7 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers to Keep Your Gun Free of Excess Moisture

Gun safes provide an excellent way to store your firearms out of reach of children and any other unauthorized persons.

They do not, however, keep your guns out of reach of moisture. As you may know, if you get a gun wet, it will rust even if it is new. And that is precisely what a high moisture environment does to your firearms.

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

GoldenRod Dehumidifier
The dehumidifier takes the design of rod shape that makes it streamlined to fit inside any gun safe. This is more convenient if your safe has little space to accommodate anything extra. This dehumidifier is an easy-to-use gadget, you only need to plug it on then it instantly gets to work. Even better, it comes in four different sizes, you can choose depending on your gun safe size.

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As a gun enthusiast and owner of several models, I invest a lot in my guns’ safety. Here, I have researched and put together some of the Best gun safe dehumidifiers to help you keep your firearms cool and dry. 

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

  1. GoldenRod DehumidifierBest overall
  2. Hornady Reusable Canister DehumidifierBest for Smaller Safes 
  3. Peet SafeKeeping Dryer and DehumidifierBest for Keeping your Gun Safe Dry  
  4. New Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini DehumidifierBest for Large Gun Safes
  5. Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini DehumidifierBest Budget-Friendly option 
  6. Hornady 95903 Gun Safe Dehumidifier RodMaintenance-free Option
  7. Lockdown Silica Gel with Rechargeable BeadsBest Value for the Money 

The 7 Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers Reviews

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1. GoldenRod Dehumidifier

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The GoldenRod dehumidifier makes it to our overall best unit for various reasons. This electric dehumidifier is pretty easy to use; plug it in and let it do the rest. It also comes with attachable legs for placing it against the wall or on the floor. 

The heating element inside the rod instantly gets to work, heating the space and killing the relative humidity by up to 50 percent in no time. 

The rod-shaped design makes it streamlined enough to fit inside any gun safe. This is such a blessing if your safe has little space to accommodate anything extra. 

Since it is available in four different sizes, you can choose the one that fits best inside your gun safe. If space is not a problem, you may want to go for the biggest on the list because its efficiency increases with size. 


  • The unit has a lifetime warranty 
  • It comes in multiple sizes 
  • Allows for up to 5 degrees warmer temps inside your gun safe
  • It is easy to use, with a simple plug-and-play operation 


  • It requires an electrical outlet to operate 
  • The rod gets hot to the touch

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2. Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

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If you have a tiny gun safe, this Hornady canister dehumidifier may be your best bet. It comes in a small, compact size that will take up little space in your safe. 

The unit requires no batteries or electrical equipment, which makes it easy to use. All you have to do is recharge it by baking in a 300-degree Fahrenheit oven to remove the accumulated moisture. 

The desiccant beads in this dehumidifier change color from blue to pink to indicate when to recharge the unit. After baking for about 4 hours or less, the desiccant crystals’ color will change back to blue, indicating they are ready for another episode of use. 

The device can go for about 4 to 6 weeks before requiring a recharge. This makes it quite convenient and hassle-free to use – especially considering they are inexpensive upfront. 

It will also not run up your energy bills since it does not require electrical power to operate. 


  • Reliable, with color-changing crystals indicating when to recharge 
  • Boasts unlimited recharge capability and great value for money 
  • They are easy to recharge in a warm oven for infinite reuse.


  • It can only dehumidify a smaller area – approximately 50 cubic feet 
  • Requires careful placement in the oven to avoid burning the viewing screen.

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3. Peet SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier

PEET Dryer, SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for...
  • Safe and dry: PEET SafeKeeping Dryer circulates warm air, removing humidity from gun safes and cabinets
  • Simple to use: Install, plug it in, and forget about it; SafeKeeping dryer works by convection so there are no filters to replace or fans to maintain
  • Easy installation: Simply route SafeKeeping’s power cord through a pre-drilled or self-drilled hole in the safe, then assemble the plug
  • Low power consumption: Works on safes and cabinets up to 300 cubic feet and uses less electricity than a standard light bulb
  • 5-year warranty: Our product are designed to last and we’re confident that your PEET Dryer will exceed expectations for years to come

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If you have a reasonably big gun safe, SafeKeeping Dryer Dehumidifier for a large space is perhaps the best place to look. The unit perfectly dries the air and reduces the humidity in a space as ample as 300 cubic feet.

It’s quiet operation is an added advantage for those concerned about noise levels or replacing a rod dehumidifier.

Despite its enormous capacity, the Peet dryer consumes much less energy than you would expect of a similar gadget. With less power consumption than a standard light bulb, it will not run up your electricity bills.

The ease of installation is another factor worth marveling about. It comes with simple and precise installation instructions that will guide you through the process.

This pretty much involves just setting it in place and plug it in, and your work is done. A blue light on the appliance lets you know when it is plugged in and working.

Even though it will get slightly hot to the touch, the heat level is mild enough not to affect your guns or any other valuables in the safe.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty subject to registration within ten days of purchase
  • Works  effectively 


  • It could use a better plug assembly, according to some users 
  • It gets hot to the touch

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4. New Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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The E-500 is a modestly priced option for anyone looking to save on their purchase. 

Besides saving you money upfront, the unit also helps you save in the long run with its mode of operation that requires no plugging into a power source. You only need to lug it in once every four to six weeks to recharge.

Its mechanism relies on silica gel beads that change color to indicate when to recharge the unit. Plug it into a power bar for about 12 (company-recommended) to 15 hours, and the color will change back. 

The unit has a 5-year warranty, so you should get a replacement at no additional cost if you notice any defect within the initial five years of use. 

The Eva-Dry E-500 has a high capacity operation and will maintain the desired humidity in spaces as large as 500 cubic feet. It is also best used as a closet dehumidifier


  • Has visual markers showing when to recharge 
  • Can cover up to 500 cubic feet 
  • Low cost 
  • It does not require power to operate after a recharge 


  • Requires a power bar for recharging as it is rather heavy for a wall socket

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5. Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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The Eva-dry company has a reputation for producing durable and reliable products, and you wouldn’t get it wrong with their E-333 renewable mini dehumidifier. 

Like the E-500, this unit is rechargeable and will serve you for up to ten years. In addition, it is high-capacity enough to dehumidify approximately 300 cubic feet of space, so you’ll need only one at a time. 

Given the dual pack available at amazon, your safe will never stay without a dehumidifier at work. You can keep one in the safe as you recharge the other.

Do not forget that the company sells these pieces as a two-pack to help you save money. So if you are looking to save, then this is an offer worth jumping on. 


  • The pair can last more than 20 days before needing a recharge. 
  • They use no batteries nor require any cords
  • They are eco-friendly and completely renewable
  • Reliable; works as advertised according to confirmed users 


  • It gets hot when recharging 
  • In some isolated cases, the color does not properly turn back to orange after recharging.

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6. Hornady 95903 Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod

Hornady Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod 12 Inch, Black,...
  • Hornady Electric Dehumidifier Rod - maintenance-free 12-inch heating rod that provides humidity control in gun safes, cabinets and small enclosures by increasing the temperature in your gun safe to a slightly higher level than the ambient temperature to help to drive out excess humidity
  • Keep Your Gun Safe Moisture and Rust-Free - portable dehumidifier to protect your firearms, gun accessories, ammo and more from excess moisture, rust, and corrosion by keeping these reusable gun safe dehumidifier rods handy
  • Easy to Use, Just Plug It In - gun safe electric dehumidifier can be mounted vertically/horizontally with the snap-on mounting brackets. Innovative 110V plug may be removed to help install the cord through small holes or openings. Provides 7 watts coverage to 100 cubic feet Measures: 0.9 inches H x 13 inches W x 0.9 inches D
  • Hornady Dehumidifier Rod - ideal moisture absorber for safes that eliminates condensation and dampness and no need to worry about recharging your dehumidifier as it’s always connected. Do not touch after plugging it in
  • Gun Safe Accessories for Your Lifestyle - further protect and preserve your firearms as they are being stored with this efficient Hornady Safe storage dehumidifier. Optimal mounting near the floor of your small spaces including gun safes, gun locker, rifle safe, closets

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This Hornady dehumidifier is small-sized enough to be unobtrusive in your gun, safe yet sizeable enough to dry out and dispel any potentially damaging moisture. 

The majority of its buyers love how easy it is to use – you just need to plug it into a power source, and it will be good to go. Just be careful not to touch it while plugged in, as it tends to get pretty hot.

It comes with its corresponding mounting brackets to place it horizontally on the ground or against the safe walls.

Most users prefer to mount it on the floor, but this is upon you to decide based on your preference and available space. 

Though it is electric, the dehumidifier rod will not run up your electricity bills. It is quite an energy efficient and consumes a meager amount of electric energy in its operation. 

About maintenance, you guessed it right. This unit is maintenance-free. It is a rod that works by heating the air in your space to dispel humidity.

Once you plug it into a wall socket, you can forget about it – it will silently and diligently do its work without asking for more from you. 


  • Maintenance-free rod 
  • Easy to mount and use 
  • Made of durable and long-lasting material 


  • The mounting feet are a tad flimsy

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7. Lockdown Silica Gel with Rechargeable Beads

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The Lockdown Silica Gel unit takes all the worry out of the picture for a gun safe with no electrical port.

It is a rechargeable can with silica gel desiccant to indicate when it has absorbed enough moisture, and it is time to recharge. 

By recharging, you are simply drying out the desiccant beads so they can continue to absorb moisture from the air in your safe.

To recharge, remove the plastic lid and place it in the oven for a couple of hours as indicated in the instructions manual. That’s it. 

This unit is one of the most low-cost options out there, retailing at around 12 to 14 dollars. If you have a small gun safe, just one of these should be adequate. You save money and get a decent product. 

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The unit is available in various shapes and sizes and has different mounting options, meaning you can choose your most preferred option.


  • Long recharge intervals 
  • Low cost 
  • Easy to use 
  • Requires no battery or electric power 


  • May require a more frequent recharge in places with high humidity.

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Why Should You Invest in a Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Any gun can rust when kept in a humid environment over extended periods. And since we can often take a while before checking our stored firearms, moisture issues can go unnoticed for a long time.

This way, the humidity can have a disastrous effect on the integrity of your weapons. On the other hand, installing a dehumidifier can encourage you to open your gun safe doors more often because you will need to check up on the dehumidifying unit.

More specifically, it will help take care of the numerous moisture-related problems below.

Damage to your ammunition

Your ammo is made of metallic components, lots of which are vulnerable to water damage. Exposure to high humidity is akin to spilling water on your ammo – which can diminish or damage their performance. 

Let the moisture levels too much, and the ammo may be the first thing to suffer. What use is a gun without ammo? 

Formation of rust on guns

Guns are generally made of rust-prone metals. As you may know, rusting is a chemical process that permanently changes (read damages) the metal.

While rust may not eat up your gun entirely, the build-up will most definitely affect the gun’s integrity over time. Who wants to use a gun that could jam any moment? That would represent a major security lapse.

Growth of molds and mildew 

Mold is among the most notorious culprits in dump environments. In your gun safe, mold will likely appear on the foam-coated pieces attached to your gun safe interiors.

If left to stay on for a long time, these intruders can spoil the aesthetics and cause the material to age faster.

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Damage to other items in the safe

Often, people keep other valuable items like gold, silver, and money alongside firearms in the safe. Personally, I also include some documents in this space. Imagine letting all these valuables get damp – the damage can be substantial. 

A high humidity environment can also damage the metallic parts of the safe itself. As we have mentioned, rust can eat metal and cause irreversible damage to it. Likewise, exposing your safe to high amounts of moisture can cause it to rust and deteriorate with time.

If you spent a good amount of money on the safe as most people do, you would want to do everything within your power to prevent damage and preserve it with everything inside it.

A simple dehumidifier is a great place to start – and end. 

What Types of Gun Safe Dehumidifiers are There?

When going shopping for a gun safe dehumidifier, it helps to know the options available in the market to determine the features that may be more beneficial to you.

These dehumidifiers come in two broad categories, namely: desiccant gel dehumidifiers and electric dehumidifiers.

Desiccant dehumidifier

This type of dehumidifier features a drying agent that draws moisture from the air to reduce humidity.

Most of the time, the drying agent is a bunch of silica gel beads that change color after soaking in enough moisture to indicate it is time to recharge.

Recharging these dehumidifiers involves drying out the drying agent that has absorbed moisture from the air. 

You can recharge the unit (dry the desiccant) by heating it inside an oven over a specified amount of time and temperature or plug it into an electric socket for a given period of time. 

The amount of recharge time and method differs from one brand or model to the other. You will need to read the user manual that comes with the unit for instructions on how to recharge it. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid damaging it.

In terms of advantages, you would want to go for a desiccant-type dehumidifier because it does not require electricity or a battery to operate, so it will not run up your electrical bills.

Even better, you will not have to bore any holes into the safe to connect the unit to an electrical terminal. Instead, you simply put it in place and leave it to do its work until it is time to recharge it. 

You can also install your gun safe anywhere in your home without worrying about putting it near a power outlet.

Electric dehumidifier

As the term suggests, an electric dehumidifier uses electrical power to bring down relative humidity in your gun safe. Often, these are rods that heat up once you plug them into a power source.

The unit does not absorb moisture in any way. Instead, what it does is lower relative humidity by heating the air around it.

This way, the excess moisture suspended in the air will become ‘undetectable’ and unable to affect your items. 

Some, such as the Peet SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier, operate uniquely. Instead of just raising the ambient temperature to kill humidity, they dry the air. 

This way, they do more than lower the relative humidity; they actually lower the amount of moisture in the air. 

Indeed, they are not without a downside. For example, electric dehumidifiers require you to drill a hole through the wall of your gun safe.

You will have to do this unless you want to keep the safe door open throughout, in which case it will beat its primary purpose.

Through the hole, you will pass electrical cables to a wall socket and power the unit. 

Also, because this type of dehumidifier uses electric power, it may have a bit of impact on your electricity bill, albeit minor in most cases. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

There are a couple of questions that people frequently ask concerning buying and using gun safe dehumidifiers. Let us take a look and try to answer them as best we could. 

  1. Where should you place a dehumidifier in a gun safe?

For a desiccant dehumidifier, anyplace inside the sage is suitable. On the other hand, an electric dehumidifier works best when placed on the floor of a gun safe.

This is because they work by radiating heated (warm) air, which tends to rise. So you want to place them at a lower position relative to the rest of the safe to let them work more efficiently. 

This means it will help to consider the width of the safe when shopping for a rod-style dehumidifier.

  1. What is the best humidity level for gun safe?

According to the National Rifle Association (NRA), the ideal humidity for your gun storage environment is somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. 

On the same note, the recommended room temperature for this purpose is 70 degrees, although anything below 100 degrees will not damage your firearms. 

  1. Can a gun safe be too dry?

A gun safe can be too dry for your firearms if the humidity dips below 30 percent. Such is considered suboptimal, especially for the wooden parts that could crack out of dryness. 

  1. What can I put in a gun safe to keep moisture out?

Aside from a dehumidifier, a light bulb can help keep moisture out of your gun safe. 

This is especially an option you may consider if you are tight on budget, although you will need to factor in the amount of electric energy the bulb will consume in the long run. 

Some gun safe dehumidifiers such as the Peet SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier actually consume less power than a standard light bulb.

So What is the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

As you can see, investing in the best gun safe dehumidifier will not break your bank. However, failure to do so probably might – because you would have to replace your weapons if they rust and break down.

Our winner, in this case, is the GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier, which is available in up to four different sizes, unlike most models in the market.

With its ability to reduce humidity by up to 50 percent, the rod does an excellent job of preventing the degradation of your guns’ parts. As a result, it helps you keep your money instead of spending it on gun replacements.

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