Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace Reviews 2021

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular among consumers. One reason for the growing popularity is the unmatched ambiance.

Only real fireplaces come close to delivering the kind of ambiance you get from an electric fireplace. Unlike real fireplaces, however, electric models are much safer. 

Additionally,  electric fireplaces are elegantly designed and very stylish, thus significantly adding to interior decor.  

If you’re shopping for the best freestanding electric fireplace, this guide should help you pick the right model for your needs.

Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace in 2021

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1. Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove...
  • 5,200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet to help you save money
  • Infrared quartz heat helps keep more natural humidity in the air, for comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air
  • Flame effect can be operated with or without heat, for the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
  • Adjustable, digital thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room
  • Electronic timer function: automatic timed shut off from 30 minutes up to 9 hours

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The Duraflame DFI-5010-01 is an infrared quartz heater that packs 5,200 BTU, which is ideal for spaces measuring up to 1,000 square feet. 

The first thing you need to know about infrared heating is that it generates instant warmth. Even better, infrared heat is also the healthiest form of heat because it just maintains the natural humidity in the air.

As such, no need for remorse if you dry skin as opposed to using other heaters. The DFI-5010-01 produces a 3-D flame effect. Five adjustable brightness settings let you customize the flame to your desired mood. And the flame can operate with or without heat. 

Other features of the DFI-5010-01 include remote control, an adjustable thermostat, and a cool-to-touch exterior for easy handling during operation. The heater is also equipped with patent-pending, Safer Plug, and fire prevention technology. The Safer Plug automatically shuts off the heater whenever overheating is detected. 


  • Packs 5,200 BTU
  • Ideal for up to 1,000 sq. ft
  • Patent-pending 3-D flame effect
  • Plugs into 120V 12.5 Amp outlet


  • Return window ends after 30 days
  • Support window ends after 60 days

2. Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove with Heater

Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove with...
  • 4,600 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 400 square feet
  • Charming picture window with arched frame detailing
  • Realistic flame effect with glowing log and ember bed can be operated with or without heat, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Overheat protection, heater will instantly shut off before overheating

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The DFS-450-2 is a bit smaller than the DFI-5010-01 both in terms of size and BTU. Packing 4,600 BTU, it weighs about 16 pounds and measures 19.7 x 16.2 x 11.6 inches. The smaller size means that the DFS is suited to smaller spaces. The manufacturer recommends usage anywhere up to 400 square feet. However, being lighter, the heater is also more portable. 

The DFS features an incredibly charming picture window with arched flame detailing. Although the flame is not 3-D, the ambiance is still very strong. You get to choose from two fire beds – a glowing log or an ember bed. The flame works with or without heat. An adjustable thermostat makes heat control a breeze.

The DFS boasts several safety features including overheating protection and a cool-to-touch exterior. 


  • 4,600 BTU power
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Charming picture window
  • Multiple safety features


  • No 3-D flame
  • Assembly required

3. VonHaus 1500-Watt Electric Stove Heater Fireplace

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Another freestanding electric fireplace stove, the VonHaus is a gorgeous portable unit that creates a stunning focal point for any room. Powerful performance, admirable aesthetics, and minimal-assembly requirements are some of its biggest attractions. 

The VonHaus creates a calm, welcoming atmosphere with a warm glow of flame-effect LED lights. You can also use the flame alone without heat. In the summer when there’s enough heat in the house, for example, select Flame-Only Mode to turn on a heat-free flame.

The VonHaus has two heat settings – Low (750 watts) and High (1500 watts). The manufacturer recommends using the unit in spaces up to 150 square feet.

The 17-pound heater measures 16 x 10 x 21 inches. Thermal cutoff and a cool-to-touch exterior ensure complete user safety. 


  • Two heat settings
  • Large display window
  • Creates a stunning focal point
  • Portable flame-only mode available


  • Some assembly required

4. Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

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The Lifesmart is a beautiful mantle fireplace built from oak that blends neatly into most interiors. What’s different about this heater is that it’s designed for large rooms. First off, it’s a 1500-watt heater (approximately 5,200 BTU). Secondly, the Lifesmart uses three commercial-grade quartz infrared elements to produce gentle and cozy heat. 

The Lifesmart plugs into a standard 110-volt, 15-Amp outlet. With regards to the flame, it produces a realistic flame that dances just like a real fire. You can even use the flame without the heat.

This heater uses a quiet scroll fan to distribute heat throughout the intended space. It is remote controlled and comes with three heat settings, including an ECO mode. For ease of mobility, the Lifesmart is equipped with E-Z glide casters. 

The 40-pound heater measures 28 x 11 x 20 inches and comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Three heat settings with ECO mode
  • On/Off 12-hour timer
  • Digital control
  • Remote control included


  • Rather heavy at 40 pounds
  • Fan noise can be a nuisance

5. Turbro Suburbs 20” 1400-Watt Electric Fireplace Stove

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared...
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the fireplace on a cold, winter evening as you sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Stay warm this winter with the efficient 4,777 BTU heat output of a TURBRO Suburbs electric stove.
  • 🔥Flame Control: Create a charming fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. The flame effect can be turned on separately from the heat to help you set the mood when the heater is not needed.
  • 🔥Safe to Touch: The heating element is located on the bottom so the body of the stove is always cool to the touch, no matter how long it has been running.
  • 🔥Easy to Use: Simply flip the switch to turn on the heating element, set the thermostat from 68-95℉, and wait as your room instantly begins to heat up.
  • 🔥Overheat Protection: Overheating protection automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot. The TURBRO Suburbs heater is CSA certified to be safe for use in North America.

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Also known as the TS20, the TurBro Suburbs is a 1400-watt fireplace stove designed for spaces up to 1,000 square feet. It is part of a family of fireplace stoves designed by Turbro that also includes the TS23, BR42, BR48, and BR58. Unfortunately, of the heaters in that series, the TS20 is the only one with just one flame option – orange.

The TS20, however, is a beautiful work of art. The vintage fireplace design with 3-sided visible burning logs and life-like dancing flames make TS20s great decorative furniture.

The emulation log set and ember bed sit in a black fireplace box. The 4.780BTU heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control. It also features various safety features such as overheat control and a cool-to-touch exterior.

In addition, the TS20 is CSA certified, measures 20 x 17 x 10 inches, and weighs 15.5 pounds. 


  • Ideal for up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • CSA certified 
  • Beautiful home decor
  • One-year warranty


  • Only one flame option
  • Some assembly required

6. KOOLWOOM HA-HT003 Portable Electric Fireplace Stove

KOOLWOOM Portable Electric Fireplace Stove Heater...
  • STYLISH AND PORTABLE: Elegant freestanding design electric fireplace heater with classic metal finish and copper effect handles - great for the home, garage and workplace.
  • REALISTIC LOG FLAME EFFECT: Use it with the heat function or independently for an attractive visual, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS: Features 2 heat settings (750W/1500W) with an adjustable thermostat control for optimum comfort that you can control.
  • SAFE FROM OVERHEATING: A thermal safety cut off switch is included to prevent the appliance from overheating and turns the fireplace off should it happen to fall over.
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY, MAINTENANCE-FREE: Our fireplace is a cost-effective, clean-energy alternative, providing the warmth and visual ambiance of real flames, but without the cost and clean-up.

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Finally, the KoolWoom offers powerful heat in a compact, modern design. The fireplace features a classic metal finish and coppers effect handles. Owing to the small size, it can fit in just about any room.

That, however, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful enough for everyday heating needs. At 1500 watts (approximately 5,200 BTU), the KoolWoom can comfortably work as a secondary heat source in spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

You get to choose from two heat settings – Low (750 watts) and High (1500 watts). An adjustable thermostat allows you to control heating to your most comfortable levels. You can also regulate the brightness of the flame. Heated air leaves the unit from the element underneath the imitation fire and is blown out with the help of a fan. 

The KoolWoom uses thermal cutoff technology to protect the heater and users from overheating risks. The whole unit weighs just 20.8 pounds and measures 21.75 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches. 


  • Stylish and portable
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Overheating protection
  • Realistic log flame effect


  • Some assembly required

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What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is an electric heater that also produces a life-like flame to accompany the heat. As such, they resemble real-life fireplaces. 

The difference, however, is that these heaters depend exclusively on electric energy. Real-life fireplaces, meanwhile, often burn fuels such as wood and other wood products.  

What is a Freestanding Electric Fireplace?

One way to categorize electric fireplaces is by mode of installation. In this regard, you can have four main categories; wall-mounted, recessed (built-in), fireplace inserts, and freestanding models.

  • Wall-mounted fireplaces: As the name suggests, wall-mounted fireplaces are installed on the wall. In most cases, these heaters are hung on or screwed to the wall using standard screws.
  • Recessed/built-in: Recessed electric fireplaces are also installed on the wall. But, rather than be hung or screwed to the wall surface, they are built into the wall. A hole is cut into the wall and the fireplace recessed into that hole. 
  • Fireplace inserts: Inserts get their name from the fact that the fireplaces are installed in the space initially occupied by a real wood-burning fireplace. They transform wood-burning fireplaces into modern, efficient, electric fireplaces.
  • Freestanding fireplaces: Freestanding fireplaces are different from the other three types because they don’t go on or into the wall. Instead, they stand on their feet. Some even come on wheels to facilitate mobility.

How Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Work

Like any other electric fireplace, freestanding models produce heat by passing an electric current through a metal coil. These coils have very high electric resistance. Forcing electricity through them, therefore, causes the coils to become very hot. The heat from the coils is then released into your rooms. 

The heat can be released in two ways. Convective fireplace heaters disperse the heat either through natural convection or with the help of blowing fans. Infrared models, meanwhile, transfer heat through radiation. The most common infrared fireplaces are quartz heaters. 

In addition to the heat, electric fireplaces also produce flames. It’s important to note that the flames are not real. No matter how life-like they appear, the flames are often a result of LED light refraction. Light from LED or regular light bulbs is bounced off a flame area using a refracting surface. Most electric fireplaces have a flame plus heat and flame-only mode where no heat is produced.

Advantages of Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces come with endless advantages over other home heating solutions. These include;

      • Cost efficiency
      • Improved ambiance
      • Added convenience
      • Increased safety 

Freestanding electric fireplaces bring even more benefits to the table. The additional benefits include; 

      • Greater portability: Although wall-mounted electric fireplaces are also portable, freestanding models are the most portable option. Some of the heaters can be carried to wherever you wish.  
      • Flexible sizing: One thing you’ll discover about the other three electric fireplace models is that they are often large. Most of the units are in the 50-inch range or more. If you’d like something smaller, freestanding electric fireplaces offer that flexibility.
      • No installation required: Another vital advantage is that you don’t need to install the unit. Some models, as we’ll see shortly, require assembly. However, you won’t be pulling out a portion of the wall to install the unit.
      • Plug-and-play: Finally, freestanding electric fireplaces are 100% plug-and-play. You don’t need to bring in an electrician to hardwire the unit to the home’s power line. Once the unit is positioned properly, all you have to do is plug it into an appropriate wall outlet.

Types of Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

There are several types of freestanding electric fireplaces. The following four are the most common;

Electric Fireplace Mantels

Mantels look just like a traditional fireplace, except that they aren’t real. The units sit flush against a flat wall and feature an insert box. Many of them are remote controlled, and some have an air-purifier integrated into the unit among other features. Mantel fireplaces are available in a wide range of finishes, styles, and colors.

Electric Fireplace Stoves

Electric fireplace stoves are an excellent alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves. Unlike wood-burning stoves, they require no ventilation and don’t produce soot. The units are, however, very beautiful. They, too, come in a wide array of designs, styles, and colors. The stoves are ideal for 400-600 Sq. Ft. spaces.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Centers

Aside from stoves and mantels, you can also invest in an electric fireplace entertainment center such as a TV stand. These products are first and foremost entertainment centers. Inbuilt fireplaces are just one of the features. They come with enough room to store your electronics, including DVD player, cable box, etc. 

Portable Electric Fireplaces

Finally, you can also choose to buy a portable electric fireplace. Portable fireplaces are new to the market so you’ll need to make a bit of comparison to make the right decision. They are, however, the smallest electric fireplaces both in term of physical size and wattage/BTU. They are also the most portable. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Aside from type, you also want to consider the following factors when shopping for a freestanding electric fireplace;


When choosing a freestanding electric fireplace, we recommend that you begin by finding the right size firebox. Standard boxes come in the 18 to 33-inch range. Once you’ve identified the right size, find the right technology.

Some fireboxes use flat-panel images to produce flames while others use 3-D flames. Flame bed technologies also differ; some beds use glow logs; others use embers; while others use special rocks. Choose wisely.

Other firebox features to consider are the presence of air filtration and the filtration technology, 


One of the main attractions of freestanding electric fireplaces come is that they come in a wide range of finishes. From sleek to rustic and old-fashioned standalone models to traditional designs with charming wood carvings, you’re guaranteed to find a model that fits your home decor. 

Some of the most common finishes include stainless steel, mahogany, oak, espresso, stone, black, and white/ivory. 


Most freestanding electric fireplaces offer between 750 and 1000 watts of heat. To get the most from your heater, use it as a supplemental heat source in a space measuring 150 to 600 square feet. 

The units typically plug into a 120-volt outlet. However, some require 240-volt outlets. Where a higher-rated outlet is required, the manufacturer will say so in the user manual. 


Modern freestanding electric fireplaces boast many convenience and energy-efficiency features. The following are some top features to prioritize;

Flame-only operation: Models with flame-only modes can produce the flame without necessarily generating heat. This quality makes them useful throughout the year.

  • Flame-speed control: Flame speed control allows the user to control the speed at which the flame flickers.
  • Flame color choices: Some electric fireplaces offer a wide selection of flame colors. A few of them offer as many as 12+ flame colors.
  • Brightness control: Aside from flame colors, some fireplaces allow you to control the brightness of the flame. 
  • Digital controls: Where possible, choose a model that can be controlled with a remote control device.
  • Adjustable thermostat: The best electric heaters feature an in-built thermostat for convenient heating control.
  • Safety: Always check for safety features, including the cool-to-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and overheat shutoff. 

Wrap Up

 If you’re shopping for an electric fireplace, a freestanding model would be a great choice. Freestanding fireplaces are highly portable, offer flexible sizing, and are easy to install. They also come in many finishes and design styles. 

Just make sure to find the right size for your home. Additionally, choose a model with multiple flame colors, brightness, and speed options. Above all, always check for safety features. 

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