Top 5 Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet (Review & Guide 2021)


Every season comes with specific benefits, and varying health challenges. This is why you need to get one of the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet.

The right humidifier will add moisture to the air and protect you from respiratory issues. But getting the wrong one can cause under-humidification or even over-humidification by adding too much vapor to the air and leading to the growth or cultivation of molds.

In a bid to save you the stress of searching for an efficient humidifier, we have created this best humidifier for 1000 square feet review, and we have included a buying guide to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet Comparison Chart

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Discovering the best humidifiers to use for 1000 square feet is a daunting task and doesn’t come with ease. But, we’ve done the research and have compiled the list of best humidifiers for such large spaces. These types of humidifiers suitable for such space are often referred to as consoles.

Thus, you need not worry too much.

For every humidifier you find on this list, we put specific criteria into utmost consideration. The considered criteria for the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet are:

  • Maintenance cost and requirements
  • Automation
  • Sound and light

With that in mind, you can rest assured that the reviews are detailed. This ensures that you have a knowledge of their uniqueness and how best each of the humidifiers can serve you to provide comfort in your home.

 Top 5 Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet Reviews

1) Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier – Beyond a Single Room Function

This humidifier made it to the list of top 5 best humidifiers for large rooms as it can fill, not just a single room but other rooms within the house. It can run for a day with just a fill.

It is built with a technology that doesn’t allow over-humidification and makes it easy to evaporate into the air while producing fresh moisture.

This humidifier is suitable for babies, children, and adults as it provides a good night’s sleep without allergies while providing comfort.


  • Ease of use.
  • Function efficiently.
  • High capacity tank.


  • Flimsy tank material.

The Honeywell cool moisture console humidifier is classy and silent. It works well without too much vapor and can cover large spaces effortlessly.

2) MOSFIATA 360° Rotating Anion Ultrasonic Humidifier – The Budget-Friendly Pick

If you are looking for the best of the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet, you should consider purchasing this one. It comes with a functionality of over 40 hours, which is perfect for large rooms and distributes more purified mist.

It has a spraying nozzle with a 360° rotating capacity in which the water tank can be conveniently filled by opening the top cover and filling in water.

This humidifier has a remote control that allows you to control the humidity to your needs just from your favorite couch or space around the room.

You can set up to an eight-hour timer, which will avail you the opportunity of not leaving the humidifier on longer than that.


  • It provides both warm and cool mist.
  • Easy operating mode.
  • There’s no need for you to rob the bank to purchase one.


  • You can’t refill with tap water.

With everything smart about it and its ease of use, while providing a purified mist, it is suitable for nursing mothers or homes with babies.

3) Vornado EVDC500, 2 Gallon Capacity – The Energy-Efficient Option

This Vornado product is suitable for you when you are more concerned about the energy consumed by your devices, gadgets, or appliances. This humidifier runs on low energy consumption compared to other products that help to maintain humidity.

You don’t have to worry about knowing when to refill it because it has an indicator that alerts a need to refill at a low water level. The indicator also turns off the humidifier automatically when the water level becomes low.


  • Easy to refill and clean.
  • Long-lasting device.


  • It can produce a bit of disturbing noise.

This is a durable and long-lasting device that is said to last for five years. This is an excellent option for people who do not plan to change their products anytime soon.

4) Aprilaire 600 Whole Home Humidifier – Largest Coverage Area

Aprilaire manufactured this humidifier to be the best with an extending capacity of up to 4000 square feet. It is built such that it will be effective in tightly constructed homes.

It works automatically to regulate itself in changing temperature and relative humidity through its sensors without a need to walk up to adjust it for your immediate needs. All you have to do is to set the device and leave it to run.

It provides comfortability without compromising one’s health in the process.

This humidifier has a digital capacity to inform you of the changes in the prevailing atmospheric condition and the need to service for excellent functionality.


  • It can provide humidity over an ample space, up to 4000 square feet.
  • Furnace systems compatibility.
  • Easy to refill.


  • It uses a lot of water.
  • It is difficult to install.

If you are looking to purchase the best humidifier that will moist up your home without the need to get different ones for other rooms, you should consider buying this.

On the other hand, you may need the service of an expert to help with its installation, but if you have the necessary skills and tools, you are good to go.

5) AIRCARE MA0800 Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier – The Digital Assistant Option

The AIRCARE is also one of the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet space. It can reduce the rate of cracked skin and lips, irritated vocal cords, and flu occurrence. It covers an area of about 2600 square feet.

This humidifier renders help by making your pets feel comfortable. It protects furniture and musical instruments from cracks; this is possible because of its 1000 square feet capacity and beyond.

It has a built-in monitor that triggers the device to automatically shut off when the desired humidity is achieved or when the water in the humidifier is running low.

It has just one filter making it cost-effective to replace and maintain.


  • It is portable and easy to move from one location to another.
  • Large water capacity.
  • It doesn’t require expertise to assemble.
  • It has an easy refill.


  • You cannot see the water tank. Thus, you can’t see the water level.

This humidifier is right for you if you genuinely care not just about yourself but your home, pets, and valuables.

How To Select The Best Humidifier For 1000 Square Feet

Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet in a bedroom

Quickly, we will run through a few factors you should consider when picking the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet.

You must have an insight into what they are and how they can help you decide which of the best humidifiers is right for you and your space.

Parts of the factors to consider when choosing a humidifier include the size capacity, ultrasonic technology, and tank size, to mention a few.

  • Size Capacity and Area of Coverage

You don’t want to purchase a humidifier unit that will result in over-humidification causing white water vapor to settle on surfaces across the home. This may lead to the development of mold. You don’t want to purchase one that would do less of a job, either. It may result in your skin and lips cracking, irritated vocal cords, or the common cold.

Under-humidification is due to the size capacity of the humidifiers not meeting up with your coverage of 1000 square feet. Thus, if you are going to buy one, ensure it meets the size of your space to prevent under-humidification.

If the room is bigger than the humidifier capacity, it may take forever to reach the desired humidity level.

  • Tank Size

The size of your humidifier’s tank will determine the amount of water it can hold. This will have an impact on how long the humidifier will run before the need for a refill.

Though, the disadvantage to a large tank is that it can make your device heavy. This will affect mobility when refilling the tank and reduces the chances of you moving the humidifier from one position to another.

However, humidifiers with two tanks that are bottom-filling can be lighter to carry without spilling water away.

  • Working duration

Different factors impact the working duration of a humidifier, and a few of them are tank size (that is, water capacity), the speed of the fan, and the humidity setting.

The larger the tank size, the longer the device will run on water as there will be enough water for it to utilize.

When the fan speed is set to higher values, the dispersal rate of the water is quicker. As a result, water utilization is increased, and there may be a quicker need to refill the device when it stops automatically.

The percentage increase in humidity setting also increases water usage and decreases the working duration of the device.

  •  Level of Sound or Noise

Evaporative humidifiers are best for large spaces. As a result, noise is inevitable. You should know that the level of noise produced does not pose a disturbance to your conversations with friends, and meetings will not be disturbed. You should consider ultrasonic humidifiers if you are the type that doesn’t tolerate the minimal level of noise.

However, for more substantial spaces, evaporative kinds are the best choice. What you can do to reduce the noise is to maintain optimally lower settings.

  • Durability

You’ll need a brand of a humidifier with a good warranty when making your purchase decision.  This is because, for large spaces, humidifiers are not devices you want to buy or replace frequently.

Thus, you should only purchase units from brands that offer excellent warranty service. This will save you from repairs or the cost of replacement over the years of warranty.

How To Measure The Square Footage Of My Space

There are just two things required in measuring the square footage of your space. To do that, you’ll need a measuring tape, a calculator, notepad, and a pen/pencil to record your measurements.

The room’s measurement is calculated by multiplying the room’s length with the width of the room. The length and width are measured from the inside, not outside.

The simple equation is Length (ft)  X Width (ft) = Square Footage

For instance, you measured the length to be 20 feet and the width to be 30 feet. When you multiply both, you have a 600 square feet space.

That is, 20 ft X 30 ft = 600 sq. ft

For measuring irregular shaped room, you can watch this video;

Best Humidifiers For 1000 Square Feet FAQs

  • What is the ideal humidity range for humidifiers?

According to research conducted, the ideal relative humidity was concluded to be around 40% – 60%, and anything out of this range will put you at consequent risk effects from the humidifiers.

  • Which humidifier is best for me?

To determine the best humidifier for 1000 square feet home, you’ll need to contact your certified local HVAC personnel. They will present to you recommendations based on your home’s size and design.

  • How long should I run my humidifier?

The running speed of your humidifier determines its working duration. Is it at maximum or minimum capability? This setting will determine the length at which your humidifier should run.

However, you can run your humidifier both day and night. It’s a matter of choice.

  • What are the benefits of humidifiers?

Humidifiers are explicitly manufactured to add moisture to the atmosphere such that the health of individuals with respiratory symptoms and dry skin is improved.

Wrap Up

A humidifier in your large office or room doesn’t just provide moisture; it also helps reduce health complications associated with dry air such as cracked skin and lips, common cold, irritated nose, and others. 

Our guide provides you with reviews of devices you can purchase for your ample space of 1000 square feet. These five devices are the best humidifiers for 1000 square feet we can recommend for you after thorough research. We hope it will help you in making the right purchase decision.


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