Top 6 Best 70 Pint Dehumidifier With Pump (Reviews & Guide 2021)

THE BEST 70 PINT DEHUMIDIFIER WITH PUMPNo one loves to have extra moisture in the apartment. That’s why the best 70 pint dehumidifier with pump in your space will help you eliminate all the excess water content in the atmosphere.

High humidity levels in the home create a cozy atmosphere for allergens to grow and thrive. This, in turn, can affect your health and wellbeing. High humid levels in the home can lead to high body temperatures, which is also risky for your health.

As a result, you need to keep your humidity levels in the acceptable range. One of the best dehumidifiers with pumps will make doing that easy and convenient for you.

Let’s dive into the best 70 pint dehumidifier with pumps picks.

Best 70 Pint Dehumidifiers With Pump Comparison Chart

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Getting rid of the excess moisture in your apartment is necessary. However, the process can quickly become challenging if you are using a dehumidifier without a pump.

A 70-pint dehumidifier with pump will help you remove excess moisture from the environment and make the process convenient and comfortable.

We are all for convenience, and that’s why we put this guide together. The 70-pint dehumidifiers with pump reviewed in this guide were selected using the following criteria.

  • Dehumidifying capacity
  • Pump presence
  • Filter type
  • Ease of use
  • Durability

You will learn what sets each product apart from the other to help make an informed buying decision. Let’s take a look at the best 70-pint dehumidifiers with pumps.

Best 70 Pint Dehumidifiers With Pump Reviews (Updated List)

1. Honeywell Large Sq Ft Design TP70WKN Pint Dehumidifier – The Sleep Companion

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This dehumidifier, undoubtedly, packs all the convenient options together. Large dehumidifiers tend to make noise due to their capacity and size, but the Honeywell dehumidifier boasts of a sleep mode. Sleep mode reduces the amount of noise the dehumidifier makes while in use, and this lets you have a sound sleep.

The dehumidifier also has an anti-frost feature that makes it suitable for use in low temperatures. When the dehumidifier notices frost building up, it turns off its internal compressor while the fan continues to run. The compressor starts working again once the frost is melted.


  • Sleep mode for reduced noise levels.
  • Anti-frost feature
  • Excellent design and packaging


  • The humidity reader can be quite confusing to make out.

We all love to have a good night’s sleep. If your bedtime is important to you and you do not want to be disturbed, this is the best dehumidifier for you.

 2. TOSOT 4,500 Sq Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier  – The Quiet Buddy

TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft...
  • 4,500 SQ FT: Our dehumidifier can remove up to 50 pints of water every 24 hours (same as 70 Pint units under 2012 DOE standard.) A lower humidity level allows your AC system to work more efficiently because it's easier to change the temperature of dry air compared to moist, super-humid air.
  • INTERNAL PUMP: The internal pump automatically removes collected water from the dehumidifier so you never experience downtime due to a full water bucket. Water can be pumped sideways or vertically up to 16 feet away. Water will collect in the bucket until it's almost full, then the internal pump will automatically start up to remove the collected water.
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING: After choosing a target humidity level the control panel will display the current humidity level. The dehumidifier will power off after reaching the target you set. If you want the dehumidifier to run nonstop regardless of the current humidity level, press the minus button until the control panel displays "NS." The dehumidifier will run until the drain bucket is full, which will never happen if you have the continuous drain set up.
  • SOLID MATERIAL: All plastic components are made from solid ABS for increased durability. We use solid-copper tubing in our internal lines for better heat transfer and received a UL94 flame-retardant classification of V-0, which means even if the unit were to catch on fire, the flame would stop within 10 seconds.
  • 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE: As the largest residential AC producer in the world, we have a pretty good idea about how to make quality products. If you have any problems or concerns, our customer service team is happy to assist you.

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The Tosot dehumidifier also stands out on this list because of its reduced noise levels while in use. The noise made by this dehumidifier is not loud enough to intrude into any of your activities. This means you can watch your TV without getting distracted by the sound of the dehumidifier.

Other dehumidifiers may have an issue with connecting a hose for the pump to work. The Tosot dehumidifier works with any garden hose or washing machine hose. This allows you to fix a hose to the dehumidifier without any stress or issues.


  • Low noise level during use
  • Works with any garden hose or washing machine hose
  • Effective at reducing high moisture levels quickly


  • May not last long when heavily used

Nothing beats the freedom that comes with being able to use different hoses with your 70-pint dehumidifier. If you love a stress-free automatic drain, the Tosot dehumidifier is right for you. 

3. MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier for up to 4500 Sq Ft – The Easy-to-Use Option

Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified...
  • 4,500 SQ. FT. DEHUMIDIFIER – Removes up to 50 pints of moisture per day with an adjustable humidity setting from 35% to 85%. Perfect for use in basement, bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, cellar, or crawlspace. Maintain a healthy 45%-55% humidity range.Frequency : 60Hz
  • ULTRA QUIET OPERATION – This model has quiet operation as 47 dBA, quieter than a home refrigerator. Enjoy sleep, a good book, or your favorite show without the disturbing noise of a traditional dehumidifier
  • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED- This unit is ENERGY STAR Certified and is recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR 2023
  • SIMPLE DRAINAGE – Simply empty the water tank when it is full or connect a standard hose (not included) to the built-in socket for continuous draining. The dehumidifier automatically stops with a full water tank and restarts after the tank is emptied
  • EASY TO USE – This unit was designed with a clean, sleek look to fit the style of any home, apartment, or office. With 360° rotatable wheels, digital control panel, and handles, easily move this dehumidifier to any room and use it with ease

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The manufacturers of this dehumidifier put their customers in mind. The instructions and setup manual are simple and very easy to understand and follow. This makes setting up the device for the first time, smooth and straightforward.

Also, if there is anything that scares people when they want to buy a 70-pint dehumidifier with pump, it is not knowing the exact hose size specification. The product manual provides you with this critical piece of information. This saves you from going out on a hose-buying spree while looking for the one that fits your dehumidifier.


  • Simple and easy-to-understand instruction manual
  • Easy to setup device for first-time use
  • The exact hose size needed for the pump to work is specified


  • Expels warm air which makes the room warm

If you are looking for a convenient device to set up and use, the Midea 70 pint dehumidifier with pump is a perfect choice. 

4. Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier – The Move-Friendly One

Ivation 4,500 Sq Ft Large-Capacity Energy Star...
  • This Compressor Dehumidifier Keeps Spaces Up to 4500 Sq. Ft. Cool & Comfortable by Removing 50 Pints of Moisture/Day (70 Pint according to the old DOE [Department of Energy] standards, in 2019 this was classified as 70 pint and it now needs to be classified as 50 pint but IT REMOVED THE SAME MOISTURE AS THE OLD 70 PINT)
  • Built-In Humidity Sensor - The LCD accurately displays the current humidity level in the room, enabling you to set your ideal levels for automatic moisture controlAllergens & Odors for Healthy Air
  • Low Maintenance & Easy Operation; Simply Plug-In, Select Settings & Empty 1.3 Gallon Reservoir
  • Bright LED Display Indicates Humidistat & Setting, Fan Speed, Timer, Filter Alert & More
  • Highlights Include Eco-Efficiency (ENERGY STAR Certified), Casters, Auto-Defrost, & Auto-Restart

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Although the device comes in a compact design, it still features smooth-rolling wheels. The wheels make it easy for you to move the dehumidifying unit from one room to another. This comes in handy if you have other places that need to be rid of excessive moisture in the home.

Also, the compact design features the controls and display on the top of the device. The controls are easy to understand. The drain connector is also easy to set up, which makes continuous draining a breeze.


  • Compact design
  • Smooth-rolling wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy-to-setup drain connector


  • Produces noticeable noise while in use.

A compact design and smooth-rolling wheels are perfect for homes where the unit will be moving from one room to another.

5. COLZER 70 Pints Dehumidifiers  – The Dual Purpose Option

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The LED display of the Colzer 70-pint dehumidifier sets it apart from other devices in this guide. Although the control center is on top of the device, the LED display is situated in the front. This makes it convenient to read the current humidity level from a distance.

Besides the display, the device also features an extra dry-clothes mode. The dry-cloth mode allows the unit to make use of the fan in quickly drying damp clothes and towels placed in the same room as the dehumidifier. This comes in handy on wet and rainy days.


  • Bold LED display
  • Extra dry-clothes mode
  • Great build quality


  • Makes noticeable noise after some time

6. Aprilaire 1830 Pro Dehumidifier, 70 Pint  Dehumidifier –  for Crawl Spaces, Basements

Aprilaire - 1830Z 1830 Pro Dehumidifier, 70 Pint...
  • BUILT TO LAST with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, Aprilaire Dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Aprilaire, the leader in indoor air quality solutions
  • MINIMIZE AIRBORNE VIRUS SURVIVAL rates by keeping relative humidity below 60% with a dehumidifier
  • REDUCES & CONTROLS BASEMENT & WHOLE HOME HUMIDITY to help prevent damp carpeting and furnishings, mold, mildew, and odors, and mold, termites, structural wood rot, and odors in a sealed crawl space
  • REMOVES UP TO 9 GALLONS (70 pints) of water per day
  • NO MESSY WATER TRAY TO EMPTY and simple to set up - just place a hose or place dehumidifier over a drain, level it, plug it in, set the target humidity, and you’re done

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The Aprilaire dehumidifier may seem like the priciest option, but it is worth it. The filter only needs to be cleaned or changed once a year. For its size and capacity, the device does not make loud noises when in use.

The device also comes with a 10-inch clear hose attached with a male adapter for continuous drainage. The warranty that comes with the device also sets it apart from other dehumidifiers in this guide. The Aprilaire dehumidifier comes with a five-year warranty, which means you won’t be replacing the unit soon.


  • Five-year warranty
  • Once a year filter cleaning or replacement
  • Quiet for its size and capacity


  • May need to be installed by a professional

The Aprilaire dehumidifier is a device that will last for as long as needed. If you want a durable device that will not require a replacement every couple of years, you should get the Aprilaire dehumidifier. You can also check on best dehumidifier for bathroom.  

How To Choose The Best  70 Pint Dehumidifier With Pump

There are lots of dehumidifiers out there, and going through them all to pick the right fit for you can be challenging. Take into consideration the following factors when scouting for a 70-pint dehumidifier with pump.

  • Dehumidifying capacity

Depending on your space, the capacity of the dehumidifier is a crucial factor to consider. The dehumidifiers in this guide all have a 70-pint capacity. They are suitable for use in the whole house or houses with a 3000 square feet capacity. They will also work efficiently for smaller homes that are beneath the 3000 square feet capacity.

Dehumidifiers with lesser capacities can work for your small space. This is great if you have a small room and are looking to not splurge on a large capacity dehumidifier.

A small room will require a device meant for 500 square feet, and a medium-sized room will need a dehumidifier for 1000 square feet. A large room will require a dehumidifier for 1500 square feet capacity.

Identify the device that suits your space or better to opt for one of the best 70-pint dehumidifiers in this guide.

  • Pump presence

The presence of a pump in a dehumidifying unit provides you with convenience and comfort. Disposing of the water in the water bucket can be quite a chore. This becomes even more challenging if the water bucket used is a small-sized one.

All the dehumidifiers reviewed in this guide all have a pump that continuously drains water from the unit. This makes using the dehumidifier convenient, and you do not have to worry about emptying the bucket often.

  • Filter Type

The filter type used in the dehumidifying unit plays an integral part in choosing the right device. Some dehumidifiers come with filters that can only be replaced when dirty.

Dehumidifiers with filters that can be washed and reused once it is dirty are the best for you. They save you the stress and time needed in replacing the filters once the dehumidifier notifies that its time for a filter change.

The 70-pint dehumidifiers reviewed in this guide all have filters that can be washed and reused.

  • Ease Of Use

No one wants to have a device with manuals that only Einstein can understand. The instructions of the dehumidifier you intend to purchase should be easy to understand and follow for setting up your unit.

More important are the controls on the device. Are they convenient and stress-free? The best 70-pint dehumidifiers reviewed in this guide all have easy-to-follow instructions and manuals that make using them hassle-free.

  • Durability 

Changing your dehumidifying unit every year or every season is not a bargain you want to sign up for. As a result, you should ensure the dehumidifier you choose is a durable device that will last you for some time.

All the 70-pint dehumidifiers with pumps mentioned above all last for some time with the Aprilaire device boasting of a five-year solid warranty.

Getting a durable device leaves you assured that you could stay off scouting for the best dehumidifiers to purchase.

  • Noise Level

As expected, dehumidifiers will produce some noise while in use. That little active noise is unavoidable, but avoidable is a device that intrudes into your activities like watching TV or making phone calls.

You should settle for a dehumidifier with a noise level that does not interfere with other activities. The best 70-pint dehumidifiers we have reviewed all produce acceptable noise levels that are not too loud to the hearing.

The Honeywell dehumidifier also boasts of a sleep mode function. This makes it suitable for use in the bedroom without affecting your night’s sleep.

  • Anti-frost Feature

Some dehumidifiers will not work in cold weather or when the temperature drops. The unit may develop frosts that will prevent it from working effectively at ridding the atmosphere of excessive moisture.

The anti-frost feature helps in such conditions to keep the unit working in optimum conditions. This comes in handy when you need to use the dehumidifier during extreme cold weather conditions.

  •  Energy Efficiency

Getting rid of excessive moisture in the atmosphere offers numerous benefits for the home, but it should not be at the expense of your energy bill. To save yourself from spending more on the energy the unit consumes, opt for dehumidifiers that are energy-star rated.

The energy star rating is an assurance that the unit won’t bore a hole in the amount of power your home consumes. That way, you can enjoy dehumidification without breaking a bank to get it done.


A dehumidifier is excellent for ridding the atmosphere of excessive moisture. A 70-pint dehumidifier with a pump makes the process convenient and does the job in less time.

This guide provides you with the best 70 pint dehumidifier with pump that were selected after careful considerations. We are confident that this guide will point you to the right dehumidifier that will fit your needs. Pick and enjoy!

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