
  • Multiple heat settings
  • CSA Certified 


  • Assembly directions are not very clear
  • Weight at the base is wanting

7. Thermo Tiki HEATER-FLR-PH650-BLK Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater -...
  • Stylish, commercial quality: Expertly crafted from premium, high-grade steel and aluminum, this professional-grade, 7' 6" tall outdoor propane gas heater with a dancing flame in a pyramid-style column produces both radiant warmth and exquisite beauty. Built-to-last with durable, weather-resistant components which include a rust, fade and corrosion-resistant finish, this heater is designed to withstand extreme climates, harsh sun, and abrasive salt air.
  • Ultra-efficient heating coverage: Providing a comfortably wide field of warmth up to a 15' diameter, the heater's ceramic-glass heating column produces an extremely high, true-rated 38,000 BTU output, however, these heaters are sometimes quoted at their "peak output" of 42,000-45,000 BTU.
  • Safe & certified: The heater features a built-in safety valve that will automatically shut off the fuel supply (shutting down the heater) if unit is tilted or tipped. It also includes protective mesh surrounding the ceramic-glass heating column, and a pilot light for safer startup/shutdown. It is also compliant with ANSI, CE, and CSA standards and specifications.
  • Transportable: Includes wheels for convenient transport or storage
  • Easy assembly & operation: Heater features a simple push-button ignition for fast and simple operation, and a temperature control knob provides easy adjustability of both the height and intensity of the dancing flame. All accessories required for use are provided in the box, including a ceramic-glass heating element, heavy-duty propane gas regulator and a pre-attached flexible hose. Simply supply your own standard 20-pound propane tank and fuel.

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The heaviest product on this list at 57.9 pounds, the 54-inch tall HEATER-FLR-PH650-BLK from Thermo Tiki is a unique heater and one you should spend a few extra minutes assessing.

For one, it’s a tower-style standing heater, a design style many people love. Secondly, it’s a flame heater that displays a dancing flame as the heating goes on, making it an excellent choice where the ambiance is needed. 

The heating capacity is impressive too. The unit generates up to 45,000 BTU of radiant heat that can be felt 7.5 feet away all around the unit. Easy assembly and wheels for movement are other standout features of the heater. A temperature control knob allows you to switch between Low and High heat settings. 

This heater cuts fuel supply if it’s tipped or tilted and features a protective mesh around the ceramic glass heating column. It is ANSI, CE, and CSA Compliant. 


  • Powerful 45,000 BTU heater – puts out exceptional amount of heat.
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Hose and regulator included
  • CE and CSA Compliant 


  • Fuel tank sold separately
  • No remote control

8. MBS 47,000 BTU Commercial Gas Standing Patio Heater

41000BTU Commercial Gas Standing Patio Heater LP...
  • 🌞Easy Assembly-All parts of the patio heater present, unit well packed and undamaged. All the holes lined up well, and the bolts all fit well, the outdoor heater is easy assembly, follow the starting directions and you will finished it less than hour.
  • 🌞Freestanding Gas Patio Heater-Propane patio heater can produce an impressive heat output of 47,000 BTU in a circle. A great heating solution and a perfect alternative to a fire pit to heat up your garden parties and keep your guests warm when the temperature starts to drop.The outdoor heater puts out a lot of heat, it’s a suggestion that start on with high but usually turn it down after the area heats up, a tank of propane lasts a couple of weeks.
  • 🌞With Modern Design-Crafted from high-grade steel with sleek bronze hammered finish, designed to resist rust and to provide superior quality, perfectly complementing your patio furniture and outdoor decor,the gas patio heater has CSA certification.
  • 🌞Safty-The patio heaters use 20 lbs LP Gas tank and which add weight to the Base of the gas patio heater providing much needed stability and safety during windy conditions, also you can fix the outdoor heater base on the deck by screws,The patio heater has Safety auto shut off tilt valve and Safety auto shut off when the gas run out.
  • 🌞Multiple Place Usage-Commercial outside heater is not only ideal for the garden, it is also suitable for many places, especially in the autumn and winter, and can be seen at parties, coffee tables on the streets, parks, fishing places and drinking.We are committed to giving our customers an excellent after-sales service. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Finally, this MBS heater is another powerful outdoor propane heater to consider. It packs 47,000 BTU and evenly distributes the heat all round.

The sleek, modern design means you’ll thoroughly enjoy the heating experience. Crafted from high-grade steel with an elegant bronze hammered finish, MBS Patio Heater not only resists rust but also fits into most decors with ease. 

The MBS’s standout features include the safety auto shutoff tilt valve for protection and wheel assembly for easy mobility (you can permanently secure the unit if you don’t intend to move it often). The unit also features piezoelectric ignition for ultimate convenience. 

This heater uses a 20 Lb. propane gas sold separately. However, the required hose and regulator are included. Nuts, screws, washers, and a spanner are also included in the package. It is CSA approved. 


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Weather-resistant finish
  • Several safety features
  • Wheel assembly included
  • Hose and regulator included


  • Fuel tank not included
  • No remote control

9. GOLDEN FLAME XL-SERIES – Best for Quick Heating

No products found.

If you want an outdoor propane heater that features a high output for both residential and commercial heating, then you might want to go for Golden Flame XL. In comparison to other similar heaters for the outdoors, this product can be started very fast, thanks to its rapid-spark ignition and its pilotless burning system.

This unit has no pilot light, which means that if the weather gets windy, the heater won’t go out. It’s the perfect choice if your area often has to deal with bad weather. Plus, the unit has an automatic shut-off system that kicks in when it gets tipped over. It is still heavy enough to not be accidentally tipped over – but lightweight enough so that you may move it from one point to another.

The design is also an attraction point for this product. Made from stainless steel with a powder coat over it, the Golden Flame XL enjoys a very refined appearance. Considering its great looks and its high efficiency at delivering heat, this unit is the ideal choice if you have guests to entertain in the outdoors.


  • It is very easy to start up
  • Has no pilot light
  • Includes various safety features


  • It might be a bit more difficult to assemble

Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Propane Heater

When buying a propane heater for patio, there are certain things that you might want to consider, including:

  • Source of Energy

Propane heaters may be connected to a different power source, such as tanks or a gas line, depending on your personal preferences. This way, you may choose whether your heater will be stationary or portable. A line-connected outdoor propane heater will mean that you will no longer have to concern yourself with refills.

  • Safety Features

How many safety features does this unit have? For example, a good unit will have an automatic shut-off system in the case of over-heating, or tilt-over protection. This should keep your home safe from any potential disasters.

  • Gas Tank Size

It might feel more visually appealing to go for a smaller tank size, but at the same time, this means that you will be refilling the tank more often. If you believe that you will need the heater for many hours in a row, you might want to save yourself the hassle and get a bigger tank.

  • Temperature

An outdoor heater will typically have a wide range of settings, with the temperature rated in BTU. Most units will allow you to control the temperature using a built-in thermometer so that you only get a suitable level for your preferences.

  • Maintenance

While propane tanks may not require too much maintenance, they will still need some of it. The majority will require the occasional wipe-down, but certain models will need special maintenance. If you are short on time, don’t go for units that need frequent maintenance or fancy tools for you to do the cleaning.

  • Assembly

Propane heaters rarely come fully assembled, which means that you will have to do most of the work yourself. Before you purchase a product, consider how easy it will be for you to install it. Some outdoor propane heaters might require you to use tools that you do not have. This will not only slow the installation process, but it can also put you at the risk of installing it incorrectly.

  • Where It Will Be Used

Do you plan on using it in an open space, or a relatively closed one (such as a close foyer)? Do you have any trees around the area? Do you have the source of energy nearby? If you have items that can easily be ignited around the heater, you should not go with something with a high BTU. Consider all of these aspects before buying a propane heater for outdoor use.

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  • Are propane heaters for patios safe for indoor use?

Very few outdoor propane heaters are also approved for indoor use, due to their emissions. This is why, if you are planning to warm up indoor areas, you might want to use a space heater instead.

  • How can one manually light their propane patio heaters?

When lighting a propane patio heater, you might want to first read the user manual of the unit. Go straight to how you can reset the pilot light. After that, you should easily be able to manually ignite your propane patio heater once more.

  • Can I use propane heaters to warm up my garage?

Garages are considered “indoor areas,” which is why you should not use the propane heater in there. Due to the gas emissions, you might want to only use them in outside air. If you need to heat your garage, then you might want to look for a smaller space heater instead. This way, you can get it running by simply plugging it into a standard outlet.

  • Where can I buy a good yet affordable outdoor propane heater?

If you are searching for a good outdoor propane heater at a decent price, then you might want to take a look at the offers on Amazon. Many people recommend that you first visit your local improvement shop and see the heaters in person, and then go to Amazon to make the purchase. In most cases, the sellers there might offer the same product at a lower price. If you are lucky enough, you might even come across free shipping.

  • How long do propane tanks last on patio heaters?

This will depend on a variety of things, such as the size of the propane tank and the temperature that you set for the propane heater. Naturally, the higher the temperature that you set, the more propane will be used to warm up the air. For instance, a standard 20-pound tank working at 50,000 BTU will run around 8 hours. The lower the temperature setting, the more it will run.

  • Are outdoor propane heaters dangerous?

As long as you use them in the outdoors, respecting the instructions in the manual, it should not be dangerous to use a propane heater. You just need to make sure that you position it properly.

  • How long do outdoor propane heaters last?

If maintained properly, propane heaters could last even a lifetime. The better the brand, and the more you take care of it, the more it should last.

  • How do you turn an outdoor propane heater into a natural gas patio heater?

Each propane heater is different, so you might want to check with the company’s manufacturer to see if it accepts gas or not. If it does, you need to get the right connections and regulators, to ensure it runs on low pressure as you connect it to the gas line. Here is a more detailed explanation on how to do that.

  • How do you light an outdoor propane heater?

Heaters generally come in various shapes and sizes, but in essence, it boils down to this: an electric ignition device will allow for push-button lighting. Long story short, you connect the heater to a power source and then push the button to light things up.

Wrap Up

Propane outdoor heaters can be a wonderful acquisition in the the cold months for users who demand the best patio heaters. They generate more than enough heat to keep your and your friends/family warm and toasty no matter how chilly the outdoor area gets. You also don’t need to worry about power outages since these heaters don’t use electricity.

Propane is a clean, eco-friendly gas that’s both efficient and safe. As long as you can pick the right one, most of your patio heating needs are solved. We hope that this guide has helped you to find the best outdoor propane heaters.

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