5 Best Ductless Range Hood With Charcoal Filter

Ductless Range Hood With Charcoal Filter
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While cooking, the kitchen can quickly become filled with smoke, and the circulated air may become uncomfortable for you. This is the reason why you need the best ductless range hood with a charcoal filter.

Besides smoke, the air in the kitchen can quickly become hot thanks to the steam produced while cooking. More so, it can make you sweaty in the kitchen and uncomfortable. Continuous circulation of steam, smoke, fumes, and other particles can affect your health adversely.

As a result, it’s crucial to have a range hood in your kitchen.

Below, we have compiled the best ductless range hoods with charcoal filter that will help make your kitchen fresh and squeaky clean. 

Top Five Best Ductless Range Hood With Charcoal Filter Reviews

There are numerous reasons why you may want a ductless range hood with charcoal filter in your kitchen. Similarly, there are lots of brands and models out there, which makes choosing one quite confusing.

After adequate research and we have selected the best ductless range hood by considering the following factors:

  • Airflow
  • Timer
  • Filter type
  • Fan Speed

The review informs you about each device’s specific features and how it is different from other range hoods on the list.

Let’s delve right into the best ductless range hood with charcoal filter to install in your kitchen.

1.  Broan-NuTone F403004  – The Multidimensional Option

The Broan Nutone range hood can be installed as a ductless or ducted device in your kitchen. Although, you have to purchase the charcoal filter separately to install this device as a ductless range hood. The filter is dish-washer friendly.

It is a nice range hood that helps to keep your kitchen free of moisture. Its fans will suck the heat right up anytime you are cooking, and this means there would be no condensation issues with the cabinet placed above or around your cooker or stove.

The Broan Nutone range hood can be installed in multiple ways in your kitchen. So, If you plan to install a ducted range hood now or in the future, you should consider installing this Broan-NuTone ductless range hood with charcoal filter in your kitchen.


  • Bright light
  • Multiple installation options
  • Dish-washer friendly charcoal filter
  • Easy to install


  •  Getting the charcoal filters in physical stores may be difficult



2.  CIARRA CAS75206 30 inch 450 CFM Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood – The Lighting Master

The Ciarra range hood features a soft-touch control panel. This makes operating the device straightforward and convenient even while cooking. The device looks good in the kitchen and complements the kitchen’s interiors thanks to its modern look.

The fan is powerful and comes with three-speed modes. Depending on your mood and how extensive your cooking is, you can opt for the lowest or highest speed. The speed can be controlled using the plus or minus icons on the soft-touch control panels.

Also, the adjustable chimney comes in handy and will fit perfectly, regardless of your kitchen ceiling height. Instead of a single lighting source, the Ciarra range hood has two bright energy-efficient 1.5-watt led lights.

The lightbulbs light up your cooking space adequately, giving you all the brightness you need to prepare a wholesome meal.


  • Soft-touch control panel
  • Modern design
  • 3-speed fan mode
  • Two bright led lights.


  • The light beeps when you put it on. This can be annoying if you are trying to slip into the kitchen at night for a quick snack
  • Removing the protective hood after installation can be challenging



3.  IKTCH 36-inch Wall Mount Range Hood – The Smart Rangehood

The IKTCH range hood takes functionality to a whole new level. The device sports three light bulbs that light your cooking space adequately. More so, it has a remote control that makes it easy to control the device from a distance.

The control panel also comes with gesture control that allows you to turn on the light and start the fan at low speed. If you need to turn on the device quickly while cooking, the gesture sensing comes in handy, as it prevents you from soiling the control center with greasy hands.

Besides the above, the device has a four-speed fan mode that can also be controlled using gestures. Simply swipe your hands from left to right a few times till you hit the highest speed.

It is an excellent fit for lovers of technology and smart functions. The IKTCH range hood brings comfort and convenience to you and your kitchen.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Two light bulbs that light up your cooking space
  • Gesture control when you need to start up the fan while cooking
  • The fan has four-speed modes


  • The sensors can become a pain in the ass, and you may need to carry out manual modifications when that happens



4.  Hauslane | Chef Series Range Hood – The Modern One

The Hauslane range hood comes with a chimney extension that makes it a good fit for both high and low-ceiling kitchens. Although purchased separately, it stops you from worrying if the range hood will be the right device for your kitchen.

It features a modern design with a combination of tempered glass and stainless steel. This makes it fit right into your existing kitchen’s interior without looking like out of place. Additionally, It helps to improve the modern feel of your kitchen while making your kitchen elegant.

Although this range hood is making it to this list as a ductless range hood, it can also be installed as a ducted one if you change your mind in the future. The charcoal filter, which can be purchased separately, makes it effective at ridding your kitchen of smoke, fumes, and other cooking smells.


  • Modern design
  • Chimney extension
  • Front panel touch control
  • Three-speed mode


  • Quite heavy and would need an extra hand during installation



5.  Cosmo 63190 36 in. Wall Mount Range Hood  – The Stylish Range Hood

This is another excellent range hood that brings style and elegance to your kitchen’s interior. The range hood is built with a stainless-steel body while the visor is made of durable tempered glass. The tempered glass visor prevents smoke and fume from escaping into the home and makes for a great visual interest in your kitchen.

The range hood boasts of multilayer filters. These include a permanent arc-flow filter, aluminum filter, and the charcoal filter (this needs to be purchased as a separate kit).

You can wash and reuse the permanent filter multiple times. However, you can only wash and reuse the aluminum filter about three to four times before replacing.

Installing the unit is easy and straightforward, because everything you need for complete installation comes with the package. The Cosmo range hood features a soft-touch digital panel that controls the power, fan speed and lights.


  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Reusable aluminum filters and permanent filters
  • Soft-touch digital panel
  • Easy to follow installation instructions


  • Can be very noisy when in use


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Ductless Range Hood With Charcoal Filter

the best ductless under cabinet range hood with charcoal filter installedKitchen appliances are one of the home investments that leaves a deep hole in your pocket, especially if embarked on without prior knowledge. And ideally, a ductless range hood is one of those appliances. However, with the right guide, and after considering salient factors, choosing the best ductless range hood with charcoal filter can be one of your best buying decisions.

These factors are essential, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply adding gadgets and devices to a new kitchen. You need to put the following in perspective.

  •  Airflow

The airflow capacity of a ductless range hood with charcoal filter is an essential factor to be considered when deciding on the one that suits your needs. Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Ductless range hoods generally have lower airflow capacities. This is because they filter smoke, fumes, particles, and other irritants from air sucked in and recycle the same air back into the kitchen.

Regardless of your cooker’s size and how often you use the kitchen, do not opt for a range hood below 180 CFM.

There are lots of ductless range hoods with charcoal filters with higher airflow capacities out there, and you can also choose from the top picks in this guide.

  • Timer

The timer is great for specific needs and emergency uses. Instead of turning the range hood on to keep working continuously, the timer affords you the luxury of setting a particular time for the range hood to clear your kitchen of smoke.

This is particularly useful if you will be doing different things in the kitchen and quickly need to clear the air after a particular cooking activity. Also, the timer feature helps save on power or energy use.

Instead of leaving the ductless range hood to run for hours on end, you can set a duration for the device to work.

  • Filter type

How well a ductless range hood performs is impacted by the filters present in the device. Ductless range hoods can have aluminum filters, charcoal filters, or mesh filters.

Charcoal filters are essential for ductless range hoods. They are great for ridding the kitchen of odors, fumes, and smoke. They absorb these before the air is recycled back into the kitchen.

Charcoal filters only will not make your ductless range hood perfect. It needs to be used in combination with one other filter type or both of them.

Mesh filters are a combination of metal groups fitted in layers. They catch grease from the air in the kitchen and other particles.

Aluminum filters trap the greasy air and rid it of unwanted particles before recycling back to the kitchen. Aluminum filters can also be stainless steel filters or baffle filters.

For an effective ductless range hood, the device should have an aluminum or mesh filter combined with a charcoal filter. Sometimes, it’s a combination of all three.

  • Fan Speed

The fan’s speed is impacted by the amount of air in CFM the range hood can absorb.

Besides this, the ability to control the fan speed is a great feature that cannot be overlooked. The fan speed allows you to choose the speed and the amount of air the range hood can capture depending on your specific need.

Having a fan speed control allows you to choose whatever suits your needs – For light cooking where you produce little to no steam, the slowest mode may be what you prefer

Some range hoods with charcoal filters will come with a two-speed mode, three-speed mode, and some models four-speed mode. Although it is more common to see range hoods with three-speed modes.

  • Kitchen Size

You should also note the size of your cooktop area before choosing a ductless range hood with charcoal filter. Picking the right fit ensures that all air from the cooking area is effectively captured and that none is escaping into the home.

If you are not sure about your cooktop area’s dimension, it is best to opt for something larger than the area. This will ensure that all air is effectively captured.

Choosing a range hood that measures an extra three to six inches on both sides allows the device to effectively capture and suck in all smokes, fumes, odours, and irritants.

  • Noise Level

Range hoods have fans in them, and basically, these fans are what makes the device function, so a moderate level of noise is almost inevitable.

As a place where meals are prepared, the kitchen is an integral part of the home. More so, depending on the design of your house, the kitchen space could be used for other things. Hence, you do not want to settle for a range hood that makes a loud noise that disturbs your peace.

Ensure you opt for a range hood with a noise level that is lower than 70DB. Quietness is assured!

Wrap Up

There are numerous ductless range hoods with charcoal filters out there. In this guide, we have looked at the top picks that do not make loud noises, can use charcoal filters in combination with other filter types and are durable too.

A clean atmosphere is one of the keys to a clean kitchen, and a ductless range hood with charcoal filter helps you achieve that.

With all the information in this guide, choosing the best ductless range hood with charcoal filter for your home becomes an easy process. Now Choose!